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A sequel to the Miami series, the group, on advice an actress, goes to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming successful. As soon as they get to LA, they learn it is easier said than done. The band obtains odd jobs around LA and bond with their landlady, Joni, portrayed by actress Linda Blair. Like Miami, each episode contain each one of the band’s songs. Like Miami 7, the show was renamed S Club 7 in L.A. and was shown on Fox Family in the USA between June 3, 2000 and September 30, 2000.

Episode 1: Into the Unknown[edit]

Newscaster: Tonight on CBC Newsline, from the infamous Ridgeback Woods which has so far claimed the lives of 15 documentary camera crews. We report an amazing story of Survival. We reveal how the English Pop Group the S Club 7 actually went into those spooky woods and stayed for the entire night without disappearing. We go now to an eyewitness report.
Mike: I warned them not to go in the woods. They insisted on it! They're cool. They're pretty cute too.
Newscaster: Was it brave? Or was it reckless? Or was it all part? More on this incredible story after these words.

Episode 2: Camp Clever[edit]

Tina: (Explaining about Classical rules to Jon) It got rules.
Paul: Beasley made the performances part of the deal. No performance, no check.
Tina: On the other hand, rules were made to be broken.

Episode 3: Hello Hollywood[edit]

Episode 4: Misguided[edit]

Episode 5: The News[edit]

Episode 6: Prom[edit]

Episode 7: House-Sitting[edit]

Episode 8: Mr. Muscle[edit]

(They see Paul with the camera.)

Rachel: Paul, we’re trying to have a private convention here.
Paul: Just treat me like I’m not here.
Jo: That’ll be easier if you’re gone.


Jon: Paul, GET OUT NOW!

(Paul falls down the flight of stairs.)

Episode 9: Fallout[edit]

Episode 10: Game Boy[edit]

Hannah: Everybody knows, I meant to the cutest one.
Paul: Oi! I heard that.
Hannah: Okay, apart from Paul. Everybody knows I meant to be the cutest.

Episode 11: Making Movie[edit]

Episode 12: Working[edit]

Episode 13: Goodbye Hollywood[edit]

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