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Just Friends is a 2005 romantic comedy Christmas film directed by Roger Kumble. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, Chris Klein, and Christopher Marquette and deals with friend zone relationships.

After so many years of you being the biggest tease, trust me, I am so over myself.

Am I being punked?! Ashton! where are you Ashton! you Totally got me!

Chris: if she wants mr rogers, then im going to show her the biggest pussy she has ever seen

Clark: You’re Chris Brander. You’re Hollywood, you date models. He’s Dusty Dinkleman, he’s Jersey, he skis in his jeans. It’s Dinkleman, it’s Dusty Dinkleman.


(Anna Faris singing) Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry. to forgive is to devine, so lets have a glass of wine, and have make up sex till the end of time, time, time , time, TIME!

forgiveness..is more than saying sorry..which one of yooh asesoles change the key on me..it's been the same key 4 the last 5 takes..uze r all assholessssssss

He’s with his lover.

I brand you, Suckster!

I messed with your head for 3 days, you’ve been torturing me since the 6th grade.

I wanna lick your face off

I was trying to be all domesticated, like that skank you were banging behind my back.

I’m Busy, Ya Stupid Dick!

I’m going to go smoke some illegal drugs, engage in intercourse with a diease infested prostite, and take the lords name in vain.

I’m Samantha James, bitch!

Not you, wrinkles.

It’s like the Michael Bolton starter kit.

It’s ok, I like other girls too. Darla.

Jaime: What about you? I practically throw myself at you the other night and you did nothing! Chris: And now you know how it feels. I’m outta here.

Jamie doesn’t date nice guys. She puts them in the friends zone and tortures the shit out of them.

Just another bee in the hive my friend, just another bee.

Let’s go Chris, there’s pee on the floor. *hiss*

No you have fun, being the girl who peaked in high school.

Oh, the big speech.

Raise your hand if you’re brother’s a homo!

Samantha: Chris! Chris! Chris! Chris: I’m busy!! Samantha: I’m busy, you stupid dick!

Samantha: Chris!!! Chris!!!! Chris: WHAT!!! IM BUSY!! Samantha: I’m Busy You Stupid Dick!

Samantha: Ouch!Why don’t you like me? Chris: It’s a little hard to answer with a taser in my balls!

Samantha:I wanna lick your SKIN off. Chris: I’d rather you didn’t Samantha: Oh but I want to Chris: No (she jumps on him) Samantha: Oh you’re gonna get it Chris: I don’t want it..

This is a Pontiac Grand Prix!

We’ll be the best management team since Jessica Simpson and her father. Excpet we can *rowr* and they can’t. ‘Cause it’s illegal, I looked it up.

When Jamie smiles it takes me miles to where I’m unsure, When Jamie smiles I relise shes no ordinary girl..No no, No ordinary girl..No No..

Would you two like to join us in a carrol to celebrate the birth of our lord?

You can have other girls, I like girls, DARLA

You don’t deserve a penis!

You got five bucks that I could, like have?

You’ll always be fat to me, Chris!