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Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
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Katherine Ann Moss (born January 16, 1974), known as Kate Moss, is an iconic English supermodel and fashion designer who was once the "Face of Calvin Klein."


  • I've got a couple of those Gossard Wonderbras. They are so brilliant, I swear, even I get cleavage with them.
    • in 1994, New York Times Magazine
  • I don't do any Class A -especially not cocaine - after seeing what it does to people.
    • in 1994 to Channel 4 on the BBC
  • It was just the time. It was a swing from more buxom girls like Cindy Crawford and people were shocked to see what they called a 'waif'. What can you say? How many times can you say 'I'm not anorexic'?
    • March, 2003 interview with website Showstudio
  • A celebrity now is someone who's on the telly.
    • Of the flood of minor celebrities; quoted in the Evening Standard, Tue 1 May 2012, p. 16

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