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KMFDM is an industrial rock band and the brainchild of founding member Sascha Konietzko. KMFDM was founded in Paris on 1984-02-29 as a joint effort between Konietzko and German painter/multi-media performer Udo Sturm to perform for the opening of an exhibition of young European artists at the Grand Palais.


  • I can't reject this empty hole / I cannot count the bloody cost / I can't believe this wretched soul
    • Juke Joint Jezebel
  • KMFDM better than the best / Megalomaniacal and harder than the rest
    • Megalomaniacal
  • "Rip the system"
    • Sascha Konietzko
  • Monolithic juggernaut I'm the illegitimate son of god
    • Stray Bullet
  • Wake me up in anarchy.
    • Anarchy

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