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Katharine Houghton Hepburn (12 May 190729 June 2003) was an American actress of film, television and stage. In 1999, Hepburn was named as the greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema by the American Film Institute.


  • "My beautiful Grandmother -- Caroline Garlinghouse -- came from Pittsburgh -- my mother's mother. I never met her but I have followed many of her ideas -- through my mother -- And it has given me a warm spot in my heart for your city...My grandmother's brother, Fred Garlinghouse, lived in Pittsburgh, was an engineer and apparently worked for Jones & Laughlin."

Quotes about Hepburn[edit]

  • I survived those three weeks with hardly a decent meal or anyone to help. I kept a brown paper bag in the wastebasket next to my bed. I ate all my meals in my bedroom during this time, so I could pitch the inedible food into it and not be rude to the cooks. This problem, though it had overtones of comedy, was not good for my health. All my film career I had envied Katharine Hepburn's high cheekbones and narrow face. Now I had them.
  • Katie Hepburn went to the meetings. She was a good friend of Eunice Stoddard's. I had a little car, a little broken down Ford Roadster with a rumble seat. I used to go around and collect people Saturday night and we'd go up to Eunice's house. She lived in a brownstone house of her parents on 65th Street. We would go up to the third floor, which was her bedroom with a lovely fire glowing, and lie on the floor and talk about the theatre. I remember one night Katie Hepburn said: ‘Well, I'm not going to join the organization. I've decided against it.' ‘Why, Katie, how can you even think that way?' She said, ‘I don't know. I just feel that I have to do it alone.' I'll never forget that night.

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