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The Fox and the Hound: The series is an American animated series produced by Disney for ABC in 2003 and based on the 1981 film The Fox and the Hound, but set in the youth of Tod and Copper. The show was a hit, running for two seasons in syndication before its re-runs to the Disney Junior in 2012 and 2013.


  • He, he, he... uh... What was that?
  • Hey, Copper, watch this!
  • You'll never take me alive!
  • (In Widow Tweed's barn) Everything's afraid of me. Why, I wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na!
  • We're in Harmon-AAAAAH!!!!


  • [about the berries] They're small and tiny, but delicious!
  • Oh, these fleas! I would want a backrub for them, not that vet.
  • Wait for me!


  • Now they're leaving without absence - uh, absent without leave.
  • It's t-- only against regulations.
  • Shhh!
  • Get back here!
  • It's all my fault. If I hadn't ran away, this wouldn't had happened.

Prince Louie[edit]

  • Absopositutely.
  • Now wait just one minute, Snarkle-snout.
  • This place is so quiet, it makes a graveyard look lively. Oh, what am I sayin'? It is a graveyard.
  • [laughing at Kaa and Baloo stuck in an animal rib cage] I don't wanna rib you guys, but we can't stick around here.
  • [as the others are stuck in a skeleton where they went out to try and scare Shere Khan] Hold on, fellas. I'm gettin' the bare bones of an idea.


Tod: Except, that!
[Copper is looking worried and scared]
Tod: Don't worry, it's only a frog.
Copper: Well that's a good sign. [gulps] Or is it?

Cash: Cut it out, you too. You're actin' like a couple o'wild strays.
Dixie: Yeah, but... they are strays.

Dinky: Won't you don't see can't hurt me... uh, you.
Copper: No way, Little Peanut.

Tod: Smooth entrance, fellas.
Boomer: So now let's exit?

Bickerstaff: I'm not afraid of anything.
[Bickerstaff hops on a merry-go-round; meekly]
Bickerstaff: Mommy.
Oliva Farmer: What's that, Daddy?
Bickerstaff: Uhh, uh, nothin', little lady.
Oliva Farmer: [laughing] You look silly on the merry-go-round.

Dinky: Hmph! We lost him again!
Boomer: How'd he do that, Dinky? How'd he do that?

Wayne: [about the prank he had played on Floyd] I'll never forgive myself.
Tod: We know, bud. I'll never forgive ya either.

Chief: I was being chased by a whole pack of vicious cats! This thing, this man charm saved me! It scared 'em away!
Copper: You're positive it wasn't your breath?
Chief: Of course I'm po- [Breathes on his paw and sniffs it] Positive! I'm totally positive! You never believe me!
Tod: Well, that's only because you're never right!
Granny Rose: Has everyone seen my hood?
Wayne: Uh, yup! It was stolen by Lyle Snodgrass. He wanted it as a fortune to pay for a violinist!
Granny Rose: Rude indeed! [runs to find Lyle to make him pay for stealing her hood, not knowing it was a fib]
Amos: Come on, fox. Catch the goose! [Tod doesn't move and only helps the ducklings over the pond] Hey, go on! Get that duck!
Tod: There. You're safe across. Have fun! [returns with a lazy frog] Got it!

[Dinky pecks on a door to get Squeaks out to eat]

Dinky: Come on! It won't work! [Finally gets a worm out and shows Boomer] Tada!

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