Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a 2018 American science fiction film directed by J.A. Bayona. Set on the fictional Central American island of Isla Nublar, off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, it follows Owen Grady and Claire Dearing as they rescue the remaining dinosaurs before a volcanic eruption destroys it.

The Park is Gone


  • I know why we're here. A rescue op. Save the dinosaurs from an island that's about to explode. What could go wrong?
  • We hit that town, we call the cavalry to shut this down.
  • If I don't make it back, remember that you're the one that made me come here. I'll be alright.
  • (to the Stygimoloch) Hey, buddy. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
  • [about the Indoraptor] That thing can't leave this building.


  • Blue is alive. You raised her.
  • Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? First time you see them, it's like... a miracle. You read about them in books, you see the bones in museums but you don't really... believe it. They're like myths. And then you see... the first one alive.
  • It was all a lie!

Dr. Malcolm[edit]

  • These creatures were here before us. And if we're not careful, they're gonna be here after.
  • Genetic power has now been unleashed. And of course, that's gonna be catastrophic.
  • Welcome to Jurassic World.


Claire: (looks at the computer screen) Proximity Alert. Something's coming.
Franklin: Where does that tunnel lead?
Claire: The tunnel connects to the rest of the... park.
Franklin: (extremely nervous; looks at the tunnel with Claire) Claire, it's the T-Rex, it's the...
Claire: Stop, it's not the T-Rex... probably.
Franklin: Probably?
(lava downpours behind them])
Franklin: Lava! LAVA! Lava, lava!
Claire: Deep breathes, Franklin!
(a shadowy dinosaur growls behind them in the tunnel; Claire and Franklin look in it. A Baryonyx comes out of the tunnel and roars at the duo as Franklin screams)
Claire: See! Not a T-Rex!
Franklin: How is this better?!


  • Life finds a way.
  • The park is gone.


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