Kigeli V of Rwanda

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Kigeli V of Rwanda (born June 29, 1936)) was the last ruling King (Mwami) of Rwanda from 25 July 1959 until 28 January 1961.


  • The genocide is a result of a loss of respect and culture. The young people do not respect or listen to their elders - If I am allowed to return, I will encourage intermarriage among the groups so that we can become one people again.
  • My people did not choose to end the monarchy in Rwanda, that was imposed on them by the (Belgians).
  • A king is like a father to the nation... All the tribes are like his children. [citation needed]
  • To really die for your country you become a hero. He was most impressed by the King dream for peace and human rights and that is my dream for Rwanda. [citation needed]
  • I’m for everyone. I want every one to be a child of God. I want both sides to have peace. [citation needed]

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