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Just Friends is a 2005 romantic comedy Christmas film directed by Roger Kumble. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, Chris Klein, and Christopher Marquette and deals with friend zone relationships.


Samantha: [singing on her guitar] Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry. To forgive is divine. So let's have a glass of wine. And have make-up sex until the end of time, time, time, time, timmmmmmeee! Time.

Samantha:I wanna lick your SKIN off.
Chris: I’d prefer you didn’t

Clark: You’re Chris Brander. You’re Hollywood, you date models. He’s Dusty Dinkleman, he’s Jersey, he skis in his jeans. It’s Dinkleman, it’s Dusty Dinkleman.

'Samantha James:Am I being punked?! Ashton! where are you Ashton! you Totally got me!

Chris:I messed with your head for 3 days, you’ve been torturing me since the 6th grade.
Samantha James: I'm busy too, stupid dick!

I’m going to go smoke some illegal drugs, engage in intercourse with a disease infested prostitute, and take the lords name in vain.

Samantha James:I’m Samantha James, bitch!
Samantha James:Not you, wrinkles.
Chris: It's like the Michael Bolton starter kit. It’s like the Michael Bolton starter kit.
Samantha James: It's all right, I like other girls. Darla!

Jaime: What about you? I practically throw myself at you the other night and you did nothing! Chris: And now you know how it feels. I’m outta here.

Samantha James: Let's go Chris, there's pee on the floor.
Samantha James: [Rolls her eyes] Oooh, the big speech!
Mike: Raise your hand if you’re brother’s a homo!

Samantha: [in a crowded bar, Chris is talking with Jamie, while Samantha is waiting for him at the door] Chris! Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris...
Chris: I'm busy!
Samantha: I'm busy too, stupid dick!
Mike:You’ll always be fat to me, Chris!

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