Kuso Miso Technique

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Uho! Ii otoko...

Kuso Miso Technique (くそみそテクニック, Kuso Miso Tekunikku) is a 1987 gay pornographic manga by Junichi Yamakawa dealing with the sexual experimentation of a first-timer student and an experienced mechanic. It became an internet meme due to its bizarre and comical content and dialogue.

Takakazu Abe[edit]

  • Why don't we do it? (やらないか, yaranai ka)
    • Note: line became a meme
  • What? Again? But you came only a minute ago, is your dick on crack or something?

Masaki Michishita[edit]

  • Whoa! Hot guy! (ウホッ! いい男…, Uho! Ii otoko...)
    • Note: line became a meme
  • But you never know, it might be fun to do it covered in shit.


  • Michishita: [penetrating Abe] Okay, it’s in.
  • Abe: Good, now let it all out.
    • Spoken during most iconic panel of the manga

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