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Laparoscopy is a methods of performing abdominal surgeries through tiny holes. It is also popularly known as "key hole surgery" or minimally invasive surgery.


Dr. Raveenthiran, Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons 2010; pages 122 - 126. [edit]

  • Peeping toms are condemned; but peeping surgeons are hailed.
  • There cannot be anything more folly than to label laparoscopy as “minimally invasive.
  • Pediatric laparoscopy appears to be too quickly adopted, unduly advertised and frequently misused by individual surgeons for their personal profit.
  • Invasiveness of a surgical procedure is determined not by the length of the skin incision but by the stress response elicited in the host.
  • If a plastic surgeon can inflict an acceptable scar in the face, cannot a pediatric surgeon replicate it in the abdomen?
  • Many laparoscopists subconsciously use the term 'painless' to mean 'less painful'.
  • Cosmesis and cost are not the end points of any abdominal surgery.
  • It is surprising to learn as to how laparoscopists have sustained their claims despite the lack of high-quality evidence.
  • Faddists have made laparoscopy fashionable.

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