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K2, also known as Mount Godwin-Austen.

K2 is a 1991 film about two friends' ascent of the second-highest mountain on Earth. The two main characters of the film are loosely based on Jim Wickwire and Louis Reichardt, the first two Americans to summit K2 in 1978.

Directed by Franc Roddam. Written by Patrick Meyers and Scott Roberts.
Between the earth and the sky lies the sheer face of adventure.

Taylor Brooks

  • [to Harold] H! Fuck the rules! [starts climbing a building]


Taylor Brooks: If you ask me, it costs too much.
Harold Jameson: What?
Taylor Brooks: Love. It's way overpriced.

Harold Jameson: It's beautiful
Taylor Brooks: Course it's beautiful, did you think I'd take you to an ugly mountain?

Harold Jameson: What about, uh, Dallas? What's his name? What's his problem?
Taylor Brooks: Dallas Woolf. We went to Law School together. He was good in the classroom... I was better in the courtroom. There's no contest in the bedroom!

Taylor Brooks: Mrs. Perkins, dinner tonight?
Pam Perkins: What about it?
Taylor Brooks: Have it with me.
Pam Perkins: No.
Taylor Brooks: C'mon! Why not?
Pam Perkins: Look Mr. Brooks, I already have a date.
Taylor Brooks: Break it! Overtime.
Pam Perkins: Thanks. But I never shit where I eat.
Taylor Brooks: Oooh. I wasn't aware, Mrs. Perkins, you shit at all!

Taylor Brooks: You climatizing, Harold?
Harold Jameson: Good news or bad news when you bleed from your ears?
Taylor Brooks: Good news.

Taylor Brooks: What the hell is goin' on?
Phillip Claiborne: Just lost the porters.
Takane Shimuzu: What are we going to do now?
Taylor Brooks: Fuck them. We don't need them, we are taking it by ourselves.
Dallas Woolf: That's 7 tons of gear. When you wanna do this, before or after you get dressed?

Taylor Brooks: I didn't make the world the way it is, Harold. I'm just trying to get through it, as fast and as clean as possible.
Harold Jameson: [after staring straight at him for 5 seconds] We ALL make the world the way it is.
Taylor Brooks: Yeah, well, we know who made this.
[Taylor tosses his unfinished bowl of oatmeal into the pot and exits the tent]


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