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Khem Veasna (born 11 December 1965) is a Cambodian politician, the founder of the League for Democracy Party, businessman and leader of the LDP. Veasna graduated with bachelor's degree from the Royal University of Law and Economics.


  • It is definitely complicated, difficult and risky to fight against the strong-built structures of power concentration. However, it is a must-fight battle for us regardless of the way we die. As a person with dignity, we cannot live under the brutality, cruelty and inhumanity of the thief-like people, who are above the law and proudly walk in our own country.
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (21 April 2015)
  • Cambodia is not a peaceful place for good people to live in. In this situation, there are only 3 available options for you. Firstly, live in fear which you try to hide, whereas possible, in order to live comfortably even when you’re aware that it is an injustice for you and other victims in the society. Secondly, learn to be an evil person and ignoring your conscious as a human for the survival of...
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (3 April 2015)
  • It is a real tragedy for a nation when three groups of its people, namely politicians, religionists and civil society workers, just pretend to be generous.
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (4 March 2014)
  • Virtue inside is the real value of human, if ldp cannot rule this country, of course our country not yet be cured. All ldp supporters must be clear this point.
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (in 2013)
  • Each of our personal interests may not be the national interest But the national interest is clearly each of our benefit.
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (15 December 2013)
  • It is futile to debate on what is wrong and right with people whose remorse is not their punishment, nor is it reasonable to care about their promise and criticism.
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (25 December 2013)
  • Democracy is a form of leading state in which the right and power in the hands of the people as a permanent. To ensure that the right and power is in the hands of people permanently, it must have a system to ensure the balance of power between citizens with its representatives.
    • Multi-Parties political platform (25 June 2013)

The first speech at LDP congress[edit]

  • For what purposes are we organizing this congress? Although this congress aims at electing the party leaders, adopting the party’s statute, validating the Party’s Central Committee membership so on and so forth, it only marks the stepping stones towards our goal. So what is our goal? We have to visualize the common dream which is our goal. It is a common dream that all Cambodian citizens have visualized, ―A nation in which we live in equity as its owners.
  • Keynotes for the 1st ordinary congress (6 November 2011)
  • Up to this point, I, however, wish to post a rather unexpected question to the congress: How would you feel if I would say ―Thanks to you for your confidence in me with your votes‖? You would feel both ironic and suspect at such an expression.

How can a person express his thanks for the daunting for-other challenge he faces? It is totally ironic. From my heart, I cannot express ―Thank-you‖ as it is not imbedded in my heart. It is, however, a consciousness reminds me that the more I am trusted, the more work I will do and the more responsibility I will face.It is the ultimate hope of many people on me.

  • Keynotes for the 1st ordinary congress (6 November 2011)
  • You are very clear with the characteristics of your challengers. You grasp the hearts of your challengers and explicitly compare your hearts with those of the challengers. You are confident of the concepts, abilities to form the concepts and conceptual gaps of your challengers. Finally, I have a piece of concept in the form of both question and suggestion and share with all compatriots throughout the country: Can we allow our hearts to treat our people as members of your great family?

Thank you!

  • Keynotes for the 1st ordinary congress (6 November 2011)

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