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Kokei Sochin (1532 - January 7, 1597) was a Japanese Zen master and poet, who was abbot of Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan.



Quotes about Kokei Sochin

  • After Shorei Sokin's death, Rikyu became a devoted follower of Shorei's successor, Kokei Sochin. Kokei was a member of the Asakura family and, although ten years Rikyu's junior, was greatly admired by Rikyu for his abilities. It is said that when Kokei became head abbot of Daitokuji in 1573, Rikyu bestowed upon him the unprecedented sum of one hundred kanmon as a congratulatory gift. An event that well illustrates the trust between Kokei and Rikyu is the tea gathering held by Rikyu on 1 588.
The guests were Kokei's senior disciple Shun'oku Soen, Gyokuho Joso, Kokei, and one other person; the place was a four-and-a-half mat room in Rikyu's Jurakudai residence. Beneath Kokei's name in the account of the gathering is written: "At the time when, having incurred the Taiko's wrath, he is going to the western provinces." From this we learn that the gathering was held on the occasion of Kokei's exile to the western provinces after angering Hideyoshi.
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