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Jungle Emperor Leo, known in Japan as Jungle Emperor The Movie is a 1997 animated movie focusing on the last half of Osamu Tezuka's manga, Jungle Taitei (known in earlier US productions as Kimba the White Lion and Leo the Lion).

Directed by Yoshio Takeuchi. Produced by Minoru Kubota, Sumio Udagawa and Chiharu Akiba. Written by Yoshio Takeuchi. Based on Jungle Taitei by Osamu Tezuka.


Leo: Earth Mother!
Mother: Leo, it's been so long.
Leo: Earth Mother, is there a problem on the mountain?
Mother: I'm afraid so. There's less and less food growing on Mount Moon these days. There's very little left to eat. I came to take some food back. It warms my heart to see all of you doing so well. I know it's hard work protecting the jungle all by yourself, but you need to believe in yourself to lead them. Their all in your care, Leo.

Lune: I agree with you, Dad. Fighting the humans is wrong. Some of them are nice. One of them even saved my life, so they must be good.
Leo: Lune, I'm afraid Pagoola is not entirely wrong. Of course,some men have proven themselves to be kind. Then again, there are those humans who destroy the jungle, and pose a great threat to us.
Lune: Hm?
Leo: However, nothing is achieved through fighting. But if we can't trust them and don't want to fight them. Then what?
Lune: Well... we should make friends with them.
Leo: Uh?
Lune: If we were friends, we could share the world! We could play with them! Isn't that a good idea Dad?
Leo: [laughs] I just hope you get to see that world someday. A world where humans and animals can share their wisdom.

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