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Kenan & Kel is an American teen comedy sitcom created by Kim Bass for Nickelodeon. It starred then-All That cast members Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Sixty-two episodes and a made-for-TV movie were produced over four seasons.

Unidentified Episodes[edit]

Kenan: Who loves orange soda?
Kel: Kel loves orange soda!
Kenan: Is it true?
Kel: Mm-hmm! I do! I do, I do, I do-oooh!

Kenan: WHY!?!

"The Tainting Of The Screw"


"Fenced In"

Chris: Kel, could you please toss me the duster? [Kel looks around and sees a can of peas, picks it up, shrugs it off and throws it at Chris] Ow! Ah! What'd you do that for?!
Kel: Well you told me to throw a can of peas at you.
Chris: I asked you to toss me the duster!
Kel: Oh, I'm sorry. It sounded like you said throw a can of peas at you.
Chris: Why would I ask you to throw a can of peas at me?
Kel: I don't know. I thought it seemed kind of strange.
Chris: You seem kind of strange!

Chris: I have a radio in my car.

Kenan: He knew I had a crush.
Chris: Who?
Kenan: Kel.
Chris: You have a crush on Kel?
Kenan: No man, don't be gross!


Chris: They just stank so good.

"Ditch Day Afternoon"

Kel: Aww man, I knew we shoulda went to school.

"Oh, Brother"

Kel: You just lost a customer bub, I'm never taking any free stuff from this store again!

"Oh, Brother"

Kenan: All we have to do is make it seem that Chris' life is interesting. Give me the phone.
Kel: Oh I see where your going with this. When Chris' brother sees him with this phone he will be so impressed!

"Mental Kel-Epathy"

Kel: I'm not psychic, I can't predict the future, I'm still confused about the past!

"Safe and Sorry"

Kenan: Come on, man. Give me one good reason why we shouldn't go check out that safe.
Kel: That safe doesn't belong to us.
Kenan: So? Finders keepers.
Kel: Losers dead!

Kenan: Would you quit blubbering?
Kel: I need to blubber.

"Baggin' Saggin Kel"

Kel: "Help! Can anybody hear me? I'm trapped down here with a can of tuna fish! Kenan!"
Kenan: "What'cha doing in the bag, Kel?"
Chris: "You're letting us down, Kel. Rigby's is going to lose and it's gonna be all your fault!"
Kenan: "Kel! You're not supposed to put yourself in the bag, kooky!"
Kel: "I think I'm dreaming or something."
???: "Kel! Kel!"
Kel: "Who are you?!"
Bottle of Orange Soda: "I'm Orange Soda! And you'll never drink me again!"
Kel: "AAHH! NO!"
Angus: "Hi Kel, it's Angus. You can't even win this contest in your dreams! *laughs evily* LOSER! LOSER! KEL'S A LOSER!"

Kel: "I can handle this myself!"
Kenan: "You can't even handle cartoons by yourself!"

"Baggin' Saggin Kel"

Chris: "Wait a minute! Are you trying to tell me that we beat Angus through trickery and deceit?!"
Kenan and Kel: "Yeah...we're sorry...I guess...I'm terribly sorry..."
Chris: "...I LOVE YOU GUYS!"


Chris: Kenan, this is coming out of your paycheck! Now, clean up these puffs, pronto! (to Kel) Kel, you're fired!
Kel: I don't work here.
Chris: Well, see to it that you don't!

"Diamonds Are For Roger"

Kenan: Hey, Man, what you do?
Kel: I closed the door.
Kenan: WHY?!!!

Kel: (to the audience) On tonight's episode, Tommy and Chuckie lose Angelica's hair-scrunchy.
Kenan: Uh, Kel, aren't you thinking of another show?
Kel: No, no, no. See, it says it here in TV Guide monthly [takes out a TV Guide, clears his throat, and begins to read] "Tommy and Chuckie lose Angelica's hair-scrunchy".
Kenan: Man, you lookin at the wrong show. See, that's the Rugrats.

Ending Random Items Gag[edit]

At the end of every episode, a discussion following this template takes place:
Kenan: Kel, grab (At this point, Kenan lists several items, usually with no logical relation, such as a cow, a sandbag, a television and a pound of butter) and meet me at the (Kenan names a random location). Now come on, (some weird nickname e.g. Skippy!)
Kel: But where do I find those things? (Kel then makes several complaints regarding the items). KE-KENAN!! Awww, here it goes!

Kenan: All we need is some raccoon juice.

Kenan: Kel, get a bucket of glue and meet me at the church. Let's go on to the church.
Kel: Kenan! No, no! You're gonna get people all sticky. Kenan, thou shalt not glue! K-Kenan? Aw, here it goes!

  • Grab some Peanut Butter and some snow shoes and meet down at the bus stop.

  • Get me some bread, some sticks, and some bread sticks.

  • A waffle iron, and an octopus, and meet me at the library.

  • A jump rope, a walrus and one of those round sticky things and meet me where I'm going. Come on, Stuffy!

  • A spicerack, a spice girl and a spicy burrit-tut-o and meet me at the ice rink. Come on, Froggy!

  • A pony, a petunia and a big ball of twine and meet me at the dairy farm.

  • I'm gonna need you to grab 900 hard boiled eggs, a slingshot, and a chainsaw, and meet me on the roof. Come on, Tiddilywink....child!

  • Something, something else, and a third thing, and meet me there. Come on, Nickname!

  • Cheddar cheese, swiss cheese and macaroni and cheese and meet me in the audience.

  • A tarantula, a drum set and a mannequin and meet me at Bill's house.

  • A seal, some Aveel, and Shaquille O'Neal, and meet me down at the Ferris Wheel. To be real!

  • A handkerchief, 12 lbs. of ice and a knockwurst and meet me at the blood bank.

  • A pound of butter and meet me in Mt. Fuji. Now come on, Hiroshima!

  • Some cheerleaders, some cheerleaders, and some cheerleaders, and me at the pool. Come on, Shifty! Cheerleaders and the poo-- never mind.
  • Kenan! I don't wanna go swimming with any cheerleaders! Wait wait wait wait wait a minute. [thinks, smiles] Yes, I do. I wanna go swimming with some cheerleaders. Hey, man, don't leave without me! Here I come! AWW! HERE IT GOES!

  • Some porridge, a surfboard, and some box springs, and meet me at the secret hideaway. Now come on, Punchy!

  • A tortilla, some beans and a pound full of Guacamole, and meet me at Dr. Frank's House of Waffles. That's Dr. Frank's House of Waffles... when you're in the mood for some delicious waffles, just open your mouth and say 'ah'. (takes off jacket revealing a Dr. Frank's House of Waffles logo on his undershirt)

  • Dennis Rodman, some gravy, and a dinosaur egg, and meet me at the courthouse.

  • A door, a talkin cow, and a throat lozenge and meet me at the frozen yogurt shop. Come on, Fishy!

  • Some cottage cheese, an armadillo and a whole mess of sandpaper and meet me at the school library. Come on, plucky!

  • A flotation device, a bottle of hot sauce, and a guy named "Mad Dog" and meet me at the volcano. Now come on, Scrubby!

  • Grab a cup full of beans, a handful of dirt and and a dog named Blue and meet me down by the old oak tree. Now come on, Sneezy!

  • A handful of dirt, two dozen assorted donuts, and a aardvark, and meet me at the gymnasium. Now come on, Twisty!

  • A textbook, a campus map and a beekeeper suit and meet me in college. Come on, Billy!

  • A clown, a flagpole and a submarine and meet me in my room. Come on, Buffalo Bottom!

  • Grab some Nail polish, some nail polish remover and uh any third item, and meet me over there. Come on, Velvet.

  • A bunch of weird stuff and meet me later so we can get into... some kind of trouble?

  • A oyster, a bicycle pump, a white picket fence, a magic flute, one of them little bitty blue things, a pound of butter, a pattymelt, a lawnmower, Bryant Gumbel, and a bunch of assorted cookies and other things we can snack on and meet me at the circus. Come on, Spicy! I'm the man!

Kel: Kenan, that's a lot of stuff! How am I supposed to carry all that? I'm the man! Awwww, here it goes!!!

Cast members and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

Kenan Rockmore - Kenan Thompson
Kel Kimble - Kel Mitchell
Kyra Rockmore - Vanessa Baden
Roger Rockmore - Ken Foree
Sheryl Rockmore - Teal Marchande
Chris Potter - Dan Frischman

Recurring characters[edit]

Sharla Morrison - Alexis Fields
Marc Cram - Biagio Messina
Mrs. Quagmire - Doreen Weese
Principal Dimley

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