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Klaus Barbie (October 25, 1913September 25, 1991) was an SS-Hauptsturmführer, soldier and Gestapo member. He was known as the Butcher of Lyon. On July 4, 1987, Barbie was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, and died in prison of leukemia four years later.


  • Perhaps you think that any fool could become a member of the SS. Do you really know what an SS soldier is? He is a superman. He is a professional chosen personally by Hitler. A soldier whose antecedents are analyzed for four generations back before he is given the honor of being allowed to join this elite organization.
    • Quoted in "The Butcher of Lyon: The Story of Infamous Nazi Klaus Barbie" - Page 140 - by Brendan Murphy - History - 1983
  • If there were mistakes, there were mistakes. But a man has to have a line of work, no?
    • Quoted in "Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press" - Page 184 - by Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair - Political Science - 1998
  • If I think of all those homosexuals in Germany today, I think I'd hand my German passport back, if I had one.
    • Quoted in "Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyons" - Page 23 - by Tom Bower - Biography & Autobiography - 1984
  • Don't worry. Your friends are dead and you are going to join them.
    • To Blandon from "Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyons" - Page 63 - by Tom Bower - Biography & Autobiography - 1984
  • I admire you, but in the end everybody talks.
    • To Lise Lesevre during interrogation, from the Saturday, March 23, 1987 issue of "The Philadelphia Inquirer"
  • When I stand before the throne of God,I shall be judged Innocent
    • Statement at His Trial

About Barbie[edit]

  • ...Had the eyes of a monster. He was savage. My God, he was savage! It was unimaginable. He broke my teeth, he pulled my hair back. He put a bottle in my mouth and pushed it until the lips split from the pressure.
    • Ennat Leger
  • ...pale eyes, extraordinarily mobile, like those of an animal in a cage.
    • Lise Lesevre
  • There is only one certainty in life... A strong man stands above and conquers all!
  • After 19 days of interrogation, they put me in a cell. They would carry by the bodies of tortured people. With the point of a boot, Barbie would turn their heads to look at their faces, and if he saw someone he believed to be a Jew, he would crush it with his heel.
    • Lise Lesevre

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