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Dr. Krishna Kant Shukla (born 1959-06-03) is a physicist, musician, poet, ecologist and educator.[1] Currently, he lives in Varanasi, Bharat(India) and travels all over the world, giving music concerts and lectures.


His popular quotes[2] from his lectures, concerts and interviews:-

  • What you don't use, you lose.
  • What you abuse, you lose.
  • Music is not a way to reach god. Music is god.
  • Every single man,woman and child on the planet must, to the best of their capacity, become activists for the environment if we are to reverse our royal collective march to oblivion
  • Nature is our mother. She is not a resource for human consumption.
  • Western Science, in its present form, is toxic. It must be infused with love and humility, and an ethical code of honor to renounce any experiment or procedure that causes harm to the environment.

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