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Kazaam is a 1996 film about a troubled kid who inadvertently releases a genie, who must grant him any three wishes he requests.

Directed by Paul Michael Glaser. Written by Christian Ford and Roger Soffer.
The world's most powerful genie has just met his match. (taglines)


  • [Repeated line] I am Kazaam!
  • That's not a wish, that's an insult!
  • Don't get all hysterical! Say thank you for your miracle!
  • Let's green egg and ham it!
  • Grab my belly and make a wish.

Max Connor[edit]

  • You smell like hippopotamus butt.


Kazaam: [lifting Malik by the neck] Now, where's Max?
Malik: Uh... du... du... du... uh... he... uh... he went down that shaft.
Kazaam: WHAT?
Malik: Umm... uh... uh... there was nothin I could do, now put me down...
[starts choking]
Malik: ... I'm afraid of heights.
Kazaam: Wish not granted!
[Shapes Malik into a basketball, and then slam-dunks him into the Air duct]

Max Connor: [after he wishes for junk-food to come out of the sky] So... tell me that wasn't a wish.
Kazaam: Like the main man did with the loaves and the fish?
Max Connor: Yeah... hey... stop rhyming, okay?


  • The world's most powerful genie has just met his match.
  • He's A Rappin' Genie With An Attitude... And He's Ready For Slam-Dunk Fun!


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