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Kim Basinger in 1989

Kimila Ann Basinger (December 8, 1953) is an American actress and former fashion model. She has garnered acclaim for her work in film and television, for which she has received various accolades including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


  • As I have grown up in the acting world, I have learned a lot about really listening and keeping quiet, even in my own life. Less talk, more listening. It has taught me a lot about life and acting.
    • [1] Kim talk about lessons learnt in the acting world in 2004.
  • You come to a place in your life where you really learn what it is and how it is and what make you tick as an actress. It takes you a long time to learn how to be an actress. It really does. And then you find these buttons that become so accessible to you. And you just push them.
    • [2] Kim talk about being an actress in 2004.
  • I’m not a big red-carpet girl. But I love the work.
    • [3] Kim acknowledges her preference to privacy in 2013.
  • She grew up in the limelight but I tried to provide stability and a quieter world.
    • [4] Kim speak on helping her daughter grow up with nomalcy in 2013.
  • I think she wanted to stick her foot in and see what it would bring. And she’s doing extremely well. You just want them to follow their own path, and she totally did this on her own.
    • [5] Kim speak on her daughter's career in 2013.
  • We are one half of this planet and yet women all over the world are second class citizens. There are many women abused in so many countries. To be a woman today is quite a place to sit.
    • [6] Kim speak on the treatment of women in 2015.
  • Life does imitate art many times, and people pick up from the movies. Messages are sent that way. I’d like to see more and more women collaborate on films in which they show great, deep devotion and friendship. It’s important.
    • [7] Kim speak on female representation in film in 2015.
  • But if you really look at it, men are kept as the sacred ones and touted the older they get. It’s always been the old adage that women are put out to pasture the older they get.
    • [8] Kim speak on women in hollywood in 2015.
  • Well, I’m not very comfortable with looking at myself in the mirror before I do a scene, anyway. It really throws me.
    • [9] Kim speak about her appearance before a scene in 2018.
  • The bad thing about animal protection is it never seems to get better, We can look back in history and see things not having changed with the way they were, so it’s an ongoing fight to protect any kind of animal.
    • [10] Kim speak on animal protection in 2018.
  • People should be reminded that we are one. I don’t care where we’re from or we’re going, but we are all in this together and we are one. Like it or not, suffering together, suffering individually, however it is, we’re all the same one.
    • [11] Kim speak on unity in 2018.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, That’s number one. What someone thinks as beautiful might not be to someone else.
    • [12] Kim speak on beauty in 2018.
  • I love being by the beach because I participate in all water sports, especially surfing, I love music and I love books of all types.
    • [13] Kim speak on what she loves doing in 2020.
  • I have always loved writing and I'm getting more into it these days, especially children's books.
    • [14] Kim speak on taking up new hobby in 2020.

Quotes about Kim Basinger[edit]

  • Kim Basinger wasn’t there.
    • [15] Jennifer Lawrence joked about the actress being dead to a bunch of journalists in 2016.

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