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Following is a collection of last words spoken by characters in all Call of Duty series games.

Call of Duty

  • I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's many guys are gettin' killed out's just...oh, God, they're shootin' medics too! Oh, God...
    • Who: Unnamed Medic
    • Note: The medic speaking is supposed to be helping a wounded soldier on the battlefield, but has lost his nerve. After saying this line, he is shot by a German soldier.
  • Grab a weapon and explosives, quick! The ship's boilers line these passageways; place your charges as we go. This place will be crawling with Krauts.
    • Who: Captain Price
    • Note: Captain Price has gained access to a German battleship while undercover, but has been found out after killing two German soldiers. These are the last words heard from him, as he is killed offscreen shortly afterwards.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

  • Take cover!
    • Who: Alvin "Brooklyn" Bloomfield
    • Note: After this line is said, Brooklyn is killed by an artillery explosion after trying to cut some barbwire.
  • I'm on it.
    • Who: Victor "Vic" Denley
    • Note: After this line is said, Vic is killed by a machine gunner behind a door he kicked down.
  • I...can still fight...I can...
    • Who: Sgt. Glenn Hawkings
    • Note: Hawkings says this shortly after being injured by a German Rifleman, although it is not clear if he lives or dies, he is presumed to have either been sent home or dead but he is never seen again none the less. He is actually carried away by Allied Medics, so he is not technically left for dead, no matter what his fate is.

Call of Duty 3

  • Tell Guzzo...tell him...tell him to go to Hell.
    • Who: Sergeant McCullin
    • Note: Said to Corporal Dixon after he was shot in the stomach while defusing bombs.
  • Sarge told me to tell should go to hell. But you're okay, Guzzo. You're okay...
    • Who: Sergeant Dixon
    • Note: Said to Pvt. Guzzo after he was shot carrying Guzzo to safety.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  • All U.S. forces be advised, we have a confirmed nuclear threat in the capital. NEST teams are on site, attempting to disarm. I repeat—
    • Who: Unnamed U.S. commando
    • Note: Killed by an atomic blast.
    • Who: Lt. Vasquez
    • Note: Killed as the helicopter he was travelling in was crashed by an atomic blast.
  • You are all soon going to die anyway.
    • Who: Victor Zakhaev
    • Note: Spoken in non-subtitled Russian before committing suicide by self-inflicted gunshot under the chin to avoid capture by the SAS and the USMC.
  • Captain Price! We're on our own, sir!
    • Who: Gaz
    • Note: Killed by Imran Zakhaev.
  • The tanker's about to blow! MOVE!!
    • Who: SSgt. Griggs
    • Note: Killed by an unseen gunman while dragging the heavily injured John "Soap" MacTavish to safety.

Call of Duty: World at War

  • Go to hell.
    • Who: Pvt. Pyle
    • Note: Pyle, a POW, has his throat slit with a katana by the Japanese soldier he says this to.
  • It's the coral! We're stuck on the—
    • Who: Pvt. Koopman
    • Note: Shot in the head by a Japanese machinegun.
  • (Pvt. Polonsky: When do we rest?)
  • Soon, Polonsky. Soon.
    • Who: Sgt. Sullivan
    • Note: Impaled on a katana by a Banzai attacker.
  • Nein! Toten Sie mich nicht! (No! Don't kill me!)
    • Who: German soldier
    • Note: Shot point-blank by a Soviet soldier who refused to listen to his mercy pleas.
  • Keep those hands up!
  • Shit!
    • Who: Sgt. Roebuck and Pvt. Polonsky, respectively
    • Note: Killed by two Japanese soldiers who were pretending to surrender, but then attacked. The player can choose to save one, though at the cost of the other's life.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • Take this and stay down!
    • Who: Pvt. Wade (appearance changes between playthroughs)
    • Note: Hands the player an M4A1 carbine in a battle with Russian forces before being shot dead.
  • Star!
    • Who: Randomly generated soldier (appearance and name change between playthroughs)
    • Note: "Star" is the code word for US forces to identify themselves to each other while fighting Russian forces. The soldier says the code word while entering a room and is immediately killed by Russian troops.
  • I'm hit!
    • Who: Ozone and Scarecrow
    • Note: Both Ozone and Scarecrow shout this line when they are killed, which can happen at any point in the mission in which they die.
  • NO!
    • Who: Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley
    • Note: Betrayed and shot to death by General Shepherd. The line is spoken just as Shepherd has shot Roach, the player character.
  • Five years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye...and the world just fuckin' watched. Tomorrow, there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots. I know you understand.
    • Who: General Shepherd
    • Note: Said to "Soap" MacTavish, after having stabbed him in the chest. Soap eventually removes the knife from his chest and tosses it at Shepherd, stabbing him in the eye and killing him.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • (Mason: Step eight, Reznov! Freedom!)
  • For you, Mason. Not for me.
  • I do not care about Nova! My name is Viktor Reznov, and I will have my Revenge!
  • Mason... You did it, Mason! You did what I could not!
    • Who: Viktor Reznov
    • Note: Reznov and Alex Mason attempt to break out of Vorkuta prison, but only Mason is able to escape, and the first line is the last thing that the living Reznov says. While Reznov continues to appear during the story, it is later revealed that he is a figment of Mason's imagination and actually died during the breakout. The second line is his last on-screen line, when he is about to kill Dr. Steiner, and the third line is his last line of the game, which Mason hears while swimming to the surface after killing Dragovich.
  • Oh yes... The numbers... They're the key to-
    • Who: Daniel Clarke
    • Note: Shot by Spetsnaz in Kowloon while attempting to tell Jason Hudson the significance of a radio broadcast consisting entirely of a series of numbers.
  • You will die with me!
    • Who: Lev Kravchenko
    • Note: Kravchenko is stabbed from behind by Woods, Mason's friend. Wanting to take Woods with him, he pulls a pin off a grenade belt he is wearing and jumps out of a window, dragging Woods with him.
  • Got you now, you son of a bitch!
  • I got you, Mason. You're okay.
    • Who: Woods
    • Note: Woods stabbed General Dragovich's right-hand man, Lev Kravchenko, from behind. Before dying, Kravchenko pulls a pin from a grenade belt he is wearing and jumps out of a window, dragging Woods down with him. The second line is actually said by Reznov, but Mason sees Woods' outline and hears it as Woods' voice.
  • Killing me will not stop Nova. (Reznov/Mason: I do not care about Nova! My name is Viktor Reznov!) No!
    • Who: Dr. Friedrich Steiner
    • Note: After Mason (and, Mason believes, Reznov) manages to reach Steiner before Hudson and Weaver, Steiner defiantly says this line before being shot in the head.
  • (Mason: You tried to make me kill my own President!)
  • Tried?
    • Who: General Dragovich
    • Note: Strangled to death by Mason. It is heavily implied in a pre-credits scene that Mason actually assassinated President Kennedy, which was his original "programming" while imprisoned in Vorkuta.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • Wait!
    • Who: Waraabe
    • Note: Price immediately executes Waraabe after this.

  • I'm sorry, Price.
    • Who: Kamarov
    • Note: Last words before he is blown up by Makarov

  • Soap: Price... Yuri...
Price: Not now, Soap. Just rest. [behind him] Get a medic! [back to Soap] C'mon, stay with me, son!
Soap: [grabbing Price's shirt] Price... You need to know: Makarov...knows...Yuri... [dies]
  • Who: John "Soap" MacTavish
    • Note: a C4 explosion reopened Soap's knife wound from the previous game, leading to a slow death

  • Price: Sandman, it's time to go! C'mon!
Sandman: Just go! Get out of here! [...] Just go! GO!
Helo Pilot: We can't stay here! We gotta leave!
Price: NO! Get us back down there!
Heli Pilot: It's too hot! We go back, we all die!
  • Who: Sandman
    • Note: It is implied that Sandman dies in the diamond mine along with Grinch and Truck, but not explicitly shown.

  • heh..heh Goodbye, Captain Price.
    • Who: Vladimir Makarov
    • Note: These are Makarov's last words before he is shot by Yuri. Although Makarov shoots him back and kills him, this gives Price enough time to attack Makarov, wrap the latter's neck with a cord and strangle Makarov with it.

  • (Price: Yuri...)
  • Leave me! Don't let him get away!
    • Who: Yuri
    • Note: Price does not want to leave the wounded Yuri behind but Yuri tells Price to leave him and prevent Makarov from getting away. These are Yuri's last words before he shoots Makarov, but is shot three times by Makarov, killing him.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

  • He even has people in the CIA.
    • Who: Lev Kravchenko
    • Note: Executed by Frank Woods following capture and interrogation. Additionally, this line can be skipped if Mason cannot control the numbers and ends up killing Kravchenko.

  • Fuck...OK, me! Do it! DO IT!!
    • Who: Jason Hudson
    • Note: Executed by Raul Menendez to spare Woods and David Mason from death.

  • Today is a difficult day, Section. But tomorrow, we all win.
    • Who: Javier Salazar
    • Note: If Harper survives Achilles' Veil, he responds with "Not you." and shoots Salazar in the head.

  • Martyr me...for Cordis Die.
    • Who: Raul Menendez
    • Note: If David Mason chooses to kill Menendez in the final mission, these will be his last words. If spared, they will be different.

  • Do it, man! Come on! You don't got the stones to fucking shoot me?! Come on, Egghead! DO IT!
    • Who: Mike Harper
    • Note: If Farid chooses to kill Harper in the mission Achilles' Veil, these will be his final words.

  • She [Josefina] survived the fire, for me. I didn't leave her. You took her from me.
  • What did you learn from that?
  • What did I learn? Cordis Die.
    • Who: Raul Menendez and Frank Woods
    • Note: If Chloe Lynch is never saved or dies in Odysseus and Menendez is captured, he breaks out of prison and visits Frank Woods in The Vault. After killing him with his sister's pendant, he visits her grave, digging up her corpse and lighting himself on fire over it.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • Captain, mission first! GO!
    • Who: Staff Sgt. Usef Omar
    • Note: Telling Captain Reyes and his men to leave him behind in order to save themselves.

  • Lt. Reyes, I want Jackals in the air-
    • Who: Adm. Fredrick Raines
    • Note: Just before his headquarters is destroyed by the enemy airships.

  • Killing me isn't winning. I killed your admiral. Your iron shield is down. Death is no disgrace.
    • Who: Adm. Salen Kotch
    • Note: If the player chooses to kill Kotch before he completes this speech, it unlocks an achievement titled "You Know Nothing", a reference to the line, "you know nothing, Jon Snow", the character from Game of Thrones also portrayed by Kit Harrington, who portrays Kotch.

  • Gunship, Captain! Get down!
    • Who: Lt. Victor "Gator" Diallo
    • Note: Just before pushing Captain Reyes out of the path of incoming fire.

  • Captain, please! The mission! Let go!
    • Who: Lt. Cmmdr. Audrey "Mac" MacCallum
    • Note: While in the grip of an enemy robot, before plunging down a booby-trapped elevator just before it explodes.

  • Good luck, Reyes. It's been an honor, sir.
    • Who: E3N "Ethan"
    • Note: Just before self-destructing to ensure the success of their mission.

  • Nora, finish the mission! That's an order!
    • Who: Cmmdr. Nick Reyes
    • Note: Ordering Lt. Salter to open fire on his position to complete the destruction of the enemy's orbital shipyard.

Farewell Messages

  • Staff Sgt. Usef Omar: To my dearest wife Sarah, my son Noah, and my daughter Abby. If you are reading this, I can tell you with the utmost confidence, that I died for something right and just. The cost of war is higher than any one life, and I happily give mine in defense of my men and my family. Abby, I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise when I said I was coming home. My hopes for your future, gave me the strength to protect everything we hold dear. You will always be daddy's little girl. Noah, be an honest man. Keep your word. Only use violence as a last resort. You're the man of the house now. Sarah, please keep our babies safe and find it in your heart to forgive me for leaving you alone. If my last breath is not in the battlefield, then surely it will be in your arms. Keep me in your hearts, always.
  • Lt. Victor "Gator" Diallo: For my dear wife Olivia and my daughter Nissrine. If you are reading this, I guess I didn't make it home. I was prepared to face danger and death. I hope I did so with dignity. My time was cut short, but I had countless blessings. I married the perfect woman. I have a brand new daughter on the way. I'd be selfish to ask for more. I love you, Olivia. Welcome our baby into this world and cherish her for me. Remind her about her daddy, and, please, never be afraid to do what you need to find happiness. Nissrine: hello, sweetheart. I left for this tour before you were born. I'm sorry I won't be able to see you grow up. Daddy wanted to make the world a better place. That's why we made you. Keep me in your prayers and try to do one good deed every day. Be safe, my family. Victor.
  • Lt. Cmmdr. Audrey "Mac" MacCallum: My dearest children... well, as this letter will only be used in the event of my death, it may seem somewhat sorrowful, but I don't want you to see it that way, okay? I have always felt that our stay on Earth, the time we call "life", it's a temporary gift to be spent in service of something greater than ourselves. Death comes to us all. It is not to be feared. I loved my job, but I hated war. But the secret mission I undertook every single day, was to protect the two of you from anyone, or anything, that threatened your health and well-being. So promise me you will take care of one another, and, please, leave your lives to the fullest. With all the love in my heart, Mom.
  • E3N "Ethan": Sir, we're behind enemy lines now, in the heat of battle. Time is short. You've given an order from which there is likely no return. You did what had to be done. All in. I'm proud of you. You're a born leader, sir. Today was one of the worst days in history, and forgive me for saying it - but it was the greatest day of my life. I did everything I was trained for, and more. Together, we fought the good fight. Over Titan, you said we were brothers. I always wanted to know what a family really is. Now, I do. Admiral Raines told me that a soldier is only as good as his last mission. If this is ours, then I can say with certainty, we were damn good, sir. Better to burn out, than it is to rust. Metal-1, out.