Last of the Dogmen

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Look, Elvis is dead, the government is not hiding UFOs, and there are no Cheyenne soldiers living in the Oxbow.

Last of the Dogmen is a 1995 Western adventure film set in the mountains of northwest Montana near the Idaho and Canadian borders, in which a bounty hunter pursues escaped convicts into a remote region and encounters an unknown band of Dog Soldiers from a tribe of Cheyenne Indians.

Written and directed by Tab Murphy.
A man facing a mystery. A woman searching for the past. Together they chase a legend.taglines

Lewis Gates[edit]

  • What's an Indian boy who don't speak a word of English doing out in the middle of nowhere, sixty miles from the nearest town?
  • Dynamite? It's like wine, it only gets better with age.
  • I've seen this place reduce grown men to tears. It ain't no place for a woman.
  • I told you to watch your step! You're not in a classroom! Out here one little mistake will get you killed.
  • Could you promise me something? No matter how bad it gets, no matter what happens... don't let them eat my dog.
  • Rule number one, Briggs: never take your eyes off the suspect.

Professor Lillian Diane Stone[edit]

  • Look, Elvis is dead, the government is not hiding UFOs, and there are no Indians living in the Oxbow.
  • It's a little disconcerting to realize that the smartest member of our expedition's the dog.


Lillian Sloan: [after Tracker Lewis Gates hands her an arrow] So, where'd you find this?
Lewis Gates: In the Oxbow.
Lillian Sloan: The Oxbow. Wasn't that just in the news? Something about convicts?
Lewis Gates: Yeah, I'm the guy they hired to find them.
Lillian Sloan: Bounty hunter?
Lewis Gates: Please, civil servant. It sounds a little less...
Lillian Sloan: Barbaric?

Lillian Sloan: You know what this is?
Lewis Gates: Well, call it a wild guess. An arrow?
Lillian Sloan: A Cheyenne arrow, Dog Soldier to be exact.
Lewis Gates: Dog Soldier?
Lillian Sloan: Within the Cheyenne tribe there used to be a military society made up of the strongest and bravest men. They were fierce fighters — unyielding. They called themselves Chotometnea — dogmen. The cavalry called them dog-soldiers — and they were suicide soldiers — they often acted as rear-guard, a sort of sacrificial decoy so the rest of the tribe could escape.

Lewis Gates: Why are you being so goddamn pigheaded?
Lillian Sloan: Because I'm goddamn good at it!

Lillian Sloan: You're really in your element out here aren't you?
Lewis Gates: I like the solitude. Lately, seems the only time I'm at ease is when I've got a hundred miles between me and the rest of humanity.
Lillian Sloan: Sounds like you were born about a century too late.

Lillian Sloan: There's been plenty of men, some worked out and some didn't, it just always had to be on my terms.
Lewis Gates: Lady, if I was born a century too late, you were definitely born a century too early.

Lewis Gates: Why Indians?
Lillian Sloan: Oh, because I admire them. And because we owe them a tremendous debt.
Lewis Gates: How's that?
Lillian Sloan: Well, they gave us romance, myths, legends. They gave us a history. The Indians shaped the character of our entire nation.
Lewis Gates: We picked a hell of a way to say thank you, didn't we?
Lillian Sloan: What happened was inevitable. The way it happened was unconscionable.

Lewis Gates: You wanna go back?
Lillian Sloan: Yes. I'm an anthropologist, not Daniel Boone.

Lewis Gates: What are you telling him?
Lillian Sloan: I told him we come in a good way, in peace. I also told him you were a great warrior who wasn't afraid to fight them all single-handedly.
Lewis Gates: You've got to be kidding.
Lillian Sloan: The Cheyenne admire bravery. Let's just hope they don't put you to the test.
Lewis Gates: If they do, I'm coming after you first.

Lillian Sloan: He's leader of the dog soldiers: next in line to be chief.
Lewis Gates: I guess it takes a real man to shoot a dog.
Lillian Sloan: You should be happy they didn't eat him. Oh, didn't I tell you? That's the other reason they're called dog soldiers.

Lewis Gates: You're not gonna walk around naked in the morning, are you?
Professor Lillian Stone: I'll try to restrain myself.


  • A man facing a mystery. A woman searching for the past.
    Together they chase a legend.
  • A secret lost in time for over 130 years is about to be discovered.
  • A People Lost In Time. An Adventure They Will Never Forget.
  • Two People. One Mystery.
    Hidden For A Hundred Years.
  • Between past and present
    mystery and magic
    lives the legend.


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