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Juventus Football Club is a professional association football club based to Turin, Italy.


  • I began by playing for the biggest club in the Lorraine region, went on to the biggest club in France and ended up with the biggest in the world.
  • I'm proud to be a "juventino", to be a "bandiera", like you define me to be often, in reality I'm just a small part of a big black & white "bandiera" (flag) that grows with the years and if you look closely your name is part of it... To continue making this "bandiera" grow we need everybody: let's stay united.
  • My bond with Juventus is very strong and I have a love for this club that goes beyond many other considerations. It’s no coincidence I stayed this year even after some difficult moments.
  • There were players like Bettega, Haller, Causio. We had talent, speed, imagination and dynamism. Later we improved our physical strength and experience by adding players like Boninsegna and Benetti. However the first Juventus still remains my favourite one.
  • My first Juventus was built in the name of Trapattoni. He was the right coach to cement our group.
  • You never know, I could have done the same thing as Platini. His career really took off when he signed for Juventus.
  • As news it's every bit as startling as snow in Siberia or Paul Gascoigne in rehab, but there you have it: Juventus are champions of Italy, for the 27th time.
    • The Guardian, after the Juventus' 27th Italian league title, 12 May 2003.[6]
  • When we first played in the Champions League they [Juventus] were the top team, they were who we were aspiring to be like.
  • [Juventus were] the team of gentlemen, industrial pioneers, Jesuits, conservatives and the wealthy bourgeois.
    • Mario Soldati, Italian novelist and film director, from the novel Le due città (1964).[8]
  • Juventus have given me everything. I acquired my winning mentality here; the one which makes you say every game is a battle. I've learnt to be demanding with myself and how to meet difficulties and overcome them.
  • Juve will always be Juve. There are a number of teams that have a winning spirit built in and Juventus are one of them.
  • As you travel across southern Italy, it is entirely normal to see entire teams of young players decked out in Juve shirts in kickabouts, hundreds of miles from Turin. Juventus have far more fans outside Turin than in their home-town. When they play in Sicily, or Calabria, or Milan, or Sardinia, they attract—and have always attracted—sell-out crowds.
    • John Foot, Calcio: A History Of Italian Football, 2006.[11]
  • The men can go away, the executives can go away, but what is really though in this society are the players who has been handed down the feel of winning, of being the absolute best, which isn't equal to any other team.
  • I played in two of the biggest clubs in the world. There are others, but it is difficult to match the Juve or Real Madrid honours.
  • A couple of years ago I nearly went to Juve. People spoke to me about Turin, and said it is this and it is that, but Milan would be nicer. I said 'I'm not going for the bloody shops; I'm going because it's Juventus.
  • Juventus are an institution like none other in football; La Vecchia Signora is a national icon of Italy in a way that is incomparable across Europe. In Spain, that iconography is complicated by rivalry between [Real] Madrid in Castile and Catalan Barcelona; in English terms, one could only liken Juventus to an entity that combined Liverpool and Manchester United with the Aston Villa of yore. Bayern Munich, though founded in 1900, just do not have the history, having won the German title only once before 1969.


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