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Kenneth Scott Latourette (August 6, 1884 – December 26, 1968) was an American historian of China, Japan, and world Christianity. His formative experiences as Christian missionary and educator in early 20th century China shaped his life's work. Although he did not learn the Chinese language, he became known for his magisterial scholarly surveys of the history of world Christianity, the history of China, and of American relations with East Asia.


  • Truculent and lawless, regarding all Eastern peoples as legitimate prey, they were little if any better than . . . pirates.
    • Kenneth Scott Latourette quoted in Will Durant and Ariel Durant, The Story of Civilization, Book I, Our Oriental Heritage (1935) (CHAPTER XXVII Revolution and Renewal) LATOURETTE, K. S.: The Chinese: Their History and Culture. 2v. New York, 1934.
  • `The Church', as Latourette has pointed out, `had become a partner in Western imperialism.'
    • quoted in K. M. Panikkar, Asia and Western Dominance: a survey of the Vasco Da Gama epoch of Asian history, 1498–1945

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