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Jungle Cubs is an American animated series produced by Disney for ABC in 1996 and based on the 1967 film The Jungle Book, but set in the youth of the animal characters. The show was a hit, running for two seasons in syndication before its re-runs to the Disney Channel.

  • [in the wasteland] He, he, he... uh... What was that?
  • Heck, everything's fair in this fight. This is the jungle!
  • Hey, slow down, what's the hurry animals, [stretching] hmm, yeah.
  • [on the edge of the world] Wow. That sounds like it might be a little bit out of the neighborhood.
  • " (stretching) I felt like a bear will never believe the bare necessities like I did.
  • " don't worry Bagheera! We are cubs and I'll be able to paddle this boat from the waterfall. (The boat brakes on a rock and Bagheera and Baloo fall overboard) it's a good thing I have this mango.
  • " overcome your fear. It was all just a dream. It was all- (falls out of his tree) hey look I didn't get hurt.
  • [about the men] They're - as big as Hathi's father, and if they don't eat you, they end up wearing you.
  • " I see it coming. It has a big shark mouth and three pointy claws. Is it Sherkhan? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
  • " don't worry about Arthur and Cecil. their just two pairs of stupid Birds.
  • Now they're leaving without absence - uh, absent without leave.
  • It's t-- only against regulations.
  • Absopositutely.
  • Now wait just one minute, Snarkle-snout.
  • This place is so quiet, it makes a graveyard look lively. Oh, what am I sayin'? It is a graveyard.
  • [laughing at Kaa and Baloo stuck in an animal rib cage] I don't wanna rib you guys, but we can't stick around here.
  • [as the others are stuck in a skeleton where they went out to try and scare Shere Khan] Hold on, fellas. I'm gettin' the bare bones of an idea.


Mahra: Except, You!
[Baloo is looking worried and scared]
Mahra: You see, I really need your hide.
Baloo: OVER MY DEAD BODY! [gulps] What am I saying?

Bagheera: Cut it out, you too. You're actin' like a couple o'wild animals.
Kaa: Yeah, but... they are animals.

Kaa: Won't you don't see can't hurt me... uh, you.
Baloo: No way, Lou-ay.

Baloo: Smooth entrance, fellas.
Bagheera: So now let's exit?

Shere Khan: I'm not afraid of anything.
[Shere Khan does a loud roar makes him gasp; meekly]
Shere Khan: Mommy.
Baloo: What's that, Khanie?
Shere Khan: Uhh, uh, nothin'. Uh... look guys, I gotta go; my... mom's callin' and, I mean I... See around, okay?
Prince Louie: [laughing with the others] I'd say Shere Khan's still a few stripes below the top of the food chain.

Prince Louie: I'll never forget this, pal.
Baloo: I'll make sure you don't.

Prince Louie: [about the prank he and Baloo played] I'll never forgive myself.
Baloo: I know, Lou. I'll never forgive ya either.

Bagheera: I was being chased by a whole pack of vicious hyenas! This thing, this man charm saved me! It scared 'em away!
Shere Khan: You're positive it wasn't your breath?
Bagheera: Of course I'm po- [Breathes on his paw and sniffs it] Positive! I'm totally positive! You never believe me!
Shere Khan: Well, that's only because you're never right!

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