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Kill la Kill (Japanese: キルラキル, Hepburn: Kiru Ra Kiru) is a Japanese anime television series created and produced by Trigger. The series follows vagrant schoolgirl Ryuko Matoi on her search for her father's killer which brings her into violent conflict with Satsuki Kiryuin, the iron-willed student council president of Honnouji Academy, and her mother Ragyo Kiryuin's fashion empire. Ryuko, Satsuki, and others obtain martial arts superpowers from their clothes, which appear to have a will of their own.

Ryūko Matoi[edit]

Ryūko Matoi (纏まとい 流りゅう子こ, Matoi Ryūko?) is the main protagonist of Kill la Kill. She transferred to Honnōji Academy searching for the twin of her red Scissor Blade and the person who used the weapon to murder her father, Isshin Matoi.
Ryūko: This is a keepsake from my father. And this Scissor Blade was left behind by the person who murdered him! Now, you're going to tell me who this Scissor Blade belongs to... Satsuki Kiryūin!


Senketsu (鮮血せんけつ, lit. fresh blood?) is a Kamui created by Isshin Matoi, who is later revealed to be Sōichirō Kiryūin, and is the deuteragonist of Kill la Kill. Appearing as a sentient sailor uniform, he was found by his creator's daughter, Ryūko Matoi, becoming her primary ally in her battle against Satsuki Kiryūin and, later, Ragyō Kiryūin and COVERS.
Senketsu: Don't you touch her. If you do, I'll make you pay!

Mako Mankanshoku[edit]

Mako Mankanshoku (満艦まんかん飾しょく マコまこ, Mankanshoku Mako?) is the best friend of Ryūko Matoi and tritagonist of Kill la Kill. She is a goofy, energetic girl who attends Honnōji Academy.

Mako Mankanshoku: I'm Mako Mankanshoku! I may be an underachiever, but I do have a name!
Mako Mankanshoku: And everyone on the planet knows that if you win with friendship, you win at life!
Mako Mankanshoku: From now on, please wear pajamas like everyone else!
Mako Mankanshoku: Ryūko, Senketsu isn't your only friend! Remember, you also have me!
Mako Mankanshoku: That's right! Because the traffic lights of my life always flash yellow!

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