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K-9 (2009–2010) is a British/Australian comedy/adventure series focusing on the adventures of the robot dog K-9 from the show Doctor Who and his experiences in London in 2050.

Season 1[edit]

Regeneration [1.1][edit]

Starkey: You again. Jorjie, isn't it? What do you want?
Jorjie: Same as you. To make a difference.
Starkey: I've told you before. "Stark Reality" works alone.
Jorjie: Fine. What about plain old Starkey, then? He's not a lone wolf, is he?
Starkey: How'd you get my real name?
Jorjie: Hacked your criminal activity file. I admire your work. I want to help.

Starkey: [to the Jixen] Whatever you are, I'm sure we can work this out like reasonable human- [catches himself] -aliens.

[K9 has just self-destructed and destroyed the Jixen.]
Jorjie: We was being our friend, Starkey. He destroyed the creatures.
Starkey: And himself. For us. He protected us.

[K9 has just regenerated.]
K9: G'day, mates. Bonjour. [continues in various languages]
Gryffen: That's extraordinary.
K9: Hello. Howdy. Hello. [repeats "hello" in several different voices]
Jorjie: He's going to fire again!
Starkey: No, he's not. Good dog. Heel, boy! Heel!
K9: This unit does not appreciate the term "dog," "boy," or "heel." Regeneration unity log indicates you saved it from damage.
Starkey: What are you?
K9: What am I? My name is...K9. I do not know when or where I am. Commencing orientation protocols. Flying! [starts to fly] Left! Right! Up! And away we go!

Liberation [1.2][edit]

The Korven [1.3][edit]

The Bounty Hunter [1.4][edit]

Sirens of Ceres [1.5][edit]

Fear Itself [1.6][edit]

The Fall of the House of Gryffen [1.7][edit]

Jaws of Orthrus [1.8][edit]

Dream-Eaters [1.9][edit]

The Curse of Anubis [1.10][edit]

Oroborus [1.11][edit]

Alien Avatar [1.12][edit]

Aeolian [1.13][edit]

The Last Oak Tree [1.14][edit]

Black Hunger [1.15][edit]

The Cambridge Spy [1.16][edit]

Lost Library of UKKO [1.17][edit]

Mutant Copper [1.18][edit]

The Custodians [1.19][edit]

Taphony and the Time Loop [1.20][edit]

Robot Gladiators [1.21][edit]

Mind Snap [1.22][edit]

Angel of the North [1.23][edit]

The Last Precinct [1.24][edit]

Hound of the Korven [1.25][edit]

K9: [counting down until self-destruct] 7...6...5...4...
Starkey: Stay!
K9: [pauses] Sorry, young master. I've managed to reroute my circuits. I'm in control of them again.
Darius: Wish I could say the same about mine.
K9: I have overridden the program. Imminent explosion averted. This unit is no longer being used by the Korven. [suddenly starts again] 4...3...2...1... [pauses] Bang.
Starkey: K9, tell me that wasn't a joke.
K9: Very well, young master. That wasn't a joke.

[Jixen laughs]

Darius: You can laugh?
Jixen: Of course! Jixen are famous for their sense of hunger!

The Eclipse of the Korven [1.26][edit]

Inspector Thorne: We've developed a weapon. A super-soldier created from the DNA of every species we've encountered. Jixen, Anubian, Meron, you name it.
K9: And implanted with my regeneration tech. This unit would like it back, please.
Inspector Thorne: But it's a small contribution to the weapon that would save this planet.
K9: A weapon that cannot possibly work.
Inspector Thorne: Well his cloaking tech seems to work. He's been in this room all along.
K9: So he is the huge, invisible pile of DNA in the corner, then.
Inspector Thorne: How could you detect him?
K9: I'm K9.
Inspector Thorne: Meet Project Trojan!

[Project Trojan, a massive monster, appears out of thin air.]

Gryffen: Stay safe! [quietly] I'm rather fond of you all.

Jorjie: Do you remember what Gryffen said before we left about being fond?
Starkey: Yeah.

[The two go in for a kiss]

CCPC: Oi! You two! Invading each other's personal space!

Gryffen: [frantically calling for help] Starkey, come in. Darius, please! Jorjie! Jean, come in! ...I can't let my planet be destroyed.

Gryffen: [on video] This is Professor Alistair Gryffen. My friends are in terrible danger. I'm unable to contact a single one. I believe...I'm their only hope of survival...and...perhaps that of the entire human race. Me. Agoraphobic, reclusive shut-in. So if you're watching this, it means that I didn't just sit here in this house doing nothing as I have done for so long. It means that Alistair Gryffen finally stood up and did something. Today, I don't just sit where I am. I hit the bottom, and there's nowhere to go but up. [in real life, looking out the front door] And out.

Thorne: Gryffen would never terminate the STM. Without it, he'd never see his precious family again. What were their names again?
Gryffen: [angrily] You want to know their names?! Their names were Eleanor, Mina, and Jacob!

[as K9 dies]

Darius: You're the coolest thing that ever happened to me.
Jorjie: Remember all the times I tried to teach you how to have fun? I've had a lifetime of fun since I met you. [starting to cry] I'll never forget you.
Starkey: You're right, K9. You're not a dog. You're my best friend. You used to think I was brave. You've shown me what it's like to be fearless. I'm gonna miss you, mate.
K9: Yes...young master. [powers down]
Starkey: You're a good dog.

[after K9 regenerates, final words of the season]

Starkey: So, we're back in business, K9?
K9: Affirmative, young master! Affirmative!!


  • John Leeson - K-9
  • Keegan Joyce - Starkey
  • Robert Moloney - Professor Alistair Gryffen
  • Philippa Coulthard - Jorjie Turner
  • Daniel Webber - Darius Pike

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