Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

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Pattie: I was young. I wanted to make sure that I gave him everything,that I could be the best that I could be for him. It was hard work, but it was worth it. My parents helped a lot
Grandpa: We're -- we're small-town people. Even Toronto's too big for us
Pattie: His dad and I split when he was about 10 months old. I had a place of my own, and I lived with Justin,just me and Justin.I knew he needed stability in his life, and God really gave me a lot of strength.
Grandma: We were pretty excited. He was such a little sweetheart.
Pattie: Justin and my dad were so close. They just really bonded.
Grandma: He was always with Justin, every day. If it wasn't for him, he'd be talking to him.
Pattie: They were great like that.
Grandma: I remember there's been days with Justin ran away from school because a teacher said something, and instead of running home, he ran over here, to grandpa.
Pattie: It was definitely challenging to be a teenager and have to stay home while your friends are going out. I just knew that it's what I had to do.
Grandma: If he didn't have any sports, I don't know what he would've done. He would've drove us crazy. He drove us crazy anyway.
Soccer Coach: My son Ryan and Justin have been friends since, uh, grade four.
Friend: He was a soccer coach for three or four years and Justin was always over here, so --
Soccer Coach: He would not release the ball. He's the same with hockey, he wouldn't pass the puck. In soccer, he wouldn't pass the ball.
Friend: Me and him always used to sit beside each other. There's me and that's him on the left.
Soccer Coach: "Pass the ball" and when he did, it worked out, it was great. I had to stress to him that making the goal was an important as scoring the goal.
Pattie: He never had any lessons or anything. I just never thought of it being anything other than fun. I would have friends over and they would bring their guitars, and jam out at the house.
Neighbor: Justin as a two-year-old, he would wander up the stairs right in front of the drum kit, and just stare at Dan, the drummer in the band at the time and he would just be mesmerized and he'd grab a pair of drumsticks, and he'd start hitting the stairs. And everyone noticed that his timing was amazing. "Where does this talent come from? Does he play drums? Man you gotta get that kid a kit". There was a little plastic miniature kit, and he got to bang on that for two years. And then he outgrew that kit.
Grandpa: Pattie's friends were musical, and they encouraged Justin. And their church would have music in it, and they would be, you know, showing him how to do a chord on the guitar.