Lake Placid 2

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Lake Placid 2 is a 2007 film about three crocodiles that terrorize a Lake.

Directed by David Flores. Written by Todd Hurvitz.


Sadie Bickerman: There's Max. I named him after my late husband. 'Cause he was always hungry like Max was. Uh, then there's, um, George Jr. Named after the president, 'cause he was slow too. And the last one was big girl Martha. Martha Stewart. Pretty tough bird in her own right.
Emily: How do you know she's female?
Sadie Bickerman: She got a mean streak I ain't never seen in no man. Also... I caught George Jr. trying to stick it to her one night on the shore.

Emily: No talking about ex wives or crocodiles. Deal?
Sheriff James Riley: Deal.


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