Kept Husbands

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Joel McCrea and Dorothy Mackaill in a scene from the film.
Dorothy Mackaill-Bryant Washburn in Kept Husbands

Kept Husbands is a 1931 Pre Code American drama film directed by Lloyd Bacon, starring Dorothy Mackaill and Joel McCrea. The original story was written by the film's associate producer, Louis Sarecky, and adapted for the screen by Forrest Halsey and Alfred Jackson. Although primarily a drama, the film has many comedic touches to it, centering around the class struggles and stereotypes between the working class and the wealthy, which was particularly striking during the Depression era when this film was made. The film also points out the stereotypical gender roles which were prevalent at that time.

Mrs. Brunton[edit]

  • All husbands are "kept" - some with money, but most with love and devotion.



"Every Inch a Man - Bought Body and Soul by His Wife" Kept Husbands

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