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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a cooperative action game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. The game depicts a violent and chaotic journey of two men — a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath — and their brutal attitude towards right and wrong.


  • [Letter to Jenny] Dear Jenny, I've been trying to write you this letter for fourteen years. Today's my last chance. This afternoon I will pay for my mistakes with my life. It's only fair. As you know if you've read the papers, my life as a mercenary and all the pain I've caused, most of it is true. I should regret it all, I should be scared of dying, but I'm not. I can't anymore. The only feeling I have left is regret, regret that I'll never get to know you. You are all that matters. Sorry I never understood. Your father, Kane.
  • [Beating Mute to death after Mute killed his wife] YOU SHOULD.. HAVE LET.. ME TALK TO THEM!
  • Look I'm gonna be doing some things she shouldn't see. So you just shut up and help me carry my wife.
  • Those ain't exactly ulcer pills are they?
  • I've owed you this for a long time. And I pay my debts, to the penny.
  • Some things shouldn't be rushed.
  • Fuck! That old fucker took it!
  • [Repeated line to his daughter] Jenny I wrote you a letter.
  • [Over his wife's grave] I'm so sorry...I'm sorry it ended like this, and I'm sorry I couldn't just die. But I swear. I'll find them all before they find Jenny. I'll kill them all before they even look at her.
  • [to Lynch] Nobody gets away with what you just did!
  • [Repeated line] "The fuck I did!"


  • [Repeated line] Like you're a fuckin' saint.
  • [Slaughtering hostages in a psychotic episode] You want some, I'LL FUCKING GIVE YOU SOME! GODDAMN SON OF A BITCH! Fuck, get away from me. Why do you keep doing that. Stupid fuck...WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? IS THAT ALL YOU GOT! Stop, you're only faking it! Fake this, UNDERSTOOD!
  • All I can say is that I'm probably not responsible for my wife's death. More than you can say right?
  • Look my wife was murdered five years ago. Back then I didn't do shit about it. I'm not gonna make the same mistake again. I wanna kill em as much as you do.
  • Don't fuckin' patronize me!
  • Fuck, I hate heights, I can't believe we're going through with this..
  • [About Kane getting his daughter killed] Asshole, you shoulda taken that chopper! It was your only chance, just deal with it. Didn't even fucking know her.
  • [Over radio] Oh there you are, thought you could sneak up on me! Stupid fuck, I already killed you twice! STOP DOING THAT!
  • Fuck you preacher boy, you don't know shit!

Elder Brother[edit]

  • You betrayed us Kane, you left us behind and ran with it all.
  • You know I have to kill you, but I'm offering you a chance. Bring it all back and I'll let them go.
  • I treated you like a son.
  • You're old and slow. You're just gonna get her killed. Just like you got her brother and her mother killed.


  • Grimley and Madsen got fried last year!
  • So you finally snap and kill that shit of a little brother?
  • These clothes suck.. I mean, I just got out of prison!
  • Sounds like they're getting slaughtered down there.
  • Hello Kane, didn't figure you'd break in here just to kill me.
  • Kane we're trapped in the church up the hill, if you can hear me get us out!


  • [About his religion] I don't know it must be a death row thing. Either way it doesn't matter, I want out.
  • [About Lynch] I know of him. He killed his wife and did a real nasty job of it too.
  • Who made YOU the boss, wife killer?
  • Fuck Kane, he ran with the load...son of a bitch!
  • Kane I heard you, "I don't give a fuck about the men, just shut that thing off and drive". Don't worry you're gonna die here too.
  • Fuck you Kane, I owe you nothing. You're on your own. That fucking boat is mine.


  • I'm sorry Kane, but you know we can't bend the rules.
  • I'll see to it they're buried somewhere nice...Goodbye old friend.
  • Easy there, crazy boy.


Mute: Get on your knees.
Thapa: Kane back off, just cause I'm not armed doesn't mean I can't kill you.
Thapa: Kane,I can't trust you anymore. You're on your fucking own. I'm done fighting for nothing.
Younger Brother: I should fucking cut you up right here and now.
Younger Brother: Hey don't get me wrong, Kane. I'm fuckin' thrilled it turned out this way.
Jenny: You fucking traitor, why couldn't you just die!
Vaultbreaker: You're stealing your own shit?
Getaway Driver: You wanna get up here and drive, you fucking shit!?


Lynch:Mr. Kane, wake up. Mr. Kane!
Kane: What?
Lynch: I need you to cover your head.
Kane: What did you say?
Lynch: Just cover your head NOW! [The truck they are in is hit.]

Lynch: You okay? You got shook up pretty bad. [Kane lunges at him]
Kane: What the fuck is going on?
Mercenary: I strongly advise you to do as your fucking told.
Kane: And who the fuck are you to talk to me like that?[Mercenary breaks Kane's nose]
Mercenary: Your glory days are long gone old timer, and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Younger Brother: Kane, I've been waiting for this moment for four years.
Kane: I thought you were all dead.
Younger Brother: I should fucking cut you up right here and now.
Kane: Yeah, why don't you?
Elder Brother: Oh rest assured we will. You betrayed us Kane. You left us behind and ran with it all.
Kane: The fuck I did.[Younger Brother brings him to his knees]
Elder Brother: Kane we don't have time for this. We have both your wife and your daughter.
Kane: You got what? I don't believe you, I wanna talk to them!
Elder Brother: SHUT UP! I tell you what to do! You know I have to kill you, but I'm offering you a chance. Bring it all back and I'll let them go.
Kane: Carlos?
Carlos: I'm sorry Kane, but you know we can't bend the rules.
Elder Brother: I treated you like a son. You have three weeks. No more.

Lynch: Name's Lynch.
Kane: Yeah, and what's the phone for?
Lynch: I'll be reporting back to them every morning and night.
Kane: Great, a fucking watchdog.
Lynch: If I don't call em back with good news they'll start with your wife.
Kane: Not unless you do exactly as I say. Let's see what they left us in the car.

Kane: Alright, grab the rope. I'll show you how to rappel.[Lynch takes some pills]
Lynch: I fuckin' hate heights.
Kane: What are they for?
Lynch: Nothin' serious, it's just for my stomach. Been taking em since forever.
Kane: Just pick up the damn rope.[security guards enter the building] Fuck!
Lynch: Where did they come from?
Kane: They must've heard the shots.
Lynch: Great, just what we need. Still wanna rappel down?
Kane: Of course not. We take the stairs.

Kane: You're hands are shaking. I thought you sobered up.
Vaultbreaker: I did, but that shit never really leaves you.

Vaultbreaker: You got a keycode? You're stealing your own shit?
Kane: Not your concern.
Vaultbreaker: Not my concer- not my fucking concern?!
Kane: [on seeing the locker empty]Shit, it must be here.
Vaultbreaker: This is bullshit!
Kane: We gotta open them, open them all.
Vaultbreaker: Look I always trusted you...
Kane: [lunges at the Vaultbreaker] Then don't fuckin' question me, just blow all of them!
Vaultbreaker: Okay, okay you fucking prick. But after this you and I are done.

Kane: Lynch, how's everything going up there?
Lynch:[Over radio] So hot in this goddamn gas mask. I got it under control!

Lynch:[Kane and the vaultbreaker find Lynch killing hostages] You want some? I'LL FUCKIN' GIVE YA SOME! Goddamn son of a bitch, fuck...Get away from me. Why do you keep doin' that? Stupid fuck...WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT? Is that all you got?!
Vaultbreaker: Jesus Christ, he killed the hostages! How fucked is that?
Lynch: Stop you're only faking it! Fake this, UNDERSTOOD!
Kane: Lynch cut it out, they're no threat!
Lynch: What are you a fuckin' joke?[To Kane] What where the hell have you been?
Kane: Hey stop killing hostages!
Lynch: I'm not!
Kane: Snap out of it, Lynch!
Lynch: "Snap out of it", what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Lynch: That was great, we got away!
Kane: Great? What the fuck happened back there?!
Lynch: I told ya, the gas mask was hot and I-
Kane: So you kill everyone?!
Lynch: Listen to me, it was really warm, I couldn't see. And the police were everywhere... I'm telling you they were swarming!
Kane: But why did you kill the hostages?
Lynch: Why? What do you mean? They were waking up, they wouldn't stay still I just tried to stop them.
Kane: Don't fuckin' talk to me! You just get your shit together, you hear me?
Lynch: Well at least we got away.
Kane: Nobody gets away with what you just did!

Kane:[Afte Lynch collapses during a highspeed pursuit/shootout] What are you doing? Get up here and help!
Lynch: I can't...
Kane: What, now you suddenly can't kill cops?
Lynch: No I mean... fuck, what happened back there?
Kane: You mean you don't remember?
Lynch: Aw oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, why do I always fuck up?!
Kane: Lynch, I need your help here snap the fuck out of it!
Lynch: How many did I kill?
Kane: More than you wanna know.
Lynch: Dammit! I have black outs, I get violent and it gets so fucking horrible afterwards! I thought could control it but I can't, I can't. [Takes his pills] Just need a few of these.
Kane: Those ain't exactly ulcer pills are they?

Lynch: We could've gone to the hotel first. Twelve hours on a fuckin' plane, my neck is killing me!
Kane: Stop bitching, we still got a long night ahead of us.
Lynch: "Bitching"? I'm not bitching, I just hate being ignored. Could you at least tell me why you think she can get the briefcase or you don't know?
Kane: Just do as I say and we'll get it. And keep it down.
Lynch: Hey you still answer to me you arrogant fuck! [to bouncer] Relax, I've got nothing.

Lynch: You're right, I already hate this place. All these rich spoiled brats...
Kane: Her office is down the back, just do your best to blend in. If she find out I'm here it's going to be hell getting to her.
Lynch: She won't even see you? Oh, that's just great.
Kane: Look Lynch, we've been through this conversation over and over again. Just stick to the plan!

Lynch: This place is stressing me out.
Kane: Then take your pills!
Lynch: Took the last one on that damn plane; I hate flying.
Kane: Argh, you idiot! Just keep in check for a few more minutes.

Lynch: I fucking hate people sweating on me... where's her office?!
Kane: Up the stairs, now shut up!
Lynch: Oh, you're so fucking full of yourself...

Yoko: Kane! What are you doing here?
Kane: Please, take it easy.
Yoko: I'm surprised to see you, did my security let you in?
Kane: I let myself in.
Yoko: Does my father know you're here?
Kane: I'm pretty sure he doesn't.
Yoko: So what made you come crawling back?
Kane: Yoko, I need your help here.
Yoko: And why would I help you?[Lynch approaches]
Yoko: You wouldn't.[Lynch punches Yoko out cold]
Kane: That's enough.
Lynch: Whoa, she's all limp. I didn't even hit her that hard.
Kane: Just makes our job easier.[throws Lynch a roll of duct tape]
Lynch: What's this for?
Kane: Just business, Lynch. Her father has the briefcase.

Lynch: [after picking up an unconscious Yoko] You had this all planned, didn't you? You fucking psycho!
Kane: Let's just get her out of here.
Lynch: For Christ's sake, you just got your own daughter kidnapped.

Yoko: Do you know who I am?
Kane: Lynch, shut her the fuck up!
Lynch: Where's the goddamn duct tape?
Yoko:[Yoko knees Lynch in the groin] I'm Retomoto's daughter you fuckhead!
Lynch: Aw fuck!
Kane: Come on we have to get to her.
Lynch: Retomoto?! What have you made me do? Why didn't you tell me who she is?
Kane: Because you would flake out if you'd known.
Lynch: "Flake"? I wouldn't have done it if I knew!
Kane: Now just get a grip we have to get a hold of her!

Lynch: I have to give you that, you got some balls.
Kane: What?
Lynch: Dealing with Retomoto... Hanging with his daughter and all, did ya bang her?
Kane: Fuck you, we all make mistakes and so what?
Lynch: Nothing.
Kane: Then just back off! I'm a little fuckin' edgy all right?

Lynch:[Over radio] Kane you see anything yet? I can't see shit.
Kane: Not much, it's pretty dark. You just keep looking.
Lynch:[Over radio] Yeah, yeah I'll keep looking.
Kane: Keep calm, Lynch.
Lynch:[Over radio] The fuck do you mean by that? I am calm.

Kane: Retomoto, I was hoping to see you in person.
Retomoto:[Over phone] Mr. Kane I don't have the patience for your blackmail.
Kane: You don't have a choice, you know I'll kill her.
Retomoto:[Over phone] I do, but if we took the time to sit down and find a solution-
Kane: I don't have time.
Retomoto:[Over phone] Kane relax, I'm aware of what happened between you and The7. I know about your daughter too.
Kane: ...I'm listening,
Lynch:[Over radio] What's going on down there?
Kane: Lynch keep quiet.
Retomoto:[Over phone] You may find it hard to trust me, but there is a way we can solve this.
Kane: What's on your mind?
Lynch:[Over radio] Don't fuckin' negotiate, just get the damn briefcase!
Retomoto:[Over phone] Kane we've done business before, I think in this case we have some common interests. We both stand to gain if we get rid of The7.
Lynch:[Over radio] I'm serious just do as I tell you and don't fuck around!
Kane: Lynch shut up!
Retomoto:[Over phone] Is there a problem?
Kane: No, no problem...
Lynch:[To Yoko over radio] Stand still you bitch!
Kane: ... Just give me a second, [To Lynch] Lynch, calm the fuck down!
Lynch:[Over radio] Damn girl just won't stay still. STAY DOWN!
Kane:[Gunshot is heard over radio] LYNCH! Retomoto don't!

Kane: What happened up there?
Lynch:[Over radio] Shit I just tried to stop her.
Kane: Is she dead?
Lynch:[Over radio] Uh I don't know... I guess so. I was aiming for her legs.

Younger Brother: Sure you did. Hey don't get me wrong Kane, I'm fuckin' thrilled it turned out this way.
Kane: If you just give me a little more time. You don't have to involve my family, please they don't even know me.
Elder Brother: Kane stop, I can't listen to your pathetic excuses anymore. You failed, that's all there is to it.
Kane: Carlos, help me here.
Carlos: There's nothing I can do for them.
Kane: That's a fucking lie!
Carlos: I'll see to it that they get buried somewhere nice. Goodbye old friend.
Kane: Wait, you're leaving?
Carlos: We're flying to Havana tonight, it's already begun. Mute will take it from here. Your family will arrive here in an hour.
Kane: Do I get to talk to them?
Carlos: Of course you do.
Lynch: Yeah, like you can fuckin' believe that.
Younger Brother: Fucking bum![Younger Brother kicks Lynch in the face knocking him out]

Lynch: Looks like the rest are running away.
Kane: Yeah but you never know. Keep me covered. I need to talk to my daughter.
[Kane approaches his daughter and his wife's corpse]
Kane: Are you hurt? Look at me. Are you okay? It's gonna be fine. I'm sorry...
[Lynch hears something in the distance]
Lynch: Kane,
Kane:...I promise, no one will hurt you. What happened back then... I wrote you a letter.
Lynch: Kane!
Kane: What?!
Lynch: Listen.
Kane:'[To Jenny] Jenny you can't stay with me. It's too dangerous. Just run!

[Jenny drives away]
Lynch: Sure that was a good idea? Sending her off like that?
Kane: I didn't have a choice did I?
Lynch: Well I don't know...
Kane: Look, I'm gonna be doing some things she shouldn't see. So you just shut up and help me carry my wife.

[Kane and Lynch have just buried Kane's wife]
Kane: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry it ended like this and I'm sorry I couldn't just die. But I swear I'll find them all before they find Jenny. I'll kill them all before they even look at her. [Kane takes out a notebook]
Lynch: What's that?
Kane: A list of dead men, just like me. Disowned and ruined by The7. They want revenge and no one else is going with me.
Lynch: I should be on that list too.
Kane: The fuck you should. You don't want revenge, you just wanna live.
Lynch: You self centered shit. I'm not letting you outta my sight until The7 and Retomoto are dead.
Kane: Well I don't know if I wanna-
Lynch: Deal with it. Listen, my wife was murdered five years ago. Back then I didn't do shit about it. I'm not gonna make the same mistake again. I wanna kill em as much as you do.
Kane: Your choice, get in. The men we need are only an hour away.

[After raiding Retomoto's board room]
Kane: I've owed you this for a long time. I pay my debts...To the penny.
[Kane gives Retomoto a facial scar like his own before slitting his throat]
Lynch: Come on, you're the one talking about keeping momentum and shit.

[In the middle of a civil war in Havana, Cuba]
Lynch: Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK! My ears are bleeding! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS SHIT!
Kane: Just get on your feet! We're moving in NOW!
Lynch: NOW! You're gonna get us all killed, you idiot!
Kane: I don't give a shit! As long as we get the7!

Mercenary: Didn't expect you this soon, old timer.
Lynch: Old timer?
Kane: I know that voice. It's that motherfucker who broke my nose!

Kane: That serum I made for you helping any?
Lynch: Not really, just makes me care less.

[Kane and Lynch find Jenny in the hands of The Brothers]
Younger Brother: Kane, step back. One false move and we'll kill you.
Kane: Let her go.
Elder Brother: What's wrong with you? Look what you're putting your little girl through. And your old friend, Carlos.
Kane: Leave her alone!
Younger Brother: "Leave her alone." Do you hear that? That's Kane's favorite solution.
Elder Brother: Leave it and flee.
Lynch: [Whispering] Kane, the mine.
Younger Brother: How about you take some resposibility for once, you fucking quitter!
Kane: If you touch her I'll kill you.
Elder Brother: No you won't. You're old and slow. You're just gonna get her killed. Just like you got her brother and her mother killed.
Kane: I did not kill them!
Younger Brother: Now didn't you ? You know Jenny here,she hates you for all you've done. She knows you're guilty.
Kane: Jenny don't listen to them, I love you.
Younger Brother: She even says she wants you dead.
Elder Brother: Goodbye Kane. It happens to all traitors eventually.
Kane: No! Not in front of her... [Kane shoots Carlos' landmine, killing the Elder Brother]

[Kane has killed the Younger Brother and his men, saving Jenny]
Kane: Jenny, are you alright... Baby, let me hold you.
[Jenny sticks a gun in Kane's face]
Jenny: Get the fuck away from me, you murderer!
Kane: What? But why...
Jenny: I said get the fuck away!
Kane: Jenny I'm your father!

Flashback Dialogue[edit]

Young Jenny: Daddy,

Kane's Wife: It looks beautiful. Yeah I see it.[To Kane] Stay close to me. I love you.

Kane:[Gunshot] Fuck what have I done? I can't believe I let this happen. What the fuck is wrong with me?!
Kane's Wife:[To Kane's son] Honey? Sweetheart?
Kane: WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH ME? How could I let this happen?

Young Jenny:[We hear a gun being cocked and Kane's son laughing] You better put it down.[Gunshot]
Kane's Wife: NO![We hear Kane and young Jenny crying.]

Kane: Wait, WAIT![Gunshot, we hear a woman screaming]

Doctor: We did everything we could sir, I'm sorry.

Kane's Wife: What's with you? How could you bring a gun at home? You promised, you fucking promised me!

Kane's Wife: Kane listen to yourself, you're losing it.
Kane: I'm sorry it ended like this.[We hear a dial tone]

Younger Brother: Just finish the bastard!
Kane: Sorry old friend...[We hear a knife slashing and a man screaming] I'll miss you.

Carlos:[Heavy gunfire over radio] Kane you fucking cabron we need backup NOW!

The7's Getaway Driver: Kane, you fucking traitor, you are not getting away with this.
Kane: I'm not a traitor! I didn't steal it and I didn't leave them behind. I just got away.

Younger Brother: You can become one of us, Lynch. All you have to do is watch his every move. And when he's dead, you get his seat.
Anna Lynch: I hate this! It's ruining our lives!
Lynch: Annie, I'm getting better. These pills seem to be working much better.
Lynch: Annie, I'm home. Annie? Annie wake up...Honey wake up. Oh god don't do this to me! Oh god no! Goddamn you god NO, no!
Younger Brother: And when he's dead, you get his seat.

Children in Lynch flashback: "Ring around the rosies, a pocketful of posies. Ashes, ashes we all fall down."

Lynch: I'm not saying I'm a bad prisoner or anything. I just got sick, that's all that happened. My friends and family started to turn their backs on me.

Kane : I swear, I'll find em all before they find her.
Jenny : Daddy...
Kane : I'll kill em.

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