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Justine Tunney

Justine Alexandra Roberts Tunney (born circa 1985) is a software developer, a former Occupy movement activist and a blogger.


  • I believe that the hetero-normative, cis-normative, patriarchal, state-capitalist establishment is evil and must be destroyed.
  • Perhaps I should go back to doing what I did before occupy: troll the world and cause pandemonium.
    • 2 March 2014
  • When I became gainfully employed, I didn’t stop being a revolutionary. I simply had to make sure my interests were aligned with my employer.
    • Tweet (28 March 2014).
    • Note: Tunney is employed by Google.
  • I have one thing to say to my detractors: YHBTHAND
    • Tweet (12 September 2014).
    • Note: YHBTHAND is an abbreviation for "You Have Been Trolled. Have A Nice Day."

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