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Kimberly Hahn (1957–) is a Catholic apologist and author.


  • I believe that as the wife and mom I have a greater opportunity than most of the other family members. Even though everyone contributes to it, mothers and wives can be the thermostat of the home, not just taking the temperature but the thermostat, which sort of sets the tone at home. For the overall well-being of our families, I think it is important that our homes are the place where our families gather, and that we can make it a place of peace and beauty.
  • There are some who want to erect a wall between people of faith and public service. I want to tear down that wall! There are problems government can never solve unless we speak to the hearts of the people. It’s true that the role of a pastor is different from someone in public service, but the two roles should work hand in glove for the benefit of the community.

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