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2018-10-17 Summer Youth Olympics – Victory ceremony (Martin Rulsch) 2
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Kirsty Leigh Coventry Seward (born 16 September 1983) is the current Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation in the Cabinet of Zimbabwe as of September 2018. She is a Zimbabwean politician, former Olympic swimmer and world record holder, and the most decorated Olympian from Africa. She is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and in early 2018, was elected the w:Chairperson of the IOC Athletes' Commission, the body that represents all Olympic athletes worldwide.


  • I take any opportunity I can to raise our country's flag really high and get some shining positive light on things over there.

Quotes about Kirsty Coventry[edit]

  • The most successful African Olympian in history!
    • The Chronicle 10 August 2021 [2]

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