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Konstrakta in 2017

Ana Đurić (née Ignjatović; Serbian Cyrillic: Ана Ђурић, née Игњатовић; born 12 October 1978), known professionally as Konstrakta (Serbian Cyrillic: Констракта), is a Serbian singer and songwriter.


  • We are disoriented because in the infosphere there are a million suggestions about how to reach that goal [health], a bunch of trends, offers, promises – contradictory, fake, true, absurd… So we find ourselves spending limitlessly and thoughtlessly for the fulfillment of that goal. Thus, the basic capitalistic principle that never leaves you satisfied has been applied to health domain.
  • I am fascinated with the phenomenon of secondary consumption or whatever to call it – when you watch somebody consuming something, when somebody is doing something in your name. That is the essence of today’s entertainment, even of the way how we act.

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