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Keariene Muizz (born 18 November 1977) is an American contemporary artist and painter known for depicting the statues of Paris and being the first person to create clothes out of oil paintings that she had made.


  • If it hurt me to have to give up a painting I figured it had to hurt them to write the check. That's how I came up with the price for my work.
    • Associated Press (2008); from an interview conducted by John Rogers.
  • I aim to remind the warrior within us all to navigate through the unknown that we may meet the morning, improved and unenslaved.
    • New York Arts Magazine (October 2010)
  • My soul is a canvas stretched across four wooden corners and tacked with copper nails that sink into the edges of timber like teeth. My art is nothing less than my salvation.
    • New York Arts Magazine (December 2008)
  • Being an artist means seeing things and never having the ability to shut your eyes.
    • Associated Press (2008); from an interview conducted by John Rogers.
  • It's not who you know, but who you are that matters most.
    • CBS: Woman of the Week (2006)
  • This dress is something I would want to be buried in! (On wanting to be buried in the painting she converted into a dress.)
    • The Today Show (2012)

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