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Lambert the Sheepish Lion is a Disney animated short film that was released in 1952. It was directed by Jack Hannah.

The 8-minute film focuses on Lambert, a lion cub that is mistakenly left with a flock of sheep by a stork. Lambert lives his life thinking he is a sheep, but is ostracized by his peers for being and acting different until he is forced to defend the flock from an attack by a hungry wolf (the same wolf from the "Peter and the Wolf" segment from Make Mine Music). Thereafter, the now-adult Lambert is wholeheartedly accepted by the other sheep as one of the flock.

Directed by Jack Hannah. Produced by Walt Disney. Story by Bill Peet, Ralph Wright and Milt Banta.


Mr. Stork: [looks at his invoice after discovering that he has brought a baby lion to a small sheep pasture] Lambert? But that's no lamb at all. Lambert is a lion! South Africa? Oh, goodness me! I've got to do some flying... [runs over to the flock] Come, Lambert! Uh, pardon me. I beg your pardon... [steps over the other ewes] Sorry, sorry! Oh, uh [laughs] Mrs. Sheep?
[Lambert plays with her bell]
Mr. Stork: I'm afraid there's been a slight bungle, heh heh. [picks up Lambert] I'll take that vicious little brute and drop him in the jungle. [as he ties Lambert up in his sack, Mrs. Sheep rams him from behind; in the air] Well, goodness. Heavens to Betsy! All right, let her have it. Let her have anything she wants, for heaven's sake. [flies away] I'm only a delivery service. That's all.

Narrator: But when he saw this gruesome site...
Sheep: Laaambert!
Narrator: And heard his mother crying...
Sheep: Laaambert!
Narrator: Something snapped inside of him. He was a raging lion!

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