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Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a 2017 British-American spy film directed by Matthew Vaughn and based on the comic book The Secret Service, created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar. The screenplay was written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman. It follows the Kingsman agents after an attack leaves them in disarray, leading them to join forces with an American agency known as Statesman to fight a shadowy drug organization known as The Golden Circle.

Harry Hart / Galahad I[edit]

  • As one of our founding members said, "This is not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Gary "Eggsy" Unwin / Galahad II[edit]

  • Hey, hey. Looking good, Merlin.
  • Got the passes from my contact. You're gonna love Glastonbury.
  • This ain't funny. Roxy is dead! Everyone's dead! Gone!
  • [After he and Harry stuff Whiskey into the meat grinder] Put Alpha Gel on that, dickhead.

Agent Tequila[edit]

  • You know, my momma... she always told me, "Us Southerners get our good manners from the British." I was thinkin', "Ain't that a pity? Y'all ain't keepin' none for yourself."
  • Oh, that'll make you wanna slap your mama right there, boy.

Poppy Adams[edit]

  • My drugs are everywhere. They were never my thing, but here I am, running the biggest drug cartel in the world. The only downside is having to live in the middle of nowhere. You know, these ruins are technically undiscovered. I just added a few touches to remind me of home. I grew up on all that awesome '50s nostalgia. Grease, American Graffiti, Happy Days. But I digress. The thing you need to understand is the hard work and ingenuity it took to achieve a global monopoly on the drug trade. And that's all on me. Not to toot my own horn. I just think it's really important for new recruits to understand the history of The Golden Circle.


[Eggsy leaves the Kingsman tailor shop when he is confronted by a hooded figure]
Hooded Figure: Eggy. You mind if I share your cab?

[the hooded figure reveals himself to be Charlie]

Eggsy: Charlie?
[as Eggsy approaches him, Charlie pulls out a gun]
Charlie: It's ironic, isn't it? You look like a gentleman, I look like a pleb. If I was you, I'd unlock your cab.
[a group of Jaguar SUVs approach them slowly as Charlie has Eggsy enter the Kingsman taxi. Just when Eggsy unlocks the door, he shoves Charlie in the cab before signaling his driver to leave the premises]
Eggsy: Pete, get us out of here!

[Poppy leads Charles and Angel to the diner's counter as she puts on an apron]
Poppy: So, fellas, I have a couple of things that I wanna clarify. You understand that in The Golden Circle, my authority is never to be questioned, right? And the importance of following orders? Do you understand that? And the value of loyalty?
[Charles and Angel nod]
Poppy: It's easy to nod, isn't it?
[Charles and Angel continue to nod, a bit uneasily]
Poppy: I don't like easy. I like proof.
[pause before Poppy looks at Angel]
Poppy: What's your name?
Angel: [Spanish accent] Angel, ma'am.
Poppy: Angel, baby. Hey.. [whispers] Your old pal Charles has messed up. That's all I'm gonna tell you, because that's all you need to know. So put him in the mincer, okay?
[Angel looks at the meat grinder behind the counter before everyone starts to laugh. Poppy then turns on the grinder, much to Charles' shock. Charles attempts to run, but is cornered by Poppy's robot dogs Bennie and Jet before Angel knocks him out and places him above the grinder]
Charles: No, Miss Poppy!
[Charles screams before being turned into ground beef]
Poppy: Good job! See my salon across the way? Head there for your makeover.
[Angel walks out of the diner as Poppy places a hamburger patty on the grill]

[Angel returns to the diner from his makeover at the salon]
Poppy: It's beautiful, isn't it?
[Angel looks at the golden ring tattoo on his chest]
Poppy: Not that. This.
[Poppy reveals a hamburger, to the shocked look on Angel's face]
Poppy: Bon appetit.
[Angel sits down and looks at the hamburger, then at Charles' legs sticking out of the meat grinder. He then picks up the burger and slowly bites it]
Poppy: How is it?
Angel: It's delicious!
Poppy: Welcome to Golden Circle.

[JB barks while scratching a door in Eggsy's house]
Brandon: Come on, JB. Give it a rest, mate. Stop scratching the door. I'm gonna get the blame now.
[Brandon opens the door]
Brandon: There you are. Happy?
[as JB goes to his bed, Brandon notices the study room decorated with only three front cover pages of The Sun. He sits down on the desk]
Brandon: With the decks and all that.
[Brandon presses a button on the DJ mixer, which opens a secret weapons compartment on the wall]
Brandon: Shit, boy! What the...
[Brandon gets up and looks at the weapons and accessories. He gets a pair of glasses and a cigarette lighter before returning to the desk and putting on the glasses]
Brandon: Do you reckon, JB, model material?
[the glasses activate, showing Brandon the live feed on Eggsy's dinner with the Swedish Royal Family]
The King of Sweden: I must say, you're really not as I expected.
Eggsy: Well, thank you very much, Your Majesty.
Brandon: Eggsy, is that you, mate? What the fuck is going on here? You a gangster now or something? Fucking hell. Is that Tilde's mom and dad's house? Tell you what, whatever you're doing, I want in.
[Brandon gets a cigarette and opens the lighter, unknowingly activating the grenade charge. Eggsy warns Brandon, unaware that he's also pointing at the King]
Eggsy: Put it down!
[confused look in the King's face]
The King of Sweden: Why?
[meanwhile, Brandon wonders why the lighter is beeping and blinking red]
Brandon: What's this?
Eggsy: I said, put it down now!
The King of Sweden: What's wrong with it?
Eggsy: [shouting] Shut it! Fucking shut it!
Princess Tilde: [shocked at Eggsy's behavior] Eggsy!
The Queen of Sweden: I beg your pardon.
Eggsy: Shut it! Shut it now!
[Brandon closes the lighter]
Brandon: All right, mate. Chill your boots.
Princess Tilde: Eggsy, what...
[Eggsy realizes the confusion caused by his not-so-private argument]
Eggsy: Oh, no. Oh my God, no. I'm so sorry.
[JB starts to bark all of a sudden]
Brandon: You shut up and all. You got me in enough trouble.
[JB continues to bark until a missile suddenly hits the house, to the shock in Eggsy's face]

[Eggsy stands by the ruins of Kingsman Tailors. He notices a figure emerging from the other side and pulls his gun at him, only to discover that it is Merlin]
Eggsy: Someone decides to wipe out every Kingsman property, every agent, and somehow, conveniently, you weren't at home!
Merlin: I could say the same thing about you.
Eggsy: What, you think I'd kill Roxy? And my mate Brandon, and my fucking dog?
Merlin: No. You think I would?
[Merlin pulls out Charlie's robotic arm from his bag]
Merlin: This thing... hacked us. Clearly, this arm can be remotely controlled. I'm only alive because my address wasn't on the database with the agents. Whoever Charlie's working with doesn't think that mere staff are missile-worthy.
Eggsy: This ain't funny. Roxy is dead! Everyone's dead! Gone! Do you even care?
Merlin: Pull yourself together! Remember your training. There's no time for emotion in this scenario.
[Eggsy nods]
Merlin: Now, as all surviving agents are present, we follow the doomsday protocol. When that's done, and only then, you may shed a tear in private.
Eggsy: Okay. What's the doomsday protocol?
Merlin: We go shopping.

Merlin: Not one of my predecessors has ever been in this situation before. Thank God.
[Merlin looks at a wall crest]
Merlin: A-ha.
[Merlin pulls out a Kingsman medallion]
Merlin: Remember this?
Eggsy: Yeah, how could I forget?
[Merlin places the medallion on the crest, opening it to reveal a safe]
Merlin: Whatever's in that safe is the answer to all our problems.
[Merlin opens the safe, only to find a bottle of Statesman whiskey]
Eggsy: Is that it?
Merlin: I suppose that must be upper-class humor. [pauses] I don't get it.
Eggsy: Me neither. What the fuck are we supposed to do now?
Merlin: I think we should drink a toast to our fallen comrades.
[Merlin opens the bottle and pours some whiskey for himself and Eggsy]
Eggsy: To Roxy.
Merlin: Roxy.
[they toast to Roxy]
Merlin: [impressed by the drink] Ooh.
[Merlin pours another round]
Merlin: To Arthur.
Eggsy: Arthur.
[they toast to Arthur]
Eggsy: Mmm. Should we do one for JB?
Merlin: I think we should.
[they both sit down and pour more rounds; cut to later, when they have both almost drank the whole bottle]
Merlin: [sobbing] I should have seen it coming. Charlie, the taxi. It's all my fault.
Eggsy: No, that's bullshit. Bullshit, Merlin. It ain't all your fault. You're the best, bruv. Honestly, without you, I'd have lost it a long time ago.
Merlin: I think we should drink to Scotland.
Eggsy: [grabs bottle from Merlin] I think we've probably had enough, to be honest.
Merlin: You're probably right.
[Eggsy looks at the bottle's back label, which reads 'Distilled in Kentucky', only with the K in the form of the Kingsman symbol]
Eggsy: Merlin.
Merlin: Aye?
Eggsy: I think we're going to Kentucky.
Merlin: [cleaning his glasses] Fried chicken? I love fried chicken.
Eggsy: No. Proper Kentucky. Look.
[Eggsy shows Merlin the bottle]

[Agent Tequila has caught Eggsy and Merlin trespassing in Statesman's liquor storage]
Tequila: You know, my momma... she always told me, "Us Southerners get our good manners from the British." I was thinkin', "Ain't that a pity? Y'all ain't keepin' none for yourself." Y'all ain't ever heard of knockin' before you enter? [spits tobacco]
Eggsy: Well, a-actually... we had an invitation, didn't we?
Merlin: Yeah.
Tequila: Oh, did you now?
Eggsy: Yeah, yeah, it came in the shape of a bottle? We're from the Kingsman tailor shop in London. Maybe you've heard of us.
Tequila: Oh, the Kingsman!
Merlin: Yeah.
Tequila: Huh. That's where y'all got them fine suits and them fancy spectacles y'all got on.
Merlin: Exactly.
Eggsy: That's right.
Tequila: Y'all look damn sharp. Let me see if I got it right here. You want me to believe that it's normal for a tailor to hack through an advanced biometric security system with nothin' but a little bitty ol' watch on?
[pause; Eggsy and Merlin glance worriedly at each other]
Tequila: I can promise you, though.
[flip-cocks his rifle, points it at them]
Tequila: That dog don't hunt. So why don't you go on and get down on your knees and tell me who you really work for?
[pause, then Merlin lets go of the hole he made in a whiskey cask. Tequila spits his chewing tobacco to seal it]
Tequila: That's 1963 Statesman Reserve. You just made it personal.
[Tequila attacks Eggsy and Merlin. He knocks out Merlin and uses Eggsy's own watch to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart]
Eggsy: Who the fuck are you? [passes out]

Tequila: A bottle in a secret wall. You really expect me to take that seriously? See, I think your story's horse shit. Y'all just trying to cover for a failed rescue mission. You're here for the lepidopterist, ain't you?
[confused look in Eggsy and Merlin's faces]
Tequila: Okay, so your mystery bottle, huh? [grabs a bottle of Statesman whiskey] Look anything like that, right there?
Eggsy: [impatiently] Yes. Same brand, much older.
Tequila: All right. Let's see here. [opens bottle and sniffs the whiskey] You know why the measurement of alcohol content is called 'proof'?
[Tequila starts pouring the whiskey on Eggsy and Merlin]
Eggsy: Oh, fuck off!
Merlin: Oh, for Pete's sake!
Tequila: See, comes from back in the old days when pirates wanted to test the strength of their rum. They used to pour a little bit out on gunpowder. [drinks a little] Oh, that'll make you wanna slap your mama right there, boy. And then the gunpowder, if it burnt when they set it alight, they considered it proof [splashes more whiskey, much to the annoyance of Eggsy and Merlin] that their rum was good and strong. But see, I ain't got no gunpowder on me, do I? But I'm pretty sure you boys'll make just as impressive of a sound when I set your balls on fire. [Tequila pulls out a lighter as Merlin chuckles] Or you could just tell me who the fuck y'all really are and how the hell you found us.
Merlin: Look, for the last time, we have nothing to protect but our honor. So you can take your cheap horse piss that you call whiskey, which, by the way, is spelled without an 'e' and is nothing compared to a single malt scotch and you can go fuck yourself.
[Eggsy chuckles, Tequila looks at him]
Tequila: What about you?
Eggsy: Me?
Tequila: Yeah.
Eggsy: No, I love a Jack and Coke, bruv. But I do agree with the part where you go fuck yourself.
[Tequila smirks and puts away the lighter]
Tequila: All right. Y'all ain't got nothing to protect other than your honor? Let's see what happens when we change things up.
[Tequila changes the glass window on the wall, revealing Harry shaving]
Merlin: Harry!
Eggsy: Fuck me!
Tequila: Y'all got three seconds to tell the truth.
[Tequila pulls out his gun and points it at Harry]
Merlin: Wait! No!
Eggsy: Harry!
Tequila: He can't hear you, but I can. So talk.
Merlin: No!
Eggsy: Get down, Harry!
Tequila: That's two.
Eggsy, Merlin: Harry! Harry!
Tequila: Three.
Ginger Ale: Stop!
[She enters the room and throws an umbrella at Tequila]
Ginger Ale: Their story checked out. I opened our doomsday scenario locker and that umbrella was in it. Kingsman. It's got our logo on it.
[Tequila looks at the "Kingsman London" label on the umbrella handle, with the "S" in the form of the Statesman logo. Ginger Ale dries up Eggsy and Merlin]
Ginger Ale: I'm really sorry.
Tequila: My apologies, boys. I'd, I hope there ain't no hard feelings. I was just doin' my job. Welcome to Statesman, independent intelligence agency. Just like y'all, I reckon. But our founders went into the booze business. Thank the sweet Lord above. This is Ginger Ale. She's our strategy executive.
Ginger Ale: Hello.
Tequila: I'm Agent Tequila.
Eggsy: This is the part where you untie us.


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