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Knowing is a 2009 science fiction thriller film about a teacher who chances upon an encrypted code in a time capsule that makes him believe he can alter the chain of events that are about to unfold.

Directed by Alex Proyas. Written by Ryne Douglas Pearson, Juliet Snowden and Stiles White.
Knowing is Everything... (taglines)

John Koestler

  • EE doesn't stand for just 1 person.
  • I am the son of a pastor.
  • I keep seeing their faces... burning.
  • The caves won't save us! Nothing can!


  • Miss Taylor: [first lines] Everyone inside now!
  • Phil Bergman: Right now my scientific mind is telling me to have nothing more to do with this. And yours should, too.
  • Diana Wayland: They've taken the children! We have to save the children!


John Koestler: I found evidence of a series of super-flares from a star in the outer-Pleiades's region.
Phil Bergman: Right. Ratings were off the chart.
John Koestler: We were both wrong. The numbers are a warning, but not just to me or any random group. They're a warning to everyone.
Phil Bergman: Okay. You're officially scaring the shit out of me right now.
John Koestler: The super-flare, in our own solar system. A 100 microtesla wave of radiation that would destroy our ozone layer, killing every living organism on the planet.
Phil Bergman: We have to let everyone know. We have to call the NOAA.
John Koestler: They already know. The announcement will come anytime now. I thought there was some purpose to all this. Why did I get this prediction if there's nothing I can do about it? How am I supposed to stop the end of the world?

Caleb Koestler: I can't consume that. I've decided to become a vegetarian.
John Koestler: Well, when were you planning on telling the guy who buys the groceries around here?
Caleb Koestler: Are you deaf? I just told you now, Dad.

John Koestler: I'm not saying that 81 people are going to die tomorrow, okay? I'm just trying to understand why THIS is SAYING they will!
Phil Bergman: Okay, it's spooky, all right? I'll grant you. It's more than spooky. But just step back, all right? You have all these uncircled numbers with no sequence to them. I mean, numerology, kabbalah, pythagorean cults, there are systems that find meaning in numbers, and they are a dime a dozen. Why? Because people see what they want to see in them.


  • Knowing is Everything...
  • What Happens When The Numbers Run Out?
  • A Superbly Crafted Thriller.


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