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Kenny the Shark is an American animated television series about an anthropomorphic tiger shark named Kenny.


Kenny: Oh Kat, you've come to say goodbye!
Kat: Cut the drama, Kenny.

Mulch: Mulch eat seals.
Kenny: They're not seals, they're people. Small people, even. They're kids.
Mulch: Mulch eat kids!
Kenny: You don't want to eat them, Mulch. Take it from me. They taste like flotsam. You like sushi? I know a great restaurant! All you can eat!
Mulch: Mulch eat kids!
Kenny: Hey, I know! Let's see what Phoebe has in her fridge!
Kenny: "Mulch eat kids. Mulch eat kids." Mulch has really gotta work on his vocabulary. Use your words!

Mulch: Mulch eat kids!
Kenny: Can it, Mulch! Do you want me to wipe the floor with you?
[Mulch breaks free from the reel]
Mulch: Mulch eat shark!
Kenny: [realizing he's in trouble] On second thought, eat the kids! Eat the kids!

Peter: Boy, for a fearless predator, he's pretty chicken.
Kenny: You're lucky I don't like the taste of balding vegetarians.


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