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Jyrki Katainen in 2010

Jyrki Tapani Katainen (born 14 October 1971 in Siilinjärvi) is a Finnish politician. He was the Prime Minister of Finland and the chairman of the National Coalition Party.


  • We are not able to find out, what (funds) were gathered in these campaigns.
    • about the president election campaign funds of Sauli Niinistö. The obligatory report hide funds in 17.9.2009
    • Sami Hannula: Eläköön demokratia Atena Kustannus 2011 page 82
  • Tax reductions of the poor is an hollow idea. The critics of the decrease in taxation is based on harmful envy.
    • Helsngin Sanomat 25.7.2008 A4 fi: Pienituloisten veronkevennykset on ontto ajatus. Veronkevennysten ja tukien arvostelu perustuu vahingolliseen kateuteen.
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