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Kip McKean (born May 31, 1954) is the founder of the International Church of Christ; he led it until 2002. He is currently the World Missions Evangelist of the International Christian Churches that was founded in 2006 also known as the "Portland/Sold-Out Discipling Movement".[1]


  • If there are any other holy writings beside the Bible, then Christianity is reduced to simply another philosophy like Confucianism, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism. To me, Christ and His Word are the only way, the only truth and the only life.
    • In response to his professor stating that the Bible is not the only inspired Word of God, 1957.
  • But today, I look around this auditorium, and there are 50% of you who are significantly overweight, and it’s disgusting!…I’m embarrassed to be around some of you people. I hug you and my hand goes into your sides.

Revolution Through Restoration (1992-2002)[edit]

The following quotes are all found in Kip McKean's articles, Revolution Through Restoration.

  • Revolution was and is in each step and breath of those who dare follow this man called Jesus. Revolution comes about only when there is at least one person willing to take a stand for God and say "the present system" is wrong and thus will not accomplish the purposes of God. All of God's purposes center on His glory and meeting the needs of people. Jesus was the ultimate revolutionary.
    • [[1]], Revolution Through Restoration, 1992.
  • No matter how dynamic a campus work, unless a whole church is "totally committed," the campus ministry's impact would be limited.
    • [[2]], Revolution Through Restoration, 1992.
  • I taught what was clear in Acts 11:26: SAVED = CHRISTIAN = DISCIPLE, simply meaning that you cannot be saved and you cannot be a true Christian without being a disciple also.
    • [[3]], Revolution Through Restoration, 1992.
  • I believe with all my heart that the dream to evangelize the world in this generation will be accomplished by God's power working through his disciples. And to God be the glory!
    • [[4]], Ending to Revoultion Through Restoration 1, 1992.
  • God has a sense of ironic justice. To rid Jacob of his deceitful nature, God placed Jacob under Laban, a worse deceiver. To show me how insensitive and in fact merciless at times I had been to the weak, God placed me ‘under’ upset and – from my point of view – unforgiving brothers who would not give me any mercy or the benefit of the doubt, though I felt I had done so much for them through the years. I felt humiliated through shame and exasperated to the point of considering leaving the Lord. I learned that mercy expressed through kindness, forgiveness and gentleness – was not only God’s way to encourage and strengthen the weak, but the only path to keep a movement together. In all of these trials, my dear wife exemplified how one should love the weak by staying at my side with unconditional love.
    • [[5]], Revolution Through Restoration, Summer of 2002.

International Christian Church (2006-present)[edit]

  • At the end of the lesson, I presented The Crown of Thorns Project. Remember that Jesus said to the faithful Eleven, “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” The Spirit has made Los Angeles the “Jerusalem” of God’s new movement. So to evangelize the world, we must evangelize “our Judea and Samaria,” the United States. In just three years of existence, the SoldOut Movement has planted dynamic discipling churches in the four most influential cities of America – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC – as well as in Portland, Honolulu, Hilo, Syracuse, Eugene, and Phoenix. These churches do not include several heroic remnant churches. The US congregations [alongside our future first world congregations such as London and Paris] will provide the needed resources – disciples and finances – to go “to the ends of the earth.” Therefore… we must plan to encircle the globe with unified discipling churches on the other five populated continents. Listed are the 12 targeted international cities that when a line is drawn connecting them forms a jagged circle – a redemptive “crown of thorns” – around the world: Santiago, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Cairo, Johannesburg, Moscow, Chennai, Hong Kong, Manila and Sydney. It was so exciting that during the conference Sasha and Louisa Kostenko of Moscow, Russia and Joe and Kerry Willis of Brisbane, Australia solidified plans to move to LA for strengthening and further training. Of note, Sasha and Louisa were the number three and four baptisms when Elena and I planted the original Moscow Church in 1991. (The Moscow Church saw 850 baptisms in its first year!) In time, Sasha and Louisa married, went into the ministry, and by the year 2001, they led the 11,500 disciples of the 15 nations of the former Soviet Union! As He promised, our God is gathering a remnant from “the farthest horizons.” (Nehemiah 1:8-9) It’s happening!
    • [[6]], City of Angels Church Bulletin of August 16, 2009
  • Second is best because God rewards the quest.
    • In his sermon, The Promised Land On The Second Try, World Missions Jubilee 2010, Sunday August 8, 2012

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