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Territory of SSC-Khatumo state of Somalia.
Coat of Arms of SSC-Khatumo state of Somalia.

Khatum State is an autonomous province in Northern Somalia. It is the traditional homeland of the Reer Darawiish or Dervish clan as well as some other tribal groupss such as the clans of Fiqishini, Gabooye, Taargooye and Kaskiqabe. Excluding the Cayn province, Khatumo is bordered by Togdheer to the west and Puntland to the east.


  • ... Somaliland government frequently and arbitrarily arrested and detained journalists—mainly those reporting on sensitive political issues such as the self-proclaimed Khatumo State — and clamped down on opposition protests.
    • Human Rights Watch, 2013
  • ... leaders from the three provinces declared themselves the state of Khatumo. They sought not independence but, like Puntland, autonomy from the central government in Mogadishu with the aim of creating a federal republic that would give Puntland and their region autonomy within a larger Somalia state
    • Michael J. Seth, 2021, page 157

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