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Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves) is a Turkish tv series broadcast on Show Tv between 2003 and 2005.



Pala-Doğu: "If you don't know, you're not a state."[edit]

Doğu: Who gave the task of killing Aslan?
Pala: State secret.
Doğu: If I do not know, it is not a state secret!
Pala: If you do not know, you are not a state.
Doğu: I even know the midwife who gave birth to you! cut the comedy!

Laz Ziya-Testere Necmi: "I've never had a friend and my enemy has never been able to live!"[edit]

  (Baron holds Çakır responsible for the attack on Tuncay Kantarcı. He tells Testere to scare Çakır. Testere sent to Çakır, by means of Çakır's son- Pusat-, a black and empty paper in a black envelope, which means "cause his extinction" in the Turkish mafia. Meral and Nesrin speaking on the phone, Laz Ziya heard this from the party line then he goes to Testere's workplace)
Testere: Abi, What happened?
Laz Ziya: What do you think you're doing ?!
Testere: What did I do, Abi?
Laz Ziya: (With his own deep voice)Look! While you were cutting your mother with your short pants on, I was managing 3000 people! Have you ever seen my weakness? How do you have the nerve to disrespect me?
Testere: My respect is endless, my courage is innate! Tell me what I did, so I would know what I didn't...
Laz Ziya: How do you send a man to my grandson's school!?
Testere: Ziya Abi, there are things you don't know. What I did is not disrespect to you, but obeying the order! I would skin out of the person who touched your grandchildren but there is your son-in-law between you and your grandchildren!
Laz Ziya:What he did?
Testere: He started to disrespect to everyone!
Laz Ziya:If Çakır is my son-in-law, I am his father. It's my duty to punish him if he's done something that's disrespectful! Take a good look at me, Necmiiiiiii! Disrespecting me in this world can done once! (Stands up)
Testere: You came as the enemy but go as a friend, abi! (wanna shake hands)
Laz Ziya: I've never had a friend and my enemy has never been able to live! You are like my brother. I came here to warn you! Oh, by the way, you're hanging out with that fat Tombalacı, Necmiiiii. You two can fit in an Istanbul but can't fit in a grave! (leaves)
Testere: If I cut up you and your son-in-law in seven pieces, I would make you two fit on the seven different hill!


Elif-Çakır: "You're Not A Man If You Don't Pull The Trigger!"[edit]

(Elif became the attorney of the man beaten by Çakır. Çakır brings Elif to his office by force)
Elif: (She enters among the men of Çakır) What do you think you are doing ?! Are you a thug ?!

(Polat sees Elif coming in, but he remains in place.)

Çakır: (He gets up, comes up with a "Hush" sign) Shhhhhhhhh! This isn't a courtroom! I'm gonna talk to you, you will listen! sit down
Elif: (looking at Polat) hah! what a friend! you all call yourself men! (Polat bends his head) Best of you, he raped my friend, darkened her life! (Polat is surprised and raise his head) May God damn your friendship!
Çakır: (Shouting) Shut up!!! Look at me! Look at me, you dwarf! We have a reputation in this world! We didn't work for 35 years to hear your swearing! You will know your womanhood! (He raises his voice) I've been in court as much as you! We're trying to live a proper life, you're trying to burn our probation because of a hippie! Oh ?! What a beautiful Istanbul! Nothing can put me in prison for eight years! (threatening) You will behave like a clever girl and will withdraw the case!
Elif: What if I don't!
Çakır: I'll blow your brain out!
Elif: You're not a man if you don't!

(Çakır pulls his gun and points it against Elif. Polat moves instantly and holds the gun)

Polat: Don't...
Çakır: (furiously) Don't meddle in this, Can Polat !!
Polat: You named me as Can (Life) Polat just because you have a life debt to me. Now I want a life from you! Let the lawyer go!

(He brings down the gun.)

Elif: I'm already on death! Your threat doesn't scare me !!!
Polat: If I were you, I would choose to live, not death. For your loved ones ...
Elif: What the fuck are you talking about ?!
Çakır: (He turns to Elif to make a move. Polat keeps him away) This 'life debt' won't last long! Don't stand in front of me! Dontt!!
Elif: I have no intention of living long! You don't stand in front of me!
Polat: Serhat, take the lawyer to her destination.

(Elif and Cakir's men come out. Çakır, nervously, stays behind his table)

Çakır: Why did you do something like this, Can Polat?
Polat: I've said it before. First, she is the trust of Duran Emmi! When there are so many problems, you cant kill a lawyer, second! (Raises his voice) Not the girl's life but I saved your life, third!

(Çakır knock his chair down.)


Savcı-Çakır: "This state would find you a lot of husband!"[edit]

Çakır: Why don't you take the cuffs off, Mr. Prosecutor?
Savcı: When your hands are free, we know what you did!
Çakır: What we did? We got you promoted from Prison Prosecutor's office to DMG!
Savcı: Did you do that too? what a great man you are!
Çakır: You believe I've made everything... I may have done something good.
Savcı: look! because of you! your wife, children, sister-in-law and father-in-law; They're all in the hands of the police! Fines are personal! But when a prosecutor was killed ... Whoever's with you, they all would find responsible for that!
Çakır: aha! like you said.. Crimes are personal so are fines! Do what you have to do to me! not my family!
Savcı: If you don't pity to the child of the state, then the state will not pity to your child! The state makes its work in accordance with the law. If you undermine the authority of the state by killing its prosecutor, you will pay a very heavy price.
Çakır: okey! with great pleasure! Now.. Mr. Prosecutor, show me some evidence of the killing about me! In the most severe way, I will pay my debt.
Savcı: the evidence was already there. Now you're gonna tell me where the evidence! Where is Polat Alemdar? Memati Baş?
Çakır: you know where you got me! how can ı know where they are?!
Savcı: While Polat was running away, he ran off with your wife's car. Don't you have a man left!? You used your wife!!
Çakır: I did not do such a thing! I would not do!
Savcı: You're waiting for help from women, right! but this state would make you a woman and would find you a lot of husband!
Çakır: prosecutor! I didn't come here to listen insults!
Savcı: Is it heavy? Will you kill me too? Look, Çakır! everything has changed now! The state that treats you as a father would disown you when he saw a treason! I want Polat and Memati!



  • You can grow without a mother, but you can't grow up without a partner. (Mehmet Karahanlı)
  • You can't pick up flowers from heaven and plant in hell.
  • If the game meat is not eaten, the aim is to play the game.
  • Cup is already overflowed, but it will be a pity for the falling drop. (Süleyman Çakır)
  • I prefer the enemy like a lion rather than a friend like a jackal.
  • In the valley of the wolves, it is a law to eat who is dead! (Mehmet Karahanli)
  • I cannot live for my loved ones nor I can die for my country.
  • I'm willing to live for you. What is death?
  • He who plays with the fire burns his hand or himself.
  • We will not see heaven, Memati. Let's deserve the hell!
  • Freedom is an unknown escape.
  • Everyone is asking my mother; Nobody asks my father ... (İplikçi Nedim)
  • The person who thinks the end cannot be a hero.
  • People who don't know how to give birth are learning how to kill.

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