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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous is an American animated science fiction action-adventure streaming television series developed by Zack Stentz. The series follows a group of teenage campers who become stranded on Isla Nublar as the result of the events of Jurassic World, the events of film coinciding with first season.

Season 1[edit]

Camp Cretaceous [1.01][edit]

Mr. DNA: Congratulations, player. I'm Mr. DNA and you're the first person to ever beat our game, so we wanna reward you with a trip to Jurassic World's brand-new-state-of-the-art adventure camp. That's right, get ready to join us at Camp Cretaceous!

Secrets [1.02][edit]

Darius: Thanks to you, I'm shoveling poop instead of watching a live dinosaur birth. That's only been my dream since, I don't know, forever!

The Cattle Drive [1.03][edit]

Things Fall Apart [1.04][edit]

Happy Birthday, Eddie! [1.05][edit]

Welcome to Jurassic World [1.06][edit]

Last Day of Camp [1.07][edit]

End of the Line [1.08][edit]

Season 2[edit]

A Beacon of Hope [2.01][edit]

The Art of Chill [2.02][edit]

The Watering Hole [2.03][edit]

Salvation [2.04][edit]

Brave [2.05][edit]

Misguided [2.06][edit]

Step One [2.07][edit]

Chaos Theory [2.08][edit]

Season 3[edit]

View from the Top [3.01][edit]

Safe Harbor [3.02][edit]

Casa De Kenji [3.03][edit]

Clever Girl [3.04][edit]

Eye of the Storm [3.05][edit]

The Long Run [3.06][edit]

A Shock to the System [3.07][edit]

Escape from Isla Nublar [3.08][edit]

Whatever It Takes [3.09][edit]

Stay on Mission [3.10][edit]

Season 4[edit]

Beneath the Surface [4.01][edit]

At Least… [4.02][edit]

Turning Dr. Turner [4.03][edit]

Rude Awakening [4.04][edit]

The Long Game [4.05][edit]

Mission Critical [4.06][edit]

Staying Alive [4.07][edit]

Technical Difficulties [4.08][edit]

Dino-Sitting [4.09][edit]

Taking Control [4.10][edit]

Who's the Boss? [4.11][edit]

Season 5[edit]

Reunited [5.01][edit]

Daniel Kon: You were supposed to get this place up and running, not commit murder!

The Final Test [5.02][edit]

Battle Lines [5.03][edit]

Evasive Action [5.04][edit]

Shaky Ground [5.05][edit]

Out of the Pack [5.06][edit]

The Leap [5.07][edit]

Clean Break [5.08][edit]

The Core [5.09][edit]

Arrival [5.10][edit]

The Last Stand [5.11][edit]

The Nublar Six [5.12][edit]


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