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Kālidāsa (Devanāgarī: कालिदास) was a Sanskrit poet and dramatist, his title Kavikulaguru (Preceptor of All Poets) bearing testimony to his stature. Known to be an ardent worshipper of Shiva, he wrote his plays and poetry largely based around Hindu mythology and philosophy. His name means, literally, "Kali's servant." His life cannot be dated with precision, but most likely falls within the Gupta period, probably in the 4th or 5th century or 6th century

The Kalidas Smarak at Ramtek


  • When dark clouds full with new waters are thundering repeatedly, the ruttish wild elephants respond by trumpeting, on the premise that it is the she-elephant's call.


  • "Nirasha Tarubara Purata Bhaage!"

[There was a complaint by other scholars, why Chandragupta treats Kalidasa so differently. So once, the king asked the scholars to describe a piece of dry wood lying in front of them. All of them said "Sushkam Kasthyam Tishthati Agre". When Kalidasa came, he said "Nirasha Tarubara Purata Bhaage!" The poetic interpretation and the sweet sounding words made everybody realize the speciality of Kalidasa.][citation needed]

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