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Last Christmas is a 2019 romantic comedy film about a disillusioned Christmas store worker who forms a relationship with a mysterious man and begins to fall for him.

Directed by Paul Feig. Written by Bryony Kimmings and Emma Thompson.
It's a wonderful life.  (taglines)


  • Let me tell you a secret put it in your heart and keep it something that I want you to know.


  • I'll nail you to my dick.
  • Dick means penis? No Dick is our neighbor. Our neighbor is called penis?


  • There's no such thing as normal. It's a stupid word. Does a lot of damage.


Tom: I think the whole special... being special thing is overrated. I think just to be a human being is hard. You know, really hard.
Kate: You seem to manage all right.
Tom: One thing someone said to me helped me. "Every little action of the common day makes or unmakes character." It just means that you're built of everything you do. And that's OK.

Kate: Why can I feel you?
Tom: Because I'm a part of you. Take care of my heart.
Kate: Yeah, I promise.
Tom: It was always going to be yours one way or another.

Tom: It's good luck you know.
Kate: What is?
Tom: Getting pooed on by a bird.
Kate: I'm busy, you're weird, good-bye!

Kate: I'm a mess.
Tom: Yeah sort of.
Kate: I was ill so I had a heart transplant
Kate: Oh.
Tom: They took my heart away.
Tom: Can I.. its ok.
Kate: Now I cant do anything.

Kate: I was just incredibly bad at what I do in front of people who could've given me a job.
Tom: I thought you had a job.
Kate: Yes, but it's not what I "do" do. I'm not a career elf.
Tom: What do you do?
Kate: Sing.
Tom: Wow. That's pretty amazing.

Kate: Would you like to give me your number?
Tom: I don't have a phone.
Kate: I was just beginning to think you're not as weird as you look.
Tom: Before you throw me in the bin with the rest of your battered conquests, it's not completely true... I do have a phone - It's just locked in a cupboard.
Kate: Why?
Tom: I got so tired of staring at my hand all day. You should try it.
Kate: That's like saying you should try death.
Tom: Somebody really wants to get hold of you.
Kate: Someone really isn't gonna get a chance.
Kate: No
Tom: Ditch that. All of your stresses will just melt away.
Kate: Oh, but I just like stress.


  • It's a wonderful life.
  • Sometimes you've just gotta have faith.


  • It’s a misfire by just about any measure, but it earns some warm feelings for its determination not to be like anything else currently in circulation.


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