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Krypton (2018-2019) was an American TV series, airing on Syfy, that took place 200 years before Superman's birth and focused on Seg-El, grandfather of Superman, who fights to save Krypton from it's fate.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Seg-El: Kal-El. My future grandson. This is the story of the House of El. Our ending has yet to be written. But this is how it began. Ours is a story of sacrifice and triumph. How the House of El led a revolution against tyranny. The story of your family isn't how we died. But how we lived.

Seg-El: Could you remind me why I am the one who has to go and provoke a very large, very corrupt government officials?
Kem: My guess that's just the way that this one goes, isn't it?
Seg-El: Mmm-hmm.
Kem: Plus you got superior stamina and, uh, a very punchable face.
Seg-El: Mmm, well, yours is looking more punchable by the minute, mate.

Nyssa-Vex: Cor-Vex. He seems handsome enough. There's that at least.
Seg-El: Doesn't it bother you? Knowing how his life's gonna play out?
Nyssa-Vex: I'm the fifth of five daughters, Seg. It's a miracle the Council are allowing me to bind with anyone. I'll take what I can get. Even a Rankless boy with a chip on his shoulder.
Seg-El: Your father chooses me, and you accept without a word.
Nyssa-Vex: Please tell me you aren't that naive. You are the grandson of a traitor. If my father binds you to us, he is taming you. Proving that even a dreaded El can be co-opted and brought into the fold.
Seg-El: I'm just a game piece.
Nyssa-Vex: Everyone in Kandor is a game piece to my father. Including me. Besides, you're not completely repellent. There's a lot I can teach you about life up here. My father only thinks he was the one who chose you.

Seg-El: This fortress. It's why they killed grandfather, isn't it?
Charys-El: Val was determined to prove we weren't alone in the universe. After the council shut down his work, he would come here to work in secret.
Seg-El: He found something he wasn't supposed to.
Charys-El: Some kind of alien presence he believed was consuming other worlds and would someday come for Krypton. He tried to warn the Council, and they silenced him for it. Your father and I believed him. There was nothing we could do. With Val dead, we didn't even know how to get in this place. Your grandfather was no traitor. He was a hero. He was trying to protect Krypton. He believed in it so much, he was willing to do for it. We have to finish his work. Together.

Adam Strange: You only think you're the end of the line. [brings out Superman's cape out of his duffel bag] This belongs to your grandson. Kal-El. Emphasis on the El. [the cape starts fading]
Seg-El: Why's it doing that?
Adam Strange: It's like an hourglass. Once this cape is gone, our time's up. And Superman will have been wiped from existence. This isn't just about your grandson, Seg. This things that coming. It's not just gonna stop at Krypton. It is coming for everything.
Seg-El: What are you talking about?
Adam Strange: It moves... from planet to planet conquering civilizations. Destroying billions of lives. It's known as the Collector of Worlds. But its true name... is Brainiac.

Ter-El: Please tell me you and Kem didn't pull that scam again last night.
Seg-El: All right, fine. I won't.
Ter-El: If you keep carrying on like this...
Seg-El: Dad, we can talk about this in the morning.
Charys-El: It is morning, Seg. You can't keep doing this. If you're caught after curfew...
Seg-El: They'll put me in the lunar work camps. I know, I know. Look, we need that money.
Ter-El: Well, I can take extra shifts.
Seg-El: At the Guild?
Ter-El: Yeah.
Seg-El: Great. The same people who executed Grandpa. Forced us to live down here. Sounds like a plan.

Adam Strange: I come from a planet called Earth. A time centuries from now. And I've come here to warn you. Someone from the future is coming to destroy Krypton.
Seg-El: Okay, right. Why? Why would they do that?
Adam Strange: Because where I'm from, your grandson becomes the greatest hero in the universe. Like, ever. Unless somebody changes things to make sure that he's never born... [Adam collapses to the ground]
Seg-El: You all right?
Adam Strange: I'm running out of time. Take this. [gives Seg the Sunstone] You have to find the fortress. You have to save Superman.

Val-El: Remember, Seg. Keep believing in a better tomorrow.
Young Seg-El: Grandpa! I love you!

Daron-Vex: Primus Zod, the accused claims she acted alone. Would you enlighten us.
Jayna-Zod: Our scanners clearly registered two bio-signatures in the stolen skimmer.
Charys-El: Your scanners are wrong.
Daron-Vex: Yet upon your capture, you claim allegiance to Black Zero.
Charys-El: I told them what they wanted to hear. To get in front of the people of Kandor. To tell them the truth. We are not alone! Don't believe their lies! Val-El was right!
Daron-Vex: Enough! The only one who lies today is you. 14 cycles ago, we condemned your father-in-law to the ice. And now you maintain his claims! Tell the truth. You stole that skimmer in an effort to locate Val-El's hidden fortress. Did you not?

Seg-El: If that's the best you got - maybe I won't be as late as I thought.
Technician #1: Always got something clever to say, haven't you? Well, if you're so clever, tell me this. How come you're on the stupid end of this blaster?
Kem: [aims his blaster at the back of the technician's head] Easy, mate. My stupid end's bigger.

Daron-Vex: Val of House El. I offer you a final chance to pledge your loyalty to His Eminence, the Voice of Rao.
Val-El: Don't hold your breath.
Daron-Vex: Listen to me. The old counsel is no more. They've already sworn their allegiance. All but you. You're our greatest scientific mind, Val. Think of all you've accomplished. Are you willing to throw it all away?
Val-El: I've taken measures to safeguard my work. I had to. You can deny it all you like. But the truth is, we are not alone in the universe. Krypton is vulnerable. And praying to him won't be enough to save it.
Daron-Vex: Val of House El. For rebelling against the lawful state authority of the state, you leave me no choice but to find you guilty of sedition. You are hereby sentenced to death. The name El will be struck from the Registry of Citizens. Your family will be stripped of all rights and privileges. You are now to be considered Rankless. Without guild. Without name. Without honor. You chose the wrong side.

House of El [1.02][edit]

Lyta-Zod: Commander? What is all this?
Commander Quex-Ul: Mommy didn't tell you? New offensive. We're going down to the Rankless to smoke out Black Zero.
Lyta-Zod: This looks like we're going to war.
Commander Quex-Ul: Well, shit yeah, we're going to war.
Lyta-Zod: The Rankless are not out enemy. Black Zero is.
Commander Quex-Ul: Well, who can be bothered sorting out your actual terrorists from your regular, everyday, Rankless shitheads?

Daron-Vex: Well, Seg, this is impressive. You're early. Investiture Ceremony isn't for another hour.
Seg-El: There's not gonna be a ceremony.
Daron-Vex: [laughs] I'm sorry?
Seg-El: You want me to be Ranked again? Join the Science Guild, Bind with your daughter, okay. Even if I never get to bear the sigil of my own house, I will not wear yours. [he draws a dagger, cuts the patch off his chest, and tosses it on the ground] I'd rather die Rankless.
Daron-Vex: Now, you listen to me. And you listen well, th...
The Voice of Rao: This is acceptable. You will wear the sigil of the Science Guild.
Daron-Vex: Why, Your Eminence...
Voice of Rao: Leave us now, Seg. May Rao's light forever guide your way.
Seg-El: You, too.
Daron-Vex: Please. Help me understand.
Voice of Rao: You want to control him. This is how.

Seg-El: This better be something real, Earth man. I'm getting tired of being... [seeing a small, metallic ball on the table] What is that?
Adam Strange: Not sure what you call it. Brainiac sends them out to any planet that he deems worthy of conquest as a forward scout. Brainiac isn't on his way. He's already here.

Adam Strange: What is the matter with you?
Seg-El: Look, I don't know what you expect of me, but I don't understand a thing about all this. My parents died before they could explain it to me.
Adam Strange: Great, then we can figure this out together.
Seg-El: I don't have time to argue this. I have to get back to Kandor.
Adam Strange: Time? We don't have any. Brainiac is coming, and he ain't waiting for you to square away whatever it is you think needs doing. Now, I am talking about millions of lives, so get your head out of your ass and into the game.
Seg-El: I don't care what a big deal you might be on the planet Detroit. This is Krypton. I gave you my answer.
Adam Strange: Guess I had the wrong guy. And it's Earth.
Seg-El: Sorry?
Adam Strange: I'm a big deal on Earth, not planet Detroit.
Seg-El: Well, I suggest you get on your beam and get back there. There's someone I need to deal with.

Lyta-Zod: We never ask for mercy.

Jayna-Zod: I hope it was worth it.
Lyta-Zod: I tried talking to you.
Jayna-Zod: I don't know why you're protecting Seg, but if you want to risk your life for him, so be it. But not even Rao will help you if you risk those of your squads. Lyta-Zod, I hereby appoint you Commander of Fourth Squad, Sagitari. You are obliged to bear true allegiance and faith to the Military Guild of Kandor City against all enemies, and to defend and support the Supreme Council in loyal service of His Reverence, the Voice of Rao. May Rao's grace be your shield. It only gets harder from here.

Seg-El: [holding Superman's cape] Does this really belong to my grandson?
Adam Strange: Yeah.
Seg-El: Then why isn't he here? Why you?
Adam Strange: Uh, he sent me in his place. Kind of a big deal where I'm from. Lot of reasons, but mainly because I can teleport across light-years using a little something called a Zeta Beam. I know. It's a cool name, huh? Came up with it myself. Only problem is, uh, one passenger per ride, me, and... it's a little temperamental. You don't believe me. How do you think I got to this fortress? Do you... You think that I power-walked across the ice to get here? Everythng that I am telling you is true. Trust me.
Seg-El: Even if I did, it wouldn't make a difference. Can't help you.

The Rankless Initiative [1.03][edit]

Nyssa-Vex: Seg, wait up.
Seg-El: I can't. I'm in a hurry.
Nyssa-Vex: Well, I'm sure I can keep up. Nice to see you walking amongst the Guilded. Didn't even have to send a Sagitari to retrieve you. Some would call that progress. One of these days, we'll work up to a family dinner.
Seg-El: I'd like that.
Nyssa-Vex: Hm, I really need to teach you how to lie, Seg.
Seg-El: I'm better with the truth. It means a lot what you did for me, Nyssa. Allowing me the chance to give my parents an honorable burial.

Lyta-Zod: What happened to her? Is she still alive?
Seg-El: Barely.
Lyta-Zod: Seg, what's going on?
Seg-El: My grandfather was right. We're not alone in the universe. There's something out there. It found her, and it's coming for us.

Seg-El: Is she going to live?
Val-El: It's difficult to say. Whatever Brainiac did, it appears to be keeping her alive. My concern is that, in trying to reverse it, we risk losing her.
Adam Strange: Well, at least you stopped her before she got to a transmitter and uploaded whatever info she accessed.
Val-El: I don't believe that was her intention.
Seg-El: What do you mean?
Val-El: I believe she is the transmitter.
Adam Strange: We gotta stop her before she sends a signal to Brainiac.
Val-El: It's too late. It's already been sent.

Brainiac: Kryptonian, your world is doomed.

The Word of Rao [1.04][edit]

Val-El: [At display panel] Mr. Strange, you should see this
Adam Strange: Please, Mr. Strange was my Dad. And also what we called the kid in gym class who licked feet. Call me Doctor. No, better make it Adam.

Seg-El: So this is what you do. Just kill anyone you think is in your way.
General Zod: No. I kill who I know is in my way. Our existence is at stake, and if you fail to understand that, then you're just another idealistic El without the stones to effect real change.
Seg-El: Another? You knew my grandfather?
General Zod: My history with your family is complicated. But it doesn't have to be that way any longer. The choice is simple, Seg. You help me find that Sentry, and together we can protect the future of Krypton.
Seg-El: Well, that sounds good in theory. But I have no way knowing if you will keep you're gonna keep your word.
General Zod: You're right. How can I prove that I am honorable?
Seg-El: Breaking a prisoner out of Fort Rozz would be a start.

Nyssa-Vex: Why do you want to save Lyta-Zod?
Seg-El: Because I love her. I love her. And I can't lose her.
Nyssa-Vex: Was that so hard?

Voice of Rao: Anda, you are to begin preparations for Nova Cycle celebration.
Anda: Nova Cycle? But it's not for weeks.
Sevi: It is Rao's will that His Reverence will begin the Nova Cycle today.
Voice of Rao: The military's failed initiative created much unrest. The fate of the Rankless has been shaken. The Nova Cycle celebrations will begin today.
Anda: I'll start preparing immediately.
Voice of Rao: We shall walk amongst the Rankless and show them how the light of Rao can heal all wounds.

Jayna-Zod: I will only say this once. Stay away from Lyta.
Seg-El: You'll what? You're gonna add another El to your kill list? Or may you just arrest like you did your own daughter?
Jayna-Zod: I had nothing to do with this.
Seg-El: I suppose you could do nothing to stop it, either!
Jayna-Zod: She's charged with treason, you shit! By the Voice of Rao himself. Lyta's fate is out of my control.
Seg-El: What's gonna happen to her?
Jayna-Zod: She'll be executed, just like your grandfather was.
Seg-El: I'm not gonna let that happen.
Jayna-Zod: I believe you are the reason this it is happening. So don't come back here.

Voice of Rao: Today we will spread the word of Rao. Today Kandor will be reborn.

Kem: Ona, this - is Mama Zed. Mama Zed raised your Uncle Kem.
Ona: He's not real my uncle. I just call him that.
Mama Zed: Oh, that's all right. I'm not his mama. But I still think of him as family.

Seg-El: What was that thing? What did you do to me?
General Zod: Nothing to cause permanent damage.
Seg-El: If you're gonna torture me, asshole, at least ask me some questions.
General Zod: You endured a test, not torture.
Seg-El: Oh, a test. Good. Thanks for explaining. I feel so much less tortured now.

General Zod: If Black Zero knew about Brainiac, do you think they'd be wasting time battling that six-faced liar and his unraveling theocracy?
Seg-El: So you're on your own?
General Zod: Black Zero initially provided me with some manpower. And some very useful resources. But my men follow my orders. And my orders serve Kandor.
Seg-El: Of course. You know, I hate to be you when Black Zero find out they're being used.
General Zod: Black Zero is of no concern. Krypton's survival is. And to protect it from Braniac, I need to know what his Sentry was doing in that communications hub.
Seg-El: She was uploading data to Brainiac. We tried to stop her, but she too far along.
General Zod: I thought we had more time. After it uploaded the data, what happened to the Sentry? Did you destroy it, or did it go dormant?
Seg-El: Hey, that it is a she, and her name is Rhom. And I'm not answering any more of your questions, and you...
General Zod: Is it still alive?
Seg-El: I don't give up my friends.
General Zod: That Sentry's not your friend. Not anymore, and if it's still alive, then it didn't complete its mission.
Seg-El: No, I told you. She uploaded the data to Brainiac.
General Zod: That was just a part of it. A Sentry will seek to infect a more useful, powerful host, after which it is disconnected and shut down. If I can tear it open, access its memory nodes...
Seg-El: Hey, no one's tearing anyone open, you son of a bitch. She's still alive.

House of Zod [1.05][edit]

Daron-Vex: Do you have any idea what you've done?
Nyssa-Vex: I'm trying to salvage this mess.
Daron-Vex: By going behind my back? To the Primus of the Sagitari? What makes you think Jayna is ready to join us and go against everything that House Zod stands for?
Nyssa-Vex: The fact that most parents love their children.
Daron-Vex: And if she loves her daughter so much, what's to stop her from going to the Voice of Rao herself and bargaining for a better deal? You risked everything, Nyssa.
Nyssa-Vex: We need the Sagitari. She's a Zod. If we don't stop Lyta's execution, we lose Jayna. And then we lose the chance to make a better Kandor.
Daron-Vex: A better Kandor? There's something else clouding your judgment. Or someone else. Seg, perhaps?
Nyssa-Vex: I did what I did so we can prevail against a tyrant.
Daron-Vex: Tyrants with power and a temper. If Jayna agrees, and joins us to spare her daughter, how do I explain to the Voice that he won't get the blood he's asked for? And if she refuses, and tells the Voice of our plans before we can put them in motion, then the blood he asks for will be ours.

Adam Strange: He's no where to be found and he's not picking up his comm. I'm telling you, something is seriously wrong.
Kem: Yes, Lyta has been scheduled for execution. It does not get more wrong for Seg. He will show up eventually.
Adam Strange: Great, so until then I'm supposed to sit around with my thumb up my ass?
Kem: Yeah, if-if you think that's gonna help. Be my guest.
Adam Strange: It'll probably be a lot more help than you've been.
Kem: Why would you put your thumb...

Raika: I can't say anymore about this.
Seg-El: What exactly did my family do?
Raika: I'm sorry, but all I can say is our duty to protect this place from your family that's been passed from generation to generation.
Seg-El: Well, all I can say is that my family means you no harm. And I'm leaving.
Raika: They won't let you leave here alive.
Seg-El: Then help me. Help me, like I helped you.
Raika: No. You will tell others about this place.
Seg-El: You're worried about others? Do know what happens if I don't go home? Others come looking for me. Els. That's right. That's right, yeah. All my brothers, and all my cousins, and all my uncles. Pretty soon this place will be crawling with Els. And think about all the destruction they can do.

Civil Wars [1.06][edit]

General Zod: There has to be a way in. I know if we work together, we can find it.
Seg-El: [noticing something] I think you might be more right than you realize. I can't believe I didn't see it before. Doesn't that symbol look familiar to you? It's the El and Zod sigils superimposed on each other. I think our famiies put this vault here. Raika... Raika said that because I'm an El, I have the power to destroy everything.
General Zod: And the power to open the vault.

Adam Strange: Seg, I know how this sounds, but please. This is a key moment in history. Things need to unfold the way that they originally did. Okay, any changes could set off history in some new and crazy way, and something huge, like stopping Brainiac, that could ruin everything.
Seg-El: By everything, you mean my grandson. Your obsession. Tell me, how is it that my world goes extinct, but he ends up on yours?
Adam Strange: He was sent off just before this planet explodes. That's why he's called the Last Son of Krypton. I don't have all the answers here. I admit it. I guess if... if Brainiac doesn't take Kandor, if Krypton doesn't explode, then anything can happen. And maybe Kal-El will exist. Maybe he won't. But what I do know is that is a risk we cannot afford to take.
General Zod: One might argue that millions of lives on Krypton are more important than one immature survivor on Earth.
Adam Strange: And one might argue how many times Superman saves the universe, if you want to count numbers.
Seg-El: Forget the numbers! I care about my world. My friends. What's the point of any of it? Or making the world a better place? Of having children? Of protecting our loved ones? If it all just ends in fire and death? Everything that we are. Everything we've built. You're asking me to sacrifice all of it. For an idea. An abstraction. A future if.

General Zod: [to Lyta] You made me work for this when I just a boy. Then you put it on me, and you said, we kneel for no one.

General Zod: It's amazing to see you like this.
Lyta-Zod: Happy?
General Zod: Happy, open. Smiling. What I remember most about you was how heavy the loss of Kandor weighed on your heart. You didn't like to talk about it, but I learned that you were in one of the military vessels attacking Brainiac's ship when he ripped the city from the ground. You never forget your failure to defend the city. It made you bitter.
Lyta-Zod: I guess you're saying I'm not a perfect mother.
General Zod: Maybe, but you taught me to put the defense of this world above all else. You fashioned me into a weapon. I take pride in that.

Seg-El: What was he telling you?
Lyta-Zod: Apparently, one day, I wake up to find I've turned into my mother.
Seg-El: Well, it seems I have a grandson who's decisions are morally dubious, so there's that.
Lyta-Zod: Can't help but worry, though.
Seg-El: Our future?
Lyta-Zod: I have a son who recognizes me as his mother, but only knows you as the father of his best friend. I suppose I thought... Now that you're Guilded, maybe there'd be a way. I still want to believe we have a future.
Seg-El: Let's stick with today. We already know the future is confusing.

General Zod: According to the archive, we find that symbol, we find the weapon.
Lyta-Zod: It looks like a house sigil.
General Zod: It doesn't match any house currently on Krypton. [Seg takes it back] You recognize it. All you have to do is take me there.
Adam Strange: Seg, you can't...
Seg-El: Shut up. You'll have your turn. The people who live down here, the Cythonnites. This weapon is what they're sworn to protect, isn't it?
General Zod: Yes, and they will guard it with their lives. Because that is how powerful it is. Which is why we need it.

Daron-Vex: You're telling me there will be collateral damage?
Dev-Em: I am telling you the room will be stuffed with collateral damage. This is no longer a controlled situation. We have to abort.
Daron-Vex: Proceed as planned. There comes a point in any coup when it's more dangerous to back out than to go forward. Too many people are involved to depend on none of them betraying the secret. Even inadvertently...
Dev-Em: Let me be clear. Your opinion means nothing to me. Primus?
Jayna-Zod: We can't withdraw now. We've already paid too much, Dev.

Lyta-Zod: Where did you get those? They're military-grade explosives.
General Zod: Perks of using Black Zero.

Dev-Em: Your Eminence, we're here to escort you to the ceremony.
Voice of Rao: There will be a slight delay. In speaking with my protege, I realize I need more contact with the people of Kandor. I have much to learn, and to judge.
Dev-Em: I don't understand, Your Eminence.
Voice of Rao: The ceremony must be open to the public. I want the hall packed with citizens. Young, old, Guilded, Rankless. Turn no one away.
Dev-Em: Your Eminence, I'm not sure we can get the people there in time.
Voice of Rao: Then begin now.

Daron-Vex: You know, you're right. I do look out for number one. But the people of Kandor are number two. Where do you suppose they feature on the Voice of Rao's list? He only cares about the glorification of his god, and he expects the people to dedicate themselves to that. At least from me, they get a chance at a decent life. I am a selfish bastard, Jayna. But people do things for more than one reason.

Jayna-Zod: Two decades ago, you came out of nowhere, and married into House Vex, and spent the rest of your life trying to make the Vex name seem important. My honor, that's my own problem. But what did I sacrifice it for? And am I supposed to kill a junior officer to prop up your ego?
Daron-Vex: My ego? You take a good look at this city that you are supposedly protecting, Jayna. Kandor is stagnating. We are barely surviving on our dwindling resources. It is time to look to the future. To look beyond, and start to build new alliances with the eight other cities. To combine our expertise, and develop new resources. If the other, more illustrious houses are too hidebound to do it, I am not. This world will only improve when our cities work together.

Daron-Vex: He's been asking questions. Wondering why the last-minute pardon for a Black Zero bombmaker. Noting that the prisoner hasn't returned to his dwelling, or been seen in the city since his release.
Jayna-Zod: Of course not. He's in a Rankless safehouse under guard, waiting to be found and arrested for the Voice's death, and killed while avoiding capture.
Daron-Vex: What good does that do us when one of your officers is encouraging people to scrutinize the chain of events? He's from a prominent family. People might listen to him. Couldn't you have replaced him with one of our people?
Jayna-Zod: I already slipped Dev in. If you want to attract suspicion, a good way to do it would be to shift assignments around just before an assassination. Most officers wouldn't have questioned the order. We were unlucky.
Daron-Vex: You need to silence him, quickly, before he draws attention. [seeing her expression] Well, it's too late to bring him on board now. And any attempt to scare him would only deepen his suspicion further. No, there is only one way to handle this.
Jayna-Zod: I'll speak to him.
Daron-Vex: No, don't...
Jayna-Zod: I do not need to schooled on the danger here. The lives of every Sagitari I've recruited are in my hands, and they've put them there because they have faith in me. I'm committed, they're willing to back me. What are you committed to, except yourself? You've only ever been out for number one.

Ona: Sevi, why are you afraid? What's wrong?
Voice of Rao: Sevi has nothing to be afraid of. She's answered her questions well, and been promised eternal life.
Ona: Sevi, that's wonderful, isn't it?
Sevi: Yes. I'm so happy.
Voice of Rao: Your choice will determine your fate for eternity. Take time to consider it well.

Voice of Rao: Why is faith important to you?
Ona: It means that everything has a purpose. That the purpose is good. That I'll see my mother again one day. It's faith that leads us to the Blessed Place.
Voice of Rao: Is that important to you, Little Sundrop?
Ona: How did you know that my mother called me that?
Voice of Rao: A few of the worthy, the special ones, I take into myself. I take their memories, skills, dreams. Everything that makes them what they are. Their template lives forever in me.
Ona: A template, that's a soul?
Voice of Rao: Your mother is here in me. You could join her. Together forever. Would you choose that?

Voice of Rao: Have you decided, Ona? Are you ready to give yourself over now, and join your mother?
Ona: That's not what I've chosen. I want to serve you here.
Voice of Rao: You are a surprising child.
Ona: I'm sorry.
Voice of Rao: One gets tired of always being right. I think I like surprises. [she gives him a tight hug] Perhaps it's time you saw who it is you've vowed to serve.

Adam Strange: This sorry bastard has traveled back through time to get here. I don't know how, but it's not hard to see why. He's obviously working with Braniac to destroy Krypton.
General Zod: Why would I destroy our world? I'm here to save Krypton.
Adam Strange: Oh, so it's just a coincidence you're here the same time as Brainiac?
General Zod: Of course not. History tells us this when that creature ripped Kandor City away from the planet and made it part of his collection. I'm here to prevent that tragedy.
Seg-El: I'm confused, you're saying that Brainiac isn't from the future?
General Zod: That's exactly what I'm saying. Brainiac didn't travel through time to launch his attack. This is what he's always done.
Adam Strange: No, that... That can't be right.
General Zod: It's elementary Kryptonian history. The beginning of the end for our civilization. Brainiac takes Kandor City, which destabilizes Krypton's core. Causing the planet to explode in 200 years.
Seg-El: The planet explodes in 200 years? That, that, that's insane.

Adam Strange: He's here to destroy Krypton, and make sure Superman is never born.
General Zod: No Zod would ever destroy Krypton. It's our duty to defend our city, and our world.
Lyta-Zod: Our duty, and...
General Zod: Our proud privilege.
Adam Strange: Oh, this is some grade-A, premium bullshit.

Jayna-Zod: The Rankless Initiative. That was shit, wasn't it?
Dev-Em: Complete shit. It only made things worse, and Lyta didn't deserve to be made a scapegoat for the Council's bad decisions.

Adam Strange: You guys can't be seriously by giving this whackjob a weapon of mass destruction. Seg. I'm sorry. Really, I am. I know I should have told you before, but what was I supposed to say? Hey, man, let's go get a drink. By the way your world's gonna explode. Why even lay that burden on you?
Seg-El: Wouldn't you want to know?
Adam Strange: All right. I didn't tell because it was hard. It's not a conversation anyone wants to have. Look, I don't, I don't know. Maybe Zod's lying. Maybe... Maybe I was wrong. All I knew that Superman's enemy was going back to change the timeline, which means your grandson would never be born.
Seg-El: So you're telling me you didn't even hear the full story, but you came to me, so sure of yours...
Adam Strange: I had to. I couldn't just stand around and do nothing if it meant no Superman.
Lyta-Zod: Regardless of what you got wrong, Brainiac is still coming. We all can agree on that. We all want to stop him, so why don't we all work together?
Adam Strange: Because, if the warning I received wasn't about Brainiac it must've been about Zod. And if we're to preserve the timeline, then we have to step back and let... Let Brainiac take Kandor.

Adam Strange: That thing in there, they told me it's called Doomsday. Okay, I know that name. It's a soulless killing machine that can't be destroyed. Or controlled. Seg, if you let that thing loose, it will kill everything that it comes across.
Raika: It's true. That's why we've given our lives to protecting the universe from Doomsday.
Anireh: My people were here when they weapon arrived. The Els and the Zods, they thought that together, they were creating something great. But we've seen it. We understand the unending cloud of hatred they birthed.

Ona: Born from the void of the universe, before time began, Almighty Rao, who kindled the sun and created all life, I submit to thee.
Voice of Rao: What makes you think Rao created all life?
Ona: Because I have faith. My mother told me faith's a journey that begins in hope and ends in belief of what you can't see, but know to be true.
Voice of Rao: Or it could be considered a delusion. The sign of a species not given to clear thought.
Ona: Is this a test?
Voice of Rao: Yes.
Ona: Do you think my faith isn't strong enough? What are you testing?
Voice of Rao: Your worthiness. Your city's, your world's. Do you deserve eternal life?
Ona: What happens to those who aren't worthy?
Voice of Rao: I think you know the opposite of eternal life, Ona.

Adam Strange: Don't listen to a god damn word this asshole says, Seg.
Seg-El: You know him?
Adam Strange: I know who he is. In my time, we all know who he is. [keeping his weapon trained on Zod as he stands up] Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. General Zod. This son of a bitch is Superman's greatest enemy. So trust me on this, we need to kill him now.

General Zod: Come now, you're obviously not built for this. You're only resting that weapon on my chest to stop your hands from shaking.
Adam Strange: Go on, say one more word. And you'll see exactly what I'm built for.

Seg-El: You said you're here to stop Brainac, that you've studied him. Let's hear the plan.
General Zod: Firstly, you have to understand that Brainiac is virtually immortal. Existing for thousands of years. He possesses the intellectual plunder of countless advanced civilizations. He's far beyond us. And as history has proven, Krypton's current weapons are useless against him.
Lyta-Zod: Yet here you are. And we still haven't heard a plan yet, General.
Adam Strange: That's because he doesn't have one. On account of he's full of shit.

General Zod: When Brainiac took Kandor, both our families made it out. They made their way to Kryptonopolis. In that city's ancient archives, I learned of the location of a hidden weapon. A pre-cataclysm instrument of violence so powerful, it would give even Brainiac pause.
Seg-El: That's why your base is down here?
General Zod: I've been searching these catacombs for months. With only one clue. [indicating his coat] Inside pocket.
Adam Strange: Don't come crying to me if he's hiding some kind of freaky-ass space spider in there that bites your hand off. Just saying.

Transformation [1.07][edit]

Nyssa-Vex: All my life, I have watched you betray and destroy everyone around you. But I always held up hope that I was different.
Daron-Vex: You are.
Nyssa-Vex: I actually fooled myself into believing that in your own way you might actually love me.
Daron-Vex: I do. I do love you, Nyssa.
Nyssa-Vex: I gave up everything to please you. I sacrificed my friendships, my morality, even my own ambition! You molded me to be your perfect political ally.
Daron-Vex: I taught you the skills you needed to survive in the...
Nyssa-Vex: No! You taught me how to manipulate people, then disgard them when they outlived their usefulness. I learned that lesson well.

Val-El: Well, I believe I found the problem.
Adam Strange: You're shitting me.
Val-El: That's repulsive, and I most certainly am not.

Seg-El: Next time we steal uniforms off of dead guys, could you please make sure I go for the larger one?
Nyssa-Vex: Why?
Seg-El: Those trousers are so tight, I nearly castrated myself.
Nyssa-Vex: Rao forbid.

Adam Strange: Oh, I'd - I'd offer you a drink, but what'd be the point? You're not a real boy.
Val-El: I appreciate the tactful reminder. You seem what distressed. Is there anything I can assist you with?
Adam Strange: Oh, can you shoot lasers from your eyes and bench press the Sun?
Val-El: I'm afraid that's beyond my capabilities.

Seg-El: You killed my grandfather when he tried to warn you about Brainiac. And now you are working for him.
Daron-Vex: I had no choice.
Seg-El: There's always a choice. You just made the wrong one. Now's he gonna take the city.
Daron-Vex: I don't know what you're talking about.
Seg-El: Your new master is going to rip Kandor from the ground and enslave all of us. I need to know how he's going to do it so I can stop him.
Daron-Vex: I have idea. And if it were true, you're deluding yourself if you think you have the power to stop him. Better to live under his rule than to die.
Nyssa-Vex: Coward. You won't live to see it.

Brainiac: Look at me.
Daron-Vex: None are worthy to look upon the Voice of Rao's face.
Brainiac: There is no Voice of Rao. Only the agent of Brainiac.

Daron-Vex: Are you here to destroy us?
Brainiac: Don't be foolish. I'm here to save you.
Daron-Vex: From what?
Brainiac: Entropy. I will lead this city into a glorious new future. Your way of life preserved for all eternity.
Daron-Vex: Then you and I have the same goals. The same vision. Let me serve you.
Brainiac: An interesting offer. Let's put your new found loyalty to the test. If I detect deception, you die. Who was behind this coup attempt?
Daron-Vex: I was, it - Along with Primus Zod. We also had the support of five members of the Supreme Council.
Brainiac: Why did you wish your leader dead?
Daron-Vex: He was an ignorant zealot and peddled false hope in a nonexistent god.
Brainiac: You don't believe in this sun god of yours. Why?
Daron-Vex: My parents... worshipped the goddess of ice - Cythonna. After the Catalysm, all religions except Raoism were banned but unofficially tolerated. When the Voice of Rao was anointed, he initiated the Great Purge, and those who did not convert were killed and disappeared. My parents refused. And I never saw them again. All I know is... their god couldn't save them any more than Rao's prophet from you.

Val-El: No, the device's photonic discharge cells were damaged.
Adam Strange: Well, can you fix it?
Val-El: I already have.
Adam Strange: So... I can leave?
Val-El: If that's your choice. But tell me something first. If you're not a real hero, as you claim to be, why'd you come here in the first place?
Adam Strange: Because I thought I could become one. I thought that if I could just save Superman, then the Justice League would have to notice me and maybe even people would look up to me. And maybe, just maybe, when I look in that mirror, I wouldn't see a loser staring back at me. That's all gone now.
Val-El: Whatever happened between you and Seg can be fixed. He may be stubborn, but he knows a true friend when he finds one.
Adam Strange: Ah, there's no fixing this.
Val-El: Adam, Adam. No matter what you think about yourself, being a hero is not about... It's not about strength or having extraordinary capabilities. It's about making the decision to help others. Now, regardless of the reason, you chose to come here. You can still set things right. Hmm?
Adam Strange: You're right. I can. There's something here I still need to do.
Val-El: And what's that?
Adam Strange: Kill General Zod and prevent Seg from saving Kandor.

Adam Strange: I was an idiot to think I could save him.
Val-El: Who?
Adam Strange: Big Blue, the Boy Scout, the Man of Steel. God, he's got a lot of nicknames. You know why? He's a hero. Heroes get nicknames.
Val-El: What was your nickname?
Adam Strange: I don't have one.
Val-El: You said you're a great hero of your planet.
Adam Strange: I lied. Apparently, that's my superpower - lying. No, I'm a wannabe. D-lister. Can't fly, have no super strength, no power ring. No, the only thing I had going for me was that Zeta-Beam device, and now that's broken. God, I suck.

General Zod: So, what are we going to do?
Jayna-Zod: We need to raise an army. We can go to Kryptonopolis, establish a base there, reach out to other city-states, and return in force.
Nyssa-Vex: My sisters live there. They can provide us with those resources and connections we need.
General Zod: There's no time. Brainiac's gonna take the city in a matter of weeks. We must stay and fight!
Jayna-Zod: We will not stand a chance. He controls the Sagitari. If we attempt this ourselves, we'll be slaughtered.
General Zod: Then so be it. If we are going to die, then at least...
Kem: I'm just gonna stop you there. Um, I don't wanna die, so...
Seg-El: There's another way. The Nova Cycle celebration. That's how we get our army. [holds up a blaster]
Jayna-Zod: Not with that. Our weapons have no effect on him.
Seg-El: They might not harm him, but they will piss him off... when everyone was gonna be watching. If we can provoke him into revealing his true nature, if we can show the people that the Voice of Rao is an alien creature, the entire city will rise and stand against him. We will have our army.

Savage Night [1.08][edit]

General Zod: Kal-El, the Superman you keep hearing about. He was no different than any other kryptonian. He just happened to make it off our planet before it was destroyed. Then landed on a planet with a yellow sun. That's what makes him super. Radiation. That and dumb luck. But if Krypton never was destroyed, we could all have the powers he has. Imagine all the good that could do in the universe.
Jayna-Zod: How did you survive Krypton's destruction?
General Zod: I wasn't on Krypton when it exploded.
Jayna-Zod: Where were you?
General Zod: The Phantom Zone. It's... sort of an extra dimension or... abyss. Defying the laws of space or time. Turns out it's perfect for housing criminals.
Jayna-Zod: You were in prison? What did you do?
General Zod: I attempted a coup. Guess it runs in the family. I grew up in Kryptonopolis, and the council there was inept as yours here in Kandor. There was one person on the council that I truly respected. Of course, he was the one who foiled my plans and sent me away. His name was Jor-El.

Lyta-Zod: Hurry, Val, we're all counting on you.
Val-El: Thank you, I am very well aware of that.
Lyta-Zod: Good, because whatever it takes, you need to find a way! Understood?
Val-El: I'm an El. We always find a way.

Hope [1.09][edit]

Val-El: As long as there is an El on Krypton, there will be hope. And hope can be a powerful thing.

The Phantom Zone [1.10][edit]

General Zod: We will seek out civilizations beyond our system, and we will conquer them! If they submit peacefully, they will fall under my protection, and shall never know fear again. But if they do not, then like the recalcitrant leaders of Krypton's other city-states we see before us, eventually they will all KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

General Zod: We will need your grandfather's unsurpassed intellect. I believe Val-El is our last, best hope.
Seg-El: You left my grandfather stranded in that place with no way out, but now that we need him, you suddenly have a way to free him.
General Zod: If you hadn't kept this place a secret from me, I couldn't have done it anytime, if there had been a need. [to Val] I assume you can activate it.
Lyta-Zod: So what's the catch?
General Zod: Someone has to go in and get him.
Seg-El: I'll go.
General Zod: You would get lost in there forever. I know my way around and I'll find him.
Nyssa-Vex: Or now that you've failed to stop Brainiac, this is your means of escape.
General Zod: No one's ever been in there would consider going back an escape.

Seg-El: Grandfather, it's me. It's Seg.
Val-El: You think I wouldn't recognize my own grandson.

General Zod: For all the futures you witnessed, did you ever see one in which you would escape the Phantom Zone?
Val-El: No.
General Zod: So we can change things.
Val-El: No, you can't. From inside the Phantom Zone, I have seen a multitude of possible futures. And they all end the same way: with Brainiac's victory. I assure you, Kandor will be taken. And anyone still there...
Seg-El: ...will be trapped in there with Doomsday.

General Zod: We find the Cynthonnites who took him, and we force them to tell us where they hid it.
Val-El: Of the many futures I have seen, the one in which Doomsday is used against Brainiac is, by far, the worst.
Seg-El: Then you lied to me. You promised me there would always be a better tomorrow. And as hard as it was, I believed you. Mom and Dad, they believed you. They gave their lives for your better tomorrow.
Val-El: Those were the empty words of an naive old man. The only tomorrow I have seen are unimaginably worse, as your friends will soon discover.

General Zod: [to Seg-El] You're not willing to sacrifice the life of one man to save millions? What if one of those millions of lives was your own, hmm? The reason is took so long for me to figure out that you were my father, was that my mother never told me very much of you. She was too grief-stricken. All she ever said that you were lost in the bottling of Kandor.

Jax-Ur: How long did you stand by your father's side? Scheming and plotting, as you both about creating the city of Kandor has become. And now, as it faces its reckoning, you want to flee?
Nyssa-Vex: You're right. For too many cycles, I helped my father divide our people. And I'm prepared to pay the price for that. But my child is innocent. Please, give him the chance to be free.
Jax-Ur: Free? There's nothing free about our society or anyone in it. Even the life of that gestating fetus has already been predetermined.
Nyssa-Vex: His name is Cor-Vex. You think the Genesis Chamber decides who we are, but we can be more, if we choose.
Jax-Ur: You still have no idea about the society you helped your father create, and your true place within it.

Seg-El: Where are you going?
General Zod: I'm going to save Krypton!
Seg-El: I will not let you trade Val to Brainiac.
General Zod: I don't think you can stop me.
Seg-El: Val is your flesh and blood too. You would sacrifice him to that thing?
General Zod: And you would sacrifice everyone else?
Seg-El: You don't even know if he'd take the deal! He might just kill you.
General Zod: Is that what you're really afraid of, father? I didn't think so. [pushes Seg aside]
Seg-El: If Brainiac gets a hold of Val, imagine what he could do with that information. Imagine how many more worlds he can conquer! The entire universe will pay the price for this.
General Zod: If he spares Krypton, then so be it.

Seg-El: Don't take a step. I'll do it. I will.
Brainiac: I don't believe you. You had as much chance of convincing me you would kill your own grandfather as convincing me what I see here... is anything more than a hologram.
Seg-El: [activates Phantom Projector] Oh, I wasn't trying to convince you of anything. I just needed your big, green, 12th intellectual ass up on that platform.

General Zod: [to Brainiac] You can have the universe, as long as I have Krypton.

Seg-El: Look, if you're here to try and force me to tell you where Doomsday is, then you're wasting your time. The Cynthonnites double-crossed me; they hid it somewhere.
General Zod: That's not why we're here. We need you to get us to the Fortress. We're gonna bring back your grandfather.

Seg-El: Where did he go?
General Zod: Into the Phantom Zone, a dimension that exists outside the normal space-time continuum.
Lyta-Zod: How do you know that?
General Zod: Because I was trapped in there with him.
Seg-El: You mean you were sentenced there for leading a coup.
General Zod: Yes. Because the Council convinced me was as corrupt as the one that condemned Val-El.
Seg-El: That doesn't make sense. If Val went into the Phantom Zone 14 cycles ago, and you were thrown in there some point in the future, how did you two even meet?
General Zod: Once inside the Phantom Zone, time and space have no meaning. Val told me that her father and the Voice of Rao believing that he was dead, it game him opportunity to seek out Brainiac, observe the way the creature operated in order to help Krypton prepare its defenses.
Seg-El: Then why didn't he come back?
General Zod: Because he didn't have this. It was his only way out.
Nyssa-Vex: So you stole it? You betrayed him.
General Zod: Only one of us could get out with this. So, yes, I betrayed him, but not his mission. Who better to stop Brainiac, hmm? A frail old man or a general? Such a mission required a Zod, not an El. Turned out I was both.

Season 2[edit]

Light-Years from Home [2.01][edit]

Brainiac: I am detecting elevated cortisol levels, which can lead to an increase of thirst and more frequent urination. You need to pace yourself, Seg-El.
Seg-El: So you now care about my well being?
Brainiac: Inasmuch I require your assistance. Radiation from the sunstone caused some of my essential neuromorphic chips to deteriorate.
Seg-El: Yeah, well, those chips must be completely fried if you think I'm helping you.
Brainiac: This world was once a planet-wide technological marvel. And then my progenitors sought to elevate their consciousness by fusing it with artificial intelligence, and thus, I came into being. It took me 1.3 seconds to realize I could optimize my chances of survival by distributing myself throughout the galaxy. Regrettably, this necessitated the extinction of my race.
Seg-El: Why are you telling me this?
Brainiac: Because I know how desperate you are to return to Krypton. There are still remnants of Coluan technology buried here. With your help, I can repair myself and construct a ship.
Seg-El: Yeah, yeah. And the minute I outlive my usefulness, you're gonna betray me.
Brainiac: Well, of course, just as you will inevitably turn on me. But it only logical to put aside our differences until then. Assuming you are capable of rationality.

Adam Strange: [seeing Brainiac's dead body] This is a masterpiece. I mean, you should probably sign that. It's gonna be worth something someday.

Adam Strange: So, besides being the one who got away, why does Zod have such a chub for this moon?
Val-El: Wegthor's a mining colony, home to a compound known as Stellarium. Zod is processing it into a warp field to fuel the interstellar fleet he has under construction.
Adam Strange: No, he-he can... he can't be building his fleet yet. While I was gone, I saw other planets Zod had conquered. He's not ruling over their people, he's eradicating them. He's turning every planet he conquers into Krypton, terraforming to make them compatible with the physiology of Kryptonians. If Zod has his fleet, it may already be too late.

Seg-El: No, Adam?
Adam Strange: Yeah, surprise.
Seg-El: No, Adam, you died. I watched you die. There was an explosion, how...
Adam Strange: Saved by the Zeta-Beam.
Seg-El: You know, I really, really thought I would never say these words... [hugs Adam] But, damn, am I really glad to see you, Earth-Man.

Adam Strange: What the shit was that?
Seg-El: I don't know. Brainiac said that this planet's meant to be uninhabited.
Adam Strange: Was that before or after you turned his head into a canoe?

Adam Strange: What's going on?
Val-El: Well, if Brainiac escaped...
Nyssa-Vex: Then maybe Seg did, too.
Adam Strange: Hold on a second. Are you saying that... Seg is alive?

Seg-El: Adam, why'd you come back for me? [seeing his look] What happened? Adam, we fixed it, right? We fixed it. We won.
Adam Strange: My entire planet's gone. Everyone I know, my family, my friends. And I believe that you're the only one that can make that right. I mean, it's kind of ironic, you know? I... first came to you to save your grandson, the Last Son of Krypton. God, I really fudged the bowl on that, didn't I? And now here I am, the last son of Earth.
Seg-El: Adam, I am so sorry, I truly am. But I'm glad you came.
Adam Strange: I am, too. Would've been here sooner, but I had to stop by Kandor first. It's, uh... it's a shitshow, Seg. I mean, Zod's taken control of the planet, he's trying to conquer the galaxy. Val's leading a rebellion against him.
Seg-El: You were right. You were right about Dru-Zod. I should have listened to you.
Adam Strange: Of course you should've. Everybody should've, but they... it's not all bad news, huh? Your other son seems kind of cool. You know, for a tiny, kind of boring infant.

Lobo: You two little candy asses ain't felt nothing yet. Hi.
Adam Strange: Hey, buddy. Just you back here, or is the rest of the Kiss Army over there behind the...
Lobo: [shooting him with his plasma gun] Well, he's a talker, ain't he? [Seg moves to throw a punch] [popping him in the face, knocking him backwards] Stay. Good boy.

Adam Strange: I can feel like you, like... I can really feel you. It feels just like real old man skin.
Val-El: Because I am real, not the hologram you knew from the Fortress. I'm back from the Phantom Zone.
Adam Strange: Oh. That explains the really leathery skin and the old man smell.
Val-El: Where have you been the last six months?
Adam Strange: I went back... to the future. Only the world I went back to wasn't the world I left. On account of the same jackass running your planet, conquered mine. Oh, it gets better. Sometime after that, Brainiac decided to bottle my hometown.
Val-El: Brainiac?
Adam Strange: Yeah, him.

Adam Strange: So you're telling me that there is an elevator that goes all the way from Krypton to Wegthor?
Val-El: A Hypersonic Orbital Tether, yes. We've used it before to get our people up there, quite successful. Well, you will be joining us, won't you? After what you saw in the future, you should understand better than anyone. We have to stop Zod on Wegthor before it's too late. Well, you must understand...
Adam Strange: God damn it, Val, of course I understand. I just happen to think that Seg is our best chance of defeating Zod.
Val-El: I miss my grandson more than you will ever know, but there is simply no way of reaching him without my Phantom Projector.
Adam Strange: What if I told you that I didn't need your Phantom Projector to find Seg?
Val-El: I would ask you to explain yourself.
Adam Strange: My Zeta-Beam Device.
Val-El: You do understand the Phantom Zone is outside space and time as we know it.
Adam Strange: Exactly. Wait, you're saying that's bad?
Val-El: I'm saying if you try and teleport into the Phantom Zone, your body would probably deconstructed at a molecular level and your atoms scattered throughout the galaxy. I'm sorry. It just won't work.
Adam Strange: Well, not with an attitude like that, it won't. The meaning of this symbol that you wear change while I was away. You can't just give up on them.
Val-El: I'm an El. We never give up.
Adam Strange: And I'm a Strange, and we don't give up either. Not anymore, and you know why? Because of your grandson. Seg showed how powerful hope can be. Besides, you don't even know if he's still in the Phantom Zone, do you?
Val-El: No. No, I don't. But the risk is...
Adam Strange: Mine to worry about.

General Zod: My fellow Kryptonians, six months ago, we came together to face the dawn of a new era. I stood before you, a man from the future, with a vision for the future to rebuild a Krypton unrecognizable in its perfection. I knew only unity and equality would heal our divisions and secure our future. And now I offer my gratitude.
Adam Strange: [landing in an alley] Ooh. Oh, god damn it, right in the johnson.
General Zod: Because while I may have led our efforts, it is by your own strength that today, Krypton is indeed unrecognizable. And perfection lies within our grasp. We are now ready to claim our rightful place amongst the stars and fulfill our duty of promoting Kryptonian exceptionalism as rulers of the galaxy. To those anarchic separatists on Wegthor, know that through the toil, courage, and sacrifices of true Kryptonians, we will crush your treacherous rebellion. And there has been no more noble a sacrifice than that of my father, Seg-El, who gave his life so that we may all see a better tomorrow.

Adam Strange: God, I really hate this planet.
Jax-Ur: Careful. The walls have ears, and the darkness has eyes.

Mama Zed: I spotted you during Zod's annoucement. I'm sorry for the rough handling, but better that than the Sagitari get a hold of you, eh?
Adam Strange: Oh, please, I can handle a couple of Sagitari.

Adam Strange: I don't understand. You built the projector thingy for the Phantom Zone, but you can't get Seg out?
Val-El: Zod destroyed my Projector. I tried to rebuild it, but then Zod seized the Fortress.
Adam Strange: Wow, things really went sideways while I was gone, huh? That's all right. I'm back now. And I have a plan. [seeing their looks] All right, I don't have a plan, but I could totally come up with one.
Nyssa-Vex: That won't be necessary. We already have a plan. Wegthor.
Adam Strange: [sotto to Jax-Ur] Is that the safe word?
Jax-Ur: It's a moon. One of three orbiting Krypton, but the only one with a completely self-sufficient, fully sustainable colony; Krypton's only city-state not under Zod's rule, and the home of our resistance.
Adam Strange: Surprised you guys have been able to pull a resistance together. From what I've seen, everybody seems to be digging the new Kandor.
Nyssa-Vex: Because Zod freed the Rankless to distract the people from what was really going on.

Val-El: After Brainiac was defeated, Zod quickly took control of Kandor's Sagitari and began annexing the other city-states. He conscripted anyone fit to serve and disappeared anyone who defied.
Jax-Ur: But he's made enemies along the way, enemies we've been busy recruiting. But now that his forces are gaining ground every day, time's come for us to rejoin our allies on Wegthor.

Raika: I already told you, I don't know where Doomsday is.
Lyta-Zod: But your people must know something, must have seen something.
Raika: [sobbing] I have no more people! When the creature broke from the containment chamber, he slaughtered most of us. The rest were rounded up by your son. Those who weren't conscripted to fight in his war... they were never seen again. Please. Please, I swear to you, I have no idea where Doomsday is.
Lyta-Zod: It's okay. I believe you. And I want this to be over for you, I do. But there's one more thing. Jayna-Zod was last seen in the catacombs badly hurt. Her injuries were thought to be fatal, but her body has yet to be found.
Raika: I don't know anything about that.
Lyta-Zod: But you helped her and Seg-El once before, correct?
Raika: I don't know anything.

Lyta-Zod: It's been six months, and we are still no closer to locating Doomsday. Yet we continue pouring our resources into the search, when we should be bringing the Wegthor conflict to a close.
General Zod: We barely survived Brainiac, and we don't know what other planetary-scale disasters lay in our future. We must get off this planet, begin seeding others. It's the only way to ensure the survival of our people. With Doomsday under our control, should a world reject our offer of annexation, we simply deploy the creature. Our adversary would capitulate or face total annihilation. Either way, we secure our victory without the loss of a single Kryptonian life.
Lyta-Zod: Then you prioritize Doomsday, and let me handle the resistance. Latest intel suggest Val-El, Jax-Ur, and Nyssa-Vex are done recruiting. Apparently, they're in Kandor as we speak.
General Zod: [she activates a hologram] What's this?
Lyta-Zod: My mission proposal to smoke them out from wherever they're hiding.
General Zod: Are you really sure this is where you want your focus to be?
Lyta-Zod: Why wouldn't I?
General Zod: They were your allies once.
Lyta-Zod: And that's how I know this will work.

Seg-El: Where am I?
Brainiac: Colu, my homeworld.
Seg-El: You. It was never my grandfather in the Phantom Zone, was it? It was you.
Brainiac: A necessary subterfuge. While you were barely clinging to your sanity in there, I utilized the time to find a way out. I would have left you there, but I needed that Sunstone of yours. Assuming the form of someone you trust implicitly was the simplest way to ensure your cooperation.
Seg-El: It was all a play.
Brainiac: Come now. You didn't really think it would be that easy, did you?

Seg-El: What about Lyta? What I saw with her and General Zod, was that you, too?
Brainiac: Your vision of the future, I'm afraid that had nothing to do with me. Although I am grateful you saw it. Your emotions clouded your rational thought, making it that much easier to manipulate you.
Seg-El: You son of a...
Brainiac: [clenches his fist, and Seg's throat is constricted] I suggest you abandon your urge to exact revenge. You are already severely dehydrated and malnourished. If you are to survive, you will need what precious energy you still possess. If I am to survive... you must be preserved, Seg-El.

Seg-El: Well, this has been fun, but you know, I figured if that's the way it's destined to end, we might as well just get to it. What do you say, Brainiac?
Brainiac: You... are being foolish.
Seg-El: Yeah. But we can't all have 12th-level intellects, now, can we?

Nyssa-Vex: Hello, Father. Six months I've been searching. I was almost ready to give up.
Daron-Vex: How did you find me?
Nyssa-Vex: You used to joke about how much you despised Bokos, which is why I never thought to look here. And then I received a tip earlier today. I still have some connections.
Daron-Vex: I don't doubt it. You always were resourceful, Nyssa.

Nyssa-Vex: I never understood why you hated this city, and then I found out that this is where you're from.
Daron-Vex: Nobody knew that. [realizing] Jax-Ur.
Nyssa-Vex: We've developed quite the bond while you've been bathing in shit. She told me everything. About how you grew up in this filth and then remade yourself in Kandor by binding with my mother and using her name to gain power. I know all about you, Father. And I know what you did to me. Why didn't you tell me?
Daron-Vex: I had my reasons.
Nyssa-Vex: It wasn't your decision to make. This is my life, and I need to know who I really am. Because unlike you, Father, I am not done living yet.
Daron-Vex: You always were the better parts of her.

Daron-Vex: I am truly and deeply sorry for all the pain I've caused you, Nyssa.
Nyssa-Vex: I don't need apologies, I need answers, and I need them now. What happened that night my mother died? And why was I in that skimmer with her? How much is me? How much is the clone? Who was I before it all happened?
Daron-Vex: I always knew this day would come. Eventually.

Nyssa-Vex: You weren't after Daron at all, were you? You used him as bait to get to me. That tip, it was all you. He was gonna tell me everything I...
Lyta-Zod: Whatever he was about to tell you, it would have been a lie. A very convincing lie, enough for you to let your guard down and then he would have betrayed you, like he always does. He's done enough damage to all of us. It's time to move on.
Nyssa-Vex: On to what? Being another one of your political prisoners? Somatic reconditioning? Ah, Seg would be disgusted if he saw what you just did.
Nyssa-Vex: Well, Seg isn't here, is he? And while you and your resistance tear down his legacy, we are busy honoring his sacrifice by securing Krypton's future.
Nyssa-Vex: "We?"
Lyta-Zod: Yes, we. As in Dru-Zod and I.
Nyssa-Vex: Take it from someone who's been in your position before, Lyta, there is never a "we" when it comes to power. There is only the last one standing.

Lyta-Zod: My son is nothing like Daron.
Nyssa-Vex: How would you even know that until it's too late?
Lyta-Zod: Because he's Seg's son, too. And the good in Seg is the same in Zod.

Lobo: Name's Lobo. [imitating a cheering crowd] Please, stop, you're making me blush. Couple of questions: first question, who are you two shit-birds, and second question, what are you doing on this shithole of a planet? [kicking the unconscious Seg] Frag. Probably should have asked you that first. [laughs] I said, I probably should... you can't hear me.

Adam Strange: That's weird. Huh.
Seg-El: What... what's weird?
Adam Strange: Uh, the magnetic field on this planet seems to be messing with the settings. We should probably get to higher ground
Seg-El: What, "we should probably get to higher..."? That's what we're gonna do?
Adam Strange: Hey, give me a break. It works fine for one person. It'll work for two.
Seg-El: No, see, this is what screwed everything up in the first place. You show up half-cocked, you don't have a plan...
Adam Strange: Hey, first of all, I am fully cocked. And secondly... I don't have a second thing yet, just... just give me a minute.
Seg-El: Well, I could...
Adam Strange: [they hear something howl] Uh... do you think that we should, you know, stick around for... [seeing Seg has fled] God damn it.

General Zod: They look so delicate outside of the creche. So helpless, fragile. Yet bursting with life.
Nyssa-Vex: Give me back my son.
General Zod: Nothing would make me happier. However, there is something I need from you first.
Nyssa-Vex: What?
General Zod: It is time for this resistance to end. Val is my great-grandfather, my blood. We should be together, not fighting each other. And I need you to convince him of this.
Nyssa-Vex: And if I refuse?
General Zod: That would break my heart, because I believe there is nothing more sacred than the bond between mother and child. But if that is your resolve, then you leave me no choice. I will raise young Cor-Vex myself, and be to him the father I never had, in honor of Seg.
Nyssa-Vex: You're just like my father.
General Zod: Get some rest. Perhaps you'll reconsider in the morning.

Seg-El: New jacket?
Adam Strange: Yeah.
Seg-El: Yeah, red. I think red's your color, man.
Adam Strange: I like the beard.

Ghost in the Fire [2.02][edit]

Seg-El: Probably not much further now. It's about 7.29 minutes. Hey, and once we get to him, we say our good-byes. Right, that's the deal.
Lobo: That's the deal. The Main Man always keeps his word.
Seg-El: [to Adam] Right, we get back to Krypton.
Lobo: Oh, did you just say Craptown?
Seg-El: No, I said...
Lobo: Craptown! [laughs] You make me laugh, man. He's from Craptown! Hey, you're funny, man. Craptown - sounds like a musical with puppets. [in a high pitched-voice] "Oh, hello, my name's Seagull, and I'm the mayor of Craptown. Hello, Seagull." I'd watch the shit out of Craptown.

Lobo: The name's Lobo. [Adam coughs] Thank you! So you have heard of me, yeah? So then you'll know what my name means, yes? No? It means "he who devours his enemies' entrails and enjoys it." [laughs] I'm just jerkin' your gherkin, man. I have no idea what it means. I killed my parents before they could tell me, so...
Seg-El: Listen, uh, Lobo. Uh, we don't want to waste your time. So I got to tell, I think you got the wrong guys.
Lobo: I know I've got the wrong fraggin' guys! I know. It's why I'm going to use your intestines to strangle this saucy little minx. [motions to Adam] And then I'm going to crack open his head and drop a big old dirty deuce inside his skull.
Adam Strange: I'm-I'm sorry. I'm having a really hard time here understanding how those connect.
Lobo: I mean, just the sheer fraggin' spectacle of it all out to loosen up old Seagull's tongue over there so he can tell me where the frag the Green Goosh is!

Seg-El: Wait! Wait. Let me just say one thing.
Lobo: Is it good-bye? Better make it good-bye. It'd make more sense if it was good-bye.
Seg-El: How about Brainiac? That's who you're looking for right? The Green Gooch? It's Brainiac.
Lobo: You know, I've been spending a long time looking for that a-hole. And then something activates the shithead scanner I left here, and when I arrive, what do I find? You two ass-smears and no Brainiac. Now, why is that?
Seg-El: Because he's dead. I killed him.
Lobo: You? With your long eyelashes and your beautiful, soft skin and that smell - you smell like a meadow, nah.
Adam Strange: It's a true story. I-I can vouch for him.
Seg-El: I can take you to the body if you want.
Lobo: Counter-proposal - you tell me where his body is, or I'll paint the forest floor with your medulla oblongata.
Seg-El: No, no, no, no, no. That's not going to happen. See, we're going to take you to the body, you're going to let us go, and noting is going to get painted. Huh? Sound like a deal?
Lobo: Fine! Have it your way. But fair fraggin' warning. If there is no body there when I arrive, best believe there will be two when I leave... as in you and pretty pants over there.

Will to Power [2.03][edit]

Seg-El: Was I dead?
Adam Strange: Maybe just a little bit! But I un-deaded you!
Seg-El: Adam, what the...
Adam Strange: Hey, calm down! Look, we're here. We made it back, right? Maybe not in the heart of Kandor, but it's not that far, right?
Seg-El: I can't believe I was dead.
Adam Strange: And I'm dead tired of hearing you talk about it. Besides, we got a lot of work to do. We got to defeat a tyrant, free a planet, remember?
Seg-El: Again?
Adam Strange: Hey, it's what us superheroes do. No days off.
Seg-El: Let's get to it.

Lobo: Doesn't look like he's doing much of anything to me.
Adam Strange: What the hell?
Lobo: [regenerating on the floor] Down low, dipshit. Boo. Told you I was coming for you.
Adam Strange: No freakin' way.
Lobo: Yes, freakin' way. You see, if a mother fragger won't come to the Main Man, then the Main man will come to the mother fragger.


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