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Lara George

Lara George is a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter who is best recognized for her popular songs "Dansaki" and "Ijoba Orun". She is also known for having won several Nigeria Music Awards and Crystal Awards. She attended Queen's College in Lagos before attending the University of Lagos where she performed in their choir.


  • I was privileged to be the Production Manager/ FOH Engineer for Jesus House Chicago's (RCCG) 2011 Worship Concert that featured Midnight Crew & Sonnie Badu.

I had a lot of fun working on this project and the spirit of the Lord was definitely in the building this night. Enjoy and be blessed….

    • [1] Her experience on being the production manager for Jesus house Chicago (RCCG)2011 worship concert
  • I wrote my first song when I was 7
    • [2] She said this in an interview with Zjolt
  • Yeah. You know I was always drawn to the music. When I got into secondary school, which was my first opportunity to be able to make my own choices, I joined the choir at Queens College, and it was such a wonderful experience. I just carried on from there; it was a step after the other: taking solos, enjoying the whole scenario, and by the time I got to university, I was fortunate to be a part of a wonderful girl-(musical) group that enjoyed so much success on the Nigerian scene, Kush, and that was an amazing experience. And…you know…it just kept going from there until it got to a point where there was no turning back.
    • [3] Her response on how she got into music in an interview.
  • You see because doing music was not about making it, those were not the considerations for me. It was about: oh my goodness, this is such a huge price, and am I ready to pay this price?
    • [4] Lara George speaking in an interview on the price to pay in music career.
  • "With any form of art...authenticity is crucial to success.
    • [5] Speaking during an interview on finding fulfilment in Gospel music.
  • Pray it, i believe it and then worked towards the goal of success as though it was my only reality.
    • [6]Her talk on Gospel music.
  • It’s just part of what I believe. I grew up believing that music is a responsibility and you kinda change lives with what you do
    • [7] Her response on why she chose Gospel music.
  • "I was a bit upset about the KUSH break-up."
    • [8] Talking about the reasons she went solo on gospel music.

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