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Kin-dza-dza! is a 1986 Soviet sci-fi dystopian black comedy cult film released by the Mosfilm studio and directed by Georgiy Daneliya, with a story by Georgiy Daneliya and Revaz Gabriadze. The movie was filmed in color, consists of two parts and runs for 135 minutes in total.

Brief Chatlan-Patsak Dictionary

  • KETSE - match
  • TSAK - nose bell
  • ETSIKH - box for prisoners
  • ECILOPP - law enforcement agent
  • PEPELATS - spaceship
  • GRAVITSAPPA - pepelats engine part
  • K'U - socially acceptable expletive
  • KOO - all other words


Vladimir Mashkov: Hello there!
Lucya: Hello! What's new?
Mashkov: Manokhin's pipes burst at the facility. <...> How's the student?
Lucya: The student is strolling. Vovka, run for bread, I forgot, huh? And grab some pasta.

Gedevan: Sir, there's a man there who says he's an alien. Something has to be done.
Mashkov: Call an "03".
Gedevan: I'd like to, but he's almost barefoot, will catch a cold.

Gedevan: Excuse me, are Chatlanians and Patsaks a nationality?
Uef: No.
Gedevan: Biological factor?
Uef: No.
Gedevan: Individuals from other planets?
Uef: No.
Gedevan: So what distinguishes one from another?
Uef: Are you colorblind, Fiddler? Can't you even tell green from orange? Tourist!
[Uef is referring to a special detector device they have that when pointed to a Chatlanian buzzes a green dot and when to a Patsak an orange one.]

Bi: Plyuk is a chatlanian planet, so we Patsaks must wear tsaks and do koo.

Uef: You on Earth have a very primitive society, you don't even make differences by the colour of one's pants!

[Upon Uef and Bi's arrival on the Gedevan and Mashkov's location, stranded in the desert, where they begin their performance, Vova turns to the fiddler, while beholding this bizarre ritual]
Mashkov: A capitalist country.

Uef: Uncle Vova...! You need to turn the tsappa, tsappa!
Mashkov: Nah! Do it yourself!
Uef: No, I'm Chatlanian.
Mashkov: [angrily] Get outta here!!! As to advise, so all Chatlanians! And as to work, so...!

Gedevan: Mister ecilopp! Mister ecilopp! They stole our things! Get them! Koo! Get them!
Ecilopp: 40 chatls!
Gedevan: No chatls...! All at the guide's, and the violin is someone else's!
Mashkov: They didn't koo before the P-Zh's video. What are ya looking at? What are ya looking at?! Now I'm going to tell your superiors that you knew and did nothing! You're being damn tranquilized! Okay?!
Ecilopp: I was not idle, I pressed the kappa right away. Fiddler is a witness. To all units! A viper with wheels here. Koo!

Bi: Koo!
Uef: Koo?
Bi: Koo?
Uef: Koo!
Bi: Let's fly!
Uef: Slow down! Slow down!! Slow doown!!!
Bi: How can I slow down when you've drunk all the brake fluid!? Drunk...!
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