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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo in 2012

Kemi Olunloyo (born Olukemi Omololu-Olunloyo, 6 August 1964) is a Nigerian journalist, blogger, and activist against gun violence, and social media personality.

She is well known within the Nigerian online community, especially for making highly disputed and controversial claims about subjects with high emotional stakes, such as the End SARS protests in 2020 and the death of a private school student from Lagos.


  • My statuses are designed to read the Nigerian mind and mentality. I want to fix this country and being a politician is not the only way to do it.
  • Stop dating people not interested in your personal development. This life is beyond sex, bone straight wigs, iPhone 13, Domino pizza, Coldstone, and KFC. Find a partner who is stress-free, willing to invest in you. Never been married but I see many of y’all divorced so soon.
  • Why are most of my Facebook fans in Nigeria men? Could it be the women are jealous and intimidated?
  • Madam Governor Lifestyle: Yes, I carry guns around Ibadan. There are 5 of them and I owned them legally in the US
  • Today I made my debut as an actress. I will be acting in different films IJN. Nollywood is not an easy job. I want to really commend all the actors, actresses, extras, set designers, directors, and producers. It is HARD HARD WORK. I worked on a movie today with Director @toyin_abraham. She is dynamic”
  • That prison is a big newsroom, but Nigerian prisons need reform. I met ex-Biafrans and Niger Delta agitators in the prison
  • But, why are we commercializing religion and brainwashing the congregation? I will become a Woman of God very soon and use my prophetic abilities and bible story knowledge to apply wisdom to your lives. Prison always make all inmates spiritual…right

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