Killers from Space

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Killers from Space is a 1954 film about an atomic scientist who claims he was abducted by aliens after being injured in a plane crash.

Directed by W. Lee Wilder. Written by William Raynor.
Strange creatures from another world attack planet earth!  (taglines)


Major Clift, MD: Well, Dr. Martin seems to be indestructible except for his hallucination.
Colonel Banks: Those weren't hallucinations, Colonel. Under sodium amethol, a patient loses all control of his imagination.
Major Clift, MD: Well, then, he shouldn't be able to fabricare these stories.
Colonel Banks: That's right!
Briggs, FBI: Major, you're not trying to tell us that everything he said was true?
Major Clift, MD: Look, gentlemen, I can only give you the medical facts. As for the rest - you'll have to decide that for yourselves... Excuse me, please!

Dr. Douglas Martin: Who are you?
Deneb Tala: A scientist. Like yourself.
Dr. Douglas Martin: Where do you come from?
Deneb Tala: From a planet yet unknown to you.
Dr. Douglas Martin: You know my name. You speak English.
Deneb Tala: We speak every language.


  • Earth attacked!
  • The last word in science-fiction thrills!
  • Attack by monsters from another planet!
  • Strange creatures from another world attack planet earth!
  • It's a nuclear nightmare!


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