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Just Friends is a 2005 romantic comedy Christmas film directed by Roger Kumble. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, Chris Klein, and Christopher Marquette and deals with friend zone relationships.

Some friends are just friends. Others you get to see naked.taglines


  • [writing in her yearbook] Dear Jamie, When we're together, I feel like we're not in high school, but in our own little Chris and Jamie world. Whether we're watching 'Party of Five' or practicing our cheers, I feel like I can just be myself. Jamie, we've been friends for a really long time, but I want to be more than that. Hoping to be your boyfriend... Sincerely, Chris Brander. BFF!
  • So that's why she went with Dusty. She wants a sensitive guy... more like the old me. Well, if she wants Mr. Rogers, then I'm going to show her the biggest pussy she's ever seen.


  • You and I are gonna be the greatest musical manager team since Jessica Simpson and her father only you and I get to "mreow" and they can't, 'cause it's illegal. I looked it up.


  • [Chris changes his mind about leaving New Jersey and grabs the wheel and runs the car into midair and back onto the highway] This is a PONTIAC GRAND PRIX!


Samantha: [singing on her guitar] Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry. To forgive is divine. So let's have a glass of wine. And have make-up sex until the end of time, time, time, time, timmmmmmeee! Time.

Samantha: I wanna lick your SKIN off.
Chris: I’d prefer you didn’t.

Clark: You’re Chris Brander. You’re Hollywood, you date models. He’s Dusty Dinkleman, he’s Jersey, he skis in his jeans. It’s Dinkleman, it’s Dusty Dinkleman.

Samantha James: Am I being punked?! Ashton! where are you Ashton! you Totally got me!

Chris: I messed with your head for 3 days, you’ve been torturing me since the 6th grade.

Samantha James: I'm busy too, stupid dick!

Samantha James: I’m Samantha James, bitch!

Samantha James: Not you, wrinkles.

Chris: It's like the Michael Bolton starter kit. It’s like the Michael Bolton starter kit.

Samantha James: It's all right, I like other girls. Darla!

Jaime: What about you? I practically throw myself at you the other night and you did nothing!
Chris: And now you know how it feels. I’m outta here.

Samantha James: Let's go Chris, there's pee on the floor.

Samantha James: [Rolls her eyes] Oooh, the big speech!

Mike: Raise your hand if you’re brother’s a homo!

Samantha: [in a crowded bar, Chris is talking with Jamie, while Samantha is waiting for him at the door] Chris! Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris...
Chris: I'm busy!
Samantha: I'm busy too, stupid dick!

Mike: You’ll always be fat to me, Chris!


  • Some friends are just friends. Others you get to see naked.
  • Moments like this have been ruining friendships for centuries.
  • Two Words A Guy Never Wants To Hear
  • He loves her. She loves him not.


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